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The 6 Best Rose Toy to Choose : Reviews

It was clear that rose toy for women was a big deal. Ever since I heard about it a couple of years ago, I’ve been dying to get my hands on it to see if it truly lives up to the hype. So today, I will brings you 6 best rose toys with real tesing and personal experience. Let you get useful information before buying.

The 6 Best Rose Vibrators

Original Rose Toy

The Rose Vibrator boasts 10 different suction modes, which I’ll demonstrate:

  1. Hold the button to turn it on.
  2. Cycle through the modes by pressing the button.

The toy is made of smooth silicone, which is a critical factor in sex toy reviews. The silicone here is soft and silky, brings you a comfortable experience. Also easy to clean and waterproof, so it‘s perfect for use in the shower.

Using the original Rose is simple. Place the suction hole on your clitoris, nipples, or other sensitive areas, and explore the different modes. It would be nice if there were a Bluetooth app to quickly switch between modes, but for now, you have to remember which mode you prefer and cycle through manually.

This Rose is a bit louder than I’d like, but this is common with suction toys due to the nature of the mechanism. It’s not so loud that it would disturb the whole house, but it’s something to be aware of.

Of course It delivered powerful orgasms in a short amount of time. I experienced intense pleasure, with multiple climaxes in quick succession, including squirting, which was unexpected but amazing.

Original Rose Tongue review and testing

Tips for Use

Here are some tips for using the Rose Vibrator:

  1. Use a towel: To avoid a mess, especially if you’re prone to squirting.
  2. Foreplay: Spend time teasing your erogenous zones to build up pleasure.
  3. Experiment: Try different parts of your body and vary the pressure and placement for unique sensations.

Price: 20.69

Original Rose Tongue

The toy is a sleek, rose-shaped vibrator with a notable difference: a tongue-like extension. At first glance, it’s very similar to other rose vibrators but with this unique addition.

Upon testing, I found the Tongue rose to be a good starter toy. It might look intimidating, but it’s actually user-friendly, especially if you’re new to vibrators. Compared to the original rose, the licking rose is slightly less powerful, but it still gets the job done.

put a licking tose toy on a magnetic charger and test its softness

The Tulip offers 10 different vibration settings, ranging from gentle to intense. You can cycle through them by holding the power button:

  1. Low intensity
  2. Medium intensity
  3. High intensity
  4. Pulsing
  5. Rapid pulsing
  6. Wave pattern
  7. Faster wave pattern
  8. Escalating intensity
  9. Random pattern
  10. Ultra-high intensity

I tested each setting to see which worked best for me. The first setting was a bit too gentle, but the subsequent settings, particularly the third and fourth, were more to my liking. The patterns provided a variety of sensations, which I usually find to be a tease, but they were enjoyable with this toy.

It is also easy to clean. Its simpler design means fewer nooks and crannies compared to other rose vibrators. You can clean it with soap and water or a toy cleaner. I recommend using an antibacterial soap like Dove for a thorough clean.

Price: $26.99

Sucking Rose Toy Thrusting Bullet

The Rose Thruster is incredibly versatile. It has 10 different suction settings and 10 vibration modes, which can be used independently or simultaneously. The controls are conveniently located on the rose itself, easy to press it when using it.

One end of the Rose Thruster features the traditional rose design for suction, while the other end has a beautiful leaf design for thrusting. The long silicone cord inside allows for simultaneous internal thrusting and external suction or the use of either function independently.

using a rose toy with bullet

To turn on the toy, press the power button, which lights up along with the inside of the rose. This feature is handy for nighttime use, you can easily find and align the toy. Additionally, the fluttery silicone petals on the outside add a delightful tactile feeling,

The thrusting action of the Thruster is noteworthy. When you press down firmly, the thrusting will stop, providing a controlled experience. This feature ensures that the toy doesn’t become overwhelming or uncomfortable, allowing you to enjoy a gentler internal thrusting combined with powerful suction.

The toy is covered in body-safe silicone, making it not only comfortable but also easy to clean.Ipx7 water proof perfect for shower play, and allowing you to wash it thoroughly without worry. Using a Q-tip with your favorite cleaner helps reach areas where bacteria can hide. Water-based lubrication is recommended for use with this silicone toy to prevent any damage.

Price: 39.99

Rose Vibrator With Tongue and Bullet

The Wild Rose stands out with its unique design. It combines a thrusting bullet intended for internal use with an external rose featuring a flicking tongue for clit. The toy is made from body-safe silicone, make sure it’s soft to the touch and easy to clean. Also fully waterproof, which is suitable for use in the bath or shower.

The flicking tongue was a pleasant surprise. Despite initial skepticism about its tongue design, I found it to be quite effective. The flicking tongue mimics the feel of a finger gliding over the clitoris, when combined with lubricant, can be very enjoyable.

The thrusting motion of the bullet is strong, but it’s important to note that the toy is relatively loud. The motor can struggle if there is too much resistance, such as from tight pelvic muscles or certain positions. However, when used correctly, the thrusting adds a extra fun for your journey.

Overall, this Wild Rose from Anesidora is a well-designed sex toy that offers a unique combination of thrusting and flicking sensations. While it may not be the quietest option on the market, its powerful motors and dual stimulation capabilities will brings you an all-in-one experience. Whether you use it for solo play or partner play, itis sure to add a new feeling to your pleasure routine.

Price: 39.99

Rose Wand – 2 in 1 Tongue Licking Vibrator

Upon unboxing, the Rose wand impresses with its ergonomic design. The vaginal piece, a little bit curved, is compact yet effective, offering targeted G-spot stimulation. Meanwhile, the rosebud feature at the top provides gentle, tongue-like motions, brings me clitoral satisfaction without overwhelming speed.

The operation of the rose wand is straightforward. Activated with a single click, it offers a selection of 3 vibrating speeds and 6 licking patterns. This versatility ensure customizable experiences, accommodating preferences for both external clitoral arousal and internal G-spot stimulation.


Beyond individual pleasure, the Rose wand encourages shared intimacy with its dual-ended design, ideal for exploration with your partner. Its waterproof construction with IP7X waterproof, so you can use it from bath to bedroom.

Price: 44.99

Big Mouth Rose Licking Masturbator

Funny thing is that,when I first saw it, I thought it was a Pokémon monster Ball. The Big Mouth is impressively designed with large, plush lips that feel incredibly soft to the touch. Offers a combination of vibration, suction, and tongue action, brings me a multiple experience.

Big Mouth Rose Licking vibrator and its soft and strong tonge

It features 3 suction modes and 5 different tongue movements, allowing for customizable pleasure settings. During testing, the Big Mouth works really good. The suction is robust, providing a pleasurable sensation akin to oral stimulation. The tongue movements, coupled with vibration, add depth to the experience, mimicking lifelike feeling effectively. It’s worth noting that the toy is waterproof, works great in different environments, such as the shower or bathtub.

Charging is like a breeze with its magnetic charger, and its design makes it easy to handle and maneuver,brings user comfort and easy control during use. But it is worth pointing out that Bigmouth is the noisiest among the six Rose toys, and the motor inside it still has a lot of room for improvement.

Price: 44.99

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In conclusion

Whether you’re a sex toy beginner or more of an expert, the rose toys don’t fail to help you achieve an absolute banger of orgasm in no time. So, what are you waiting for?


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