Q: What is Anesidora website?

A: Anesidora website is a sex toy store, we provide female & male sex toys. we have the newest rose toys, vibrators, dildosanal toys, kegel balls, clitoral sucking vibrators, etc.

Q: Is Anesidora a legit site?

A: Yes, Anesidora is a legit sex toys site. We have some relevant certificates, please refer to ABOUT ANESIDORA.

Q: How long is Anesidora shipping time?

A: In general, the normal delivery time is about 10 to 12 working days. But if there are some force majeure factors, the delivery time will be adjusted according to the actual situation.

Q: How do I track my Anesidora orders

A: When you complete the shopping, our system will generate an order number for you, then you can click on the order number for logistics tracking. Or you can also check your order information on the 17track.

Q: What is the Anesidora welcome gift 2022?

A: Our welcome gift will adjust according to different festival and holidays.

Q: What does your packing look like?

A: Our products ship in a plain black box with Anesidora’s name on the top, and the outer layer of the box is covered with a plastic film. We are planning to upgrade the packing, let’s wait and see the new result.

Q: Does Anesidora have discreet packaging?

A: Absolutely. We do not display any words about sex toys on the box because we are concerned about protecting personal privacy.

Q: What is Anesidora contact number?

A:You can contact us via our email address service@anesidoralove.com or after sale phone +86 (592) 512-9969. We will provide after-sales service for you within 24 hours.

Q: Does Anesidora has VIP group for fans?

A: You can join our Facebook VIP group. We will provide more preferential news and timelier after-sales service.

Q: Where can I find coupon?

A: Once you subscribe to our newsletter or register and become Anesidora member, you will receive our discount.s