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Wearable Vibrators


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Aponi – Butterfly Vibe Wear Dildo

Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $44.99.
Immerse yourself in pleasure with the Aponi - Butterfly Vibe Wear Dildo, designed to take your intimate moments to new heights. Safe Silicone Construction Whisper-Quiet…

Aria – Wearable Dildo Masturbator With Remote Control

Original price was: $89.99.Current price is: $54.99.
* Wearable dildo vibrator, enjoy orgasm anytime, anywhere * With powerful motor, 9 vibration modes can be switched * The dildo is designed to conform to the…

Arielle – Double-Headed Wearable Couples Vibrator

Original price was: $89.99.Current price is: $69.99.
This Double-headed sex toy has a variety of powerful vibration patterns and speeds. Upgrade the dual-headed toy to allow you and your partner to use…

Aurora – Wearable Clit G-Spot Vibrator

Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $44.99.
Shop the G-Spot With Air Pressure Vibrator to enjoy orgasm anytime and anywhere  With powerful motor, 9 types of vibrations and clitoral sucking function  The clitoral…

Aurora – Wearable Clit G-Spot Vibrator with Remote Control

Original price was: $54.99.Current price is: $49.49.
9 vibration and sucking modes with a super powerful motor to stimulate sensitive spots. Simultaneous stimulation of G-spot and clitoris, or even nipples or…

Becky – Removable Thong Vibrator for Women

Original price was: $89.99.Current price is: $54.99.
  9 vibration modes with super powerful motor to stimulate sensitive spots. Even a pair of panties and a clitoral vibrating toy <50db design, silent…

Carina – Wearable Hands Free Clit Stimulator

Original price was: $69.99.Current price is: $62.99.
Wearable anal plug is made of skin-friendly silicone + ABS material, soft and does not hurt the skin 9 frequencies of strong vibrations bring…

Chloe – Wearable Clitoral Tongue Licking Vibrator

Original price was: $89.99.Current price is: $54.99.
Wearable tongue licking vibrator is made of medical grade silicone + ABS material, soft and non-invasive to the skin. Stimulates sensitive areas such as…

Compact Magnetic Wearable Vibrator

Original price was: $69.99.Current price is: $50.99.
9 vibration modes with super powerful motor to stimulate sensitive spots. Even a pair of panties and a clitoral vibrating toy <50db design, silent…

Delilah – Wearable Anal Vibrator for Women

Original price was: $89.99.Current price is: $54.99.
9 vibration modes with super powerful motor to stimulate sensitive spots. Enjoy posterior, clitoral and C-spot stimulation at the same time <45db design, silent…

Devon – Women’s Wearable Remote Dildos

Original price was: $69.99.Current price is: $54.99.
* Women's Wearable Butterfly Vibrator, enjoy orgasm anytime, anywhere * With powerful motor, 9 types of vibrations and clitoral sucking function * The wearable butterfly vibrator that…

I Do – Remote Vibrating Panties Review App Control

$44.99 $49.49
I Do Remote Vibrating Panties. Designed for discreet indulgence, these panties offer app control and dual motors for intense vibrations. Skin-friendly silicone Convenient Charging and…

Wearable vibrators are discreet but effective sex toys that can enhance your sexual experience. Unlike other sex toys, wearable vibrators are subtle enough to wear anywhere. Most wearable vibrating toys have two independent control systems, a swift button and a remote device. The remote control allows your partner to participate in your sex exploration.

What is the wearable vibrator?

There is no denying that solo play is all about discovering yourself by connecting to your body. Also, wearable vibrating helps you uniquely tune into your needs.

Now imagine doing all the things and enjoying every bit of it without the need to involve your hands in the process. This is when wearable vibrators come to the scene.A wearable vibrator allows your hands to wander freely on other things around you. Or you can leave your hands on your partner’s private zones for a more stimulating sensation. Wearable vibrators give you more pleasure and orgasm, unlike other adult toys that you find around.

With these vibrators, you can open a new realm of masturbation possibilities. The best part is that you can explore your erogenous zones with the vibrator.Wearable vibration take care of your g-spot and clitoris in the best possible way. You can use the wearable for sitting snugly on your labia and giving yourself the perfect atmosphere to make things work your way.

For example, you can keep the vibrator in its place while keeping your hands reserved to fondle your breasts. Or you can use them to stroke the sides of your neck.Furthermore, you can use your hand to play with the private parts of your partner. That way, the environment becomes spiced up ecstasy.

How does a wearable vibrator work?

Here is how wearable vibrators work and contribute to your favorite vibration sensation.


Because wearable vibration is the main component, motors are used. However, it doesn’t mean that manufacturers use motors designed for toys. The motor in vibrators works differently to produce the wobble that puts pleasure on the product.

Power source

Most wearable vibrators come equipped with rechargeable lithium-ion or replaceable dry-cell batteries. Both these options give you a combination of power and space efficiency.

They provide energy to the device so that you can have a fulfilling session of self-love without worries.

Printed circuit board

As you know, wearable vibrators come with fancy patterns and multiple speeds. The printed circuit board or PCB is responsible for that. They offer users a seamless experience when operating their toys.


To have a diversified orgasmic experience, wearable vibration devices come with a variety of controls, the most common one being the on/off switch.

Which wearable vibrator is your type?

Wearable vibrators increasingly become the new favorite of sex toy world, and you can see they are mentioned by almost every sex toy article.

So far, the wearable vibe family develop different types of wearable vibration toys, such as vibrating pantymagnetic wearable vibratorwearable vibe with remote controldual stimulation vibrator, and so on.

So, which one is your pick?

The benefits of using wearable vibration toys

Free your hands

Wearable vibrators can be controlled by remote control or app compared to other clitoral vibrators, so you don’t have to bend over to control their buttons all the time. All you need to do is place the wearable vibrating toy on your panties and aim it at the area you want to stimulate.

Enhance your relationship

Since the wearable vibrators can be controlled independently by remote control or app, you can invite your partner to join you. Giving your partner the key to turn on the vibrator and let your partner control your orgasm. Wearable vibrators are a secret weapon for long distance couples to enhance their relationship.

Expand the pleasure horizons

Want to have fun in public? Using a wearable vibration toy is definitely helpful. You can wear it to a night party, enjoying the noise and excitement. Or wearing the vibrator to watch a thrilling movie and increase the vibration patterns as the movie develops.

Help exercise your vagina

When the shaft enters your vagina, your vagina keeps contracting to keep it from falling out. The longer the shaft is in the vagina, the more exercise the vagina gets. The wearable vibrator can stay in your vagina for all day to make your vagina get full exercise.

How to use a wearable vibrator with your partner?

After exploring new things with your toy during solo play, you can try the same with your partner.

You can use vibrators to achieve g-spot and clitoral vibes during penetrative sex. Toys made of silicone fit around fine both on your and your partner’s body.

When you are engaged in vaginal sex, wearable vibrators provide external stimulation to your g-spot and clitoris. As such, it increases the intensity of the orgasm, and your partner may like the vibrations as well.

Having a device that takes care of your clitoral stimulation needs can be helpful when you and your partner want a position where reaching the clitoris might be difficult.

In addition, the wearable butt plugs improve oral sex and foreplay. They are effective during penile-vaginal sex in case you are looking for double penetration. Even your partner enjoys the vibrating sensation when using them against their shaft.

Apart from that, if you want to improve your foreplay session, you may consider trying a wearable finger vibe. You can give the remote control to your partner for a more intensifying experience.

Moreover, if your partner’s hands aren’t busy, they can stroke the inner portions of your thighs, tease your nipples, or run their fingers through your hair. Playing around with your partner with wearable vibrators surely improves your orgasms.

Start exploring the pleasures of wearable sex vibrators

With a hands-free solution, you get more stimulation out of an adult toy. It means more orgasms and more pleasure. A wearable vibrator is both sexy and naughty.

Besides, you can take it anywhere you want. Whether you want to use it for partnered sex or solo play, wearable vibrators won’t make you feel dissatisfied.

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