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Finger Vibrators


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Cherub – Finger Vibrator 10 Vibration Mode

Original price was: $33.95.Current price is: $30.56.
Finger vibrators are a great way to enhance sexual pleasure and explore new sensations 10 Vibration Modes Removable Bullet Vibrator IPX7 Waterproof Medical-Grade Silicone  …

Eager – Double Finger Glove Vibrator

Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $35.99.
A versatile and satisfying addition to your intimate moments. Upgrade your experience today and explore the world of dual stimulation with ease and comfort. 10…

Finger Extension Vibration Masturbator

Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $29.99.
G-spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time, enjoy double orgasm Remote control of vibration frequency, free your hands Suitable design for vaginal shape…

Finger Tip Vibrator Mini Lipstick Discreet Clitoris Stimulator

Original price was: $33.90.Current price is: $30.51.
Finger tip vibrators are a great addition to your sex toy collection, offering a unique and pleasurable sensation Soft and Safe Material Special Pleasing Feeling …

Finger Vibrating Flirtation Massager

Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $35.99.
Remote control finger sleeve jumping eggs + wearable jumping eggs both combined, 9 frequency different vibration frequency Fitting finger design, easy to put on…

Finger Vibration with Wireless Remote Control

Original price was: $39.99.Current price is: $29.99.
Remote control, powerful vibration, 14000 times for minutes Fitting finger design, easy to wear and take off Curved design to fit the vaginal shape…

Vibrating Finger Nipple Clitoris Stimulator Silicone Sex Toy

Original price was: $33.95.Current price is: $30.56.
The Vibrating Finger is a popular choice for those looking to try a vibrating finger. Here are some of its key features and specifications: Name:…

Finger vibrators are vibrating sex toys that can be conveniently placed on (or above) your fingertips. They can enhance friction while stroking your partner, giving your partner sexual stimulation. Using a finger vibrator is like putting the pleasure right into the palm of your hand

What is a finger vibrator?

Finger vibrators are vibrating sex toys that can be conveniently placed on (or above) your fingertips. They can enhance friction while stroking your partner, giving your partner sexual stimulation. Using a finger vibrator is like putting the pleasure right into the palm of your hand.

What is fingering?

When you hear the word fingering, the first thing that comes to mind is the act of inserting fingers inside the vagina during sex, but the truth is fingering refers to stimulating the clitoris.

There is always a difference between inserting a finger inside the vagina and stimulating the clitoris. The idea behind fingering is to give the right amount of pleasure to the woman by not just inserting the fingers inside her vagina but stimulating the genitals in the correct way.

If proper stimulation is not done before inserting the fingers inside the vagina, it can lead to pain. This is the very reason why women need external stimulation to achieve orgasm.

It should be noted that fingering is not only about vaginal pleasure, but anal fingering is also a thing to consider.

A renowned sexologist once said, “Stop pretending that the fingers are an alternative of the penis, rather the fingers should be used in a manner to stimulate the clitoris, the vaginal area, and let the woman feel the fingers on every area of her genitals.”

Who is suitable for fingering during wank?

Practically everybody has the right to get pleasure, may it be a woman or a man. But there are certain things that need to be kept in mind during the act of fingering.

  • The vaginal area is the most sensitive area of the body and is also prone to rashes and infections. Therefore, hygiene should be a fact to be kept in mind when it comes to fingering. For example, women with long nails should not get into the act of fingering. The reason is pretty obvious, long nails can lead to unwanted pain, rashes and discomfort. In the worst case, these long nails can cause micro tears inside your vagina. One would never want to hurt oneself during the process. Therefore, women with long nails should strictly avoid fingering.
  • Women with a gynecological disorder like ruptured fallopian tube, urine infection issues or hypersensitive vagina, or any other severe conditions should not do fingering. Since fingering involves the act of using fingers in a considerable vigorous motion, it can trigger the existing physical condition.
  • Also, women post-delivery should avoid fingering as during this period the vaginal area is still very weak. Any wrong move can lead to severe issues. Therefore, until and unless the vaginal area has recovered fully post-delivery, a woman should not insert her fingers inside the vagina. Even during periods, women are not recommended for fingering as it can lead to infection.
  • When it comes to anal fingering, women with rectum related diseases should avoid doing it.

The vagina does not have as many nerve endings as the clitoris has. Therefore naturally, the clitoris will respond more compared to the vagina when it comes to giving maximum pleasure to women.

Benefits of using a finger vibrator

  1. One of the good foreplay toys that can help with sexual arousal.
  2. Adds sensation and pleasure to sex and helps to achieve orgasm.

How to use a finger vibrator?

Put the finger vibrator on your finger, with the use of lube, and try to explore your or your partner’s sensitive areas such as the ears, lower abdomen, neck, breasts, buttocks and lower back. Check out How to Finger Yourself Vibrator to help get a better understanding.

Foreplay is Key

Don’t start the finger play right away. Spend some time on foreplay to relax and get in the mood. This also helps to ensure that the vagina is sufficiently moist, which increases pleasure. You can achieve this through vaginal lubrication.

Focus on the Clitoris

Most women achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation, not penetration. The clitoris is the small pink button-like structure between the inner lips and is protected by the clitoral hood, a small fold of skin directly above it. Small movements are more successful than brutal rubbing on this highly sensitive area.

Gentle Strokes

Gently stroke along the clitoris with your index and middle fingers. Draw small circles on the inner lips with the middle finger and stop just below the clitoris. If this works, you can almost touch the clitoris a few times or gently draw circles above the clitoris and slowly increase the pressure if you likes this feeling.

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