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What is Anesidora Rose Toy?

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  1. Intro
  2. What is rose sex toy?
  3. How does the rose vibration work?
  4. Risks and concerns
  5. How to choose rose toys?
  6. How to clean the rose toy?
  7. Some tips you should keep in mind
  8. Anesidora products list

What is rose sex toy?

The rose toy, also known as the rose vibrator or rose vibration, is a clitoral stimulation toy that uses air pulse and pressure technology to suck on the glans head of the clitoris.

It combines sucking and vibrating functions through a suction head to deliver unparalleled stimulation and sustained orgasms.

When we talk about the rose vibrator, it is not a metaphor because it really looks like a delicate rose. The layer-on-layer carved petals, the rosy color, and the silky touch all make it deserve praise.

Compared with the previous sex toys, the rose of the rose toy is seemly a revolution. It means women have begun to dominate the sex toy world. The manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the needs of women.

Since its debut, the praise for this clitoris-sucking vibrator hasn’t died down, and now there are updated rose toys with more new settings and upgrades to explore.

Many sex toy companies have also started selling rose-shaped toys, such as the Rose Toy Clitoral Suction Stimulator from Lovehoney or the Night Rose Sex Toy from Anesidora.

How does the rose vibration work?

There are dozens of sex toy brands that sell rose vibrators on the market. Although they look similar on the outside, the interior is slightly different. Here we take Anesidora Classis Rose Toy as an example to show how the rose vibrator works.

The Anesidora classis rose toy is rechargeable and waterproof. It has nine intense sucking and vibrating modes. Be careful, it will blow your socks off.

Unlike traditional vibrators, the rose toy uses focused, pulsing air suction on the clitoris to create a sensation, providing intense yet comfortable suction stimulation.

A lube and vibrator are a good combination. Lubricant can help the rose vibrator move more smoothly and easily.

Lubricant it can reduce friction between the toy and your clitoris. So don’t forget to apply lubricant before using sex toys.

Instead of placing the rose suction on the center of your clits, start on its side and move the rose toy around until you find your sensitive spot. 

anesidora rosesextoys_webp

Based on the intensity of the sucking, either decrease or increase the speed setting to get the right amount of stimulation or alternate between the levels for a varied experience.

The function of the rose vibrator is much more than this. It also can stimulate your other erogenous zones, such as nipples, ears, navel, thighs, etc. The more you explore the rose toy, the more pleasure you will get.

The rose toy was born to solve the sex needs of most single women, but it doesn’t mean you can’t share it with your partner.

You can use it during doggy-style or on your partner’s body throughout the sexual play. It is a wonderful tool for foreplay.

Risks and concerns

Rose toys are so popular and useful, but the biggest issue is where to purchase safe and reliable rose toys.

When sex toys become popular, we often see a huge supply on the Internet, with many sellers drop

shipping directly without any inspection. Therefore, customers bear the most risk.

Drop shipping is where sellers buy inventory from third parties, such as wholesalers or manufacturers, to fulfil orders.

Quality is an important issue for the drop shipping business model because consumers worry about product quality, and even merchants don’t know the details of the products they sell.

If you don’t know how to tell a good or bad rose toy, you can choose well-established brands if you have a generous budget. Or you can follow the tips below to choose a safe, reliable, low-price rose toy.

How to choose rose toys?

* Material

No matter what kind of sex toys, being nonporous and non-toxic are the top qualities. Most rose toys on the market are made with silicone, which is nonporous, which is great. But it would be best to distinguish whether it is medical grade silicone, food grade silicone or ordinary silicone.

* Function

If you are a thrill seeker, you can choose rose toys with multiple functions with multiple modes. They can allow you to explore your body fully.

But if you are sensitive, you don’t need to pay good money for rose sex toys with multiple functions, just simple and easy sex toys that can satisfy your body. But that doesn’t mean you cannot purchase multiple-functional rose toys.

Waterproof is also an important reference index. It determines whether you can play with the rose sex toy under water circumstances.

* Price

The average price of rose toys ranges from $30 to $70, so you can purchase rose toys in this range.

If the price is higher than average, which means you need to pay the brand premium. If the price is lower than the average, then you know…

How to clean the rose toy?

Cleaning the rose vibrator is easier than you think. Prepare a clean towel and a basin of soapy water, and sink the rose toy into the water with gently rub, then dry it with the towel.

If there is dust or fluid in the petals’ crevices, use a soft-bristle toothbrush to clean the toy. Then store the toy in a safe and cool place for your next use.


Some tips you should keep in mind

*Clean you toys every use time

As we mentioned before, the crevices easily capture fluids and dust, so cleaning toys in time is crucial. Otherwise, your sex toys will become Petri dishes. The best timing to clean sex toys is before and after you use them.

* Use separate sex toys for your anal and vagina

Don’t use the same sex toy on the anus and the vagina. Even though the rose toy is made with silicone, that doesn’t mean you can completely sanitize it.

There are still many bacteria invisible to the naked eye. So, in order to reduce the risk of getting infected, use different sex toys for your anus and vagina.

* Be caution when using higher-intensity settings.

Everyone’s sensitivity varies from person to person, so don’t blindly pursue high-intensity stimulation, which may cause your labia to hurt. To have a safe experience, start on a low-intensity level, then take a break if it feels difficult to achieve orgasm.

* Remember to charge your toys

Everyone’s sensitivity varies from person to person, so don’t blindly pursue high-intensity stimulation, which may cause your labia to hurt. To have a safe experience, start on a low-intensity level, then take a break if it feels difficult to achieve orgasm.

The best Anesidora rose toys

Anesidora was born for women, for joy, so we understand what most women need. Based on this, we have carefully selected several rose toys, hoping they will be helpful to you.

classic  rose toy

Classis Rose Toy—”kill two birds with one rose”

* Medical grade silicone
* 9 sucking modes
* Removable head (2 in 1)
* IPX6 waterproof
* Rechargeable
* Discreet packing

-Katherine Berry, Shop Owner-

Click Here for more about Classis Rose Toy

night rose

Night Rose Vibrator—”your bedside lamp”

* Medical grade silicone & ABS plastic
* 9 sucking modes
* 8 different soft lights
* IPX7 waterproof
* Rechargeable
* Discreet packing

-Charlotte, Shop Owner-

More Reviews about Night Rose Click Here

ANESIDORA Oral GeniusII - Rose Tongue Vibrator [Shipped from U.S.]

Oral Genius I— “superb masturbation gadget”

* Medical grade silicone
* 9 sucking modes
* Tongue licker
* IPX7 waterproof
* Rechargeable

-Lydia, Shop Owner-

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