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Clean Your Sex Toy Is Necessary!

Why and how to clean sex toys is always a big concern.

STI can be transmitted sexually, then sex toys are an important way it can be spread. Susan Bard, a New York City dermatologist, tells Lure, “Almost all sexually transmitted infections are able to be transmitted through sex toys, especially toys that are inserted into the body or come in contact with mucous membranes.”

Even if you only use them on yourself while masturbating, you should get into the habit of cleaning your sex toys properly. Failure to properly disinfect them after use can increase the risk of bacterial vaginosis or urinary tract infections.

As experts say, unclean sex toys carry the risk of spreading sexual diseases, even if you are using them yourself, and can easily lead to yeast infections, urinary tract infections and other diseases.

Men face a similar risk because many sex toys can be used not only alone but also with a partner. This means that there may be an exchange of bodily fluids involved, so sex toys should be thoroughly cleaned.

The first thing that should be understood is:

Are your sex toys made of materials that are safe for your body?

Sex toys are made from a variety of materials, such as “PVC” and jelly rubber. So, which materials have sex toys safe and easy to clean?

First, “non-porous materials are best because they can be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, unlike porous materials that can trap infectious fluids. These materials include silicone, glass and metal,” Bard said. These toys are a relatively high price to pay for a worthwhile investment over sex toys made of cheaper materials.

So, how to clean sex toys?

1.Non-porous material sex toys:

If they are made of non-porous materials, such as silicone, stainless steel or glass, the easiest way to clean them is with warm water and antibacterial soap or wipe them down with a toy cleaner. Because non-porous materials mean that there are no pores where bacteria can live, bacteria are less likely to invade.

To clean the silicone material, simply boil the sex toy in hot water for 5-10 minutes (provided your sex toy is completely waterproof). The high temperature will kill any bacteria left on the surface of the sex toy and prevent bacterial infections from occurring; or you can clean it with antibacterial soap and warm water;

Glass toys & hard plastic: Use soap and water to clean glass toys, remember not to expose the glass to extreme temperatures.

Stainless steel toys: If connected to an electronic original, use warm soapy water, being careful not to submerge any electronic components. If there are no electronic components, they can be cleaned by boiling or soaking in a 10% bleach solution in water for 10 minutes.

sex toy clean

2.Porous Material Sex Toys:

Sex toys made of porous materials, such as TPE/TPR/rubber, vinyl, cyber skin, nylon and leather and some other porous materials, these porous materials, once bacteria get in it is difficult to be removed. So, if your toy is porous, it is recommended to put a condom on it (especially when used inside the body).

Rubber material: We all know that rubber material is porous material and is one of the more difficult to be cleaned. And there may be phthalates, these substances are a threat to the health of the body, so we recommend that you use toys made of such materials with condoms.

Cyber skin and vinyl: Cyber skin is a soft and porous material, usually used for dildos. It is recommended that cyber skin and vinyl toys be carefully cleaned with warm water, air dried and powdered with a small amount of cornstarch to prevent the surface of such sex toys from becoming sticky.

Leather materials: When cleaning leather materials, it is recommended to wipe leather products with a damp soapy cloth or leather cleaner. Cleaning

Whether you have a porous or non-porous toy, you can use a professional sex toy cleaner to clean your sex toy. After cleaning, if the toy has cracks, use leather conditioner to repair the toy.

How often should I clean disposable toys?

Without a doubt, you should clean your sex toys after each use. If you don’t, says Fretz, any bacteria left behind will multiply. Because human genital tissues are sensitive, failure to clean sex toys can lead to yeast infections, urinary tract infections and episodes of bacterial vaginosis.

How should I store my sex toys?

The storage of sex toys is as important as their cleaning. If you keep clean sex toys and unclean sex toys together, they can reabsorb bacteria. Therefore, you should store your sex toys as carefully as you would other sensitive items such as menstrual cups.

Plastic containers: If you want to keep your sex toys free from dust and relatively organized, you may want to choose a simple plastic capacitor.

Satin bags: Silk or satin bags, you can also find travel bags on the market that are large enough to suit your needs, or pick a bag designed specifically for sex toys to store your sex toy collection.

For more information on how to clean sex toy, please visit

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