Anesidora is a sexual wellness company founded in 2021 by a couple, Renee and Joseph. Before starting their business, Renee was just a housewife, spending so much time and energy caring for their family and children. And Joseph was a massage armchair designer. 

However, things changed when the Covid-19 suddenly broke out. Everyone had to wear a mask and stay at home to keep safe. But thanks to that, they had more time to accompany their families and enjoy leisure. During the quarantine, Renee and Joseph experimented with various sex toys on the market, which greatly boosted their relationship. 

They thought sex toy is a great invention. But after a long time of use, Renee found most of the sex products are similar and even explicit. Having a good experience with sex products but getting bored with the appearance led Renee determined to design a functional and sophisticated sex toy. So, one night, Renee told Joseph about her mind—to build a sex products company.

anesidora about us

“Actually, I was hesitant. After all, I’ve been a housewife for ten years, and I don’t know how to run a company. But to my surprise, he agreed to my proposal immediately.”

With the support of Joseph, Renee immediately threw herself into the creation of their sex toy company. But the process was not as smooth as expected. As an engineer, Joseph was very strict with the spare parts of machinery. After hundreds of tests, they finally found the perfect motor for the rose vibrator. After spending a half year from establishing the brand and designing the website to contacting the factory, finally, the first sex toy, Night Rose, was launched in 2022.

first rose

About the first sex toy

Our first fancy intimate product is a rose-shaped vibrator, it differs from other vibrators. We have 9 vibration modes, from soft to intense, with 8 warm light modes. In addition to having more powerful functions than traditional sex products, it is also highly concealed and ornamental. The Night Rose is highly praised by many women after being launched and becomes a hit on TikTok. Hitherto, we have received thousands of reviews from all over the world.

The birth of our first sex product had a funny story.

“In order to create the perfect sex toy, we bought many different functions and shapes of sex toys to put in the bedroom so that we could study them at any time. But it was embarrassing that these sex products were used as toys by children and played in front of relatives. I was too ashamed. The party finally ended in an awkward.

The next day Joseph with a bunch of roses to apologize to me. That night, the roses became our love toy. I could feel the rose sliding on my body, and the aroma relaxes my body and mind, with the romantic light, I suddenly have an idea. Why don’t I design our sex toys to look like roses?  I immediately got up to find a pen and paper to start thinking, completely ignoring Joseph lying on the bed with a bewildered face.” That’s how our first sex product was created.

How have we got “Anesidora”?

We were looking for names that fitted our brand connotation, and we’ve tried a lot, but in vain. Until one day when we were studying Greek mythology online, “Anesidora” popped up. It means the sender of presents, sounds like female Santa Claus. We thought it was the name we are looking for. We hope to bring our sex products to every woman who loves to experiment with sex toys but fears embarrassment. Anesidora could make you enjoy sex without losing decency.