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Clitoral Sucking Toy


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Anesidora Clitorial Sucking Rose With Removable Cup and Led Light

Use Code SAVE30 to get extra 30% off now Night clitorial sucking rose with removable head suction cup, 8 light modes creating an atmosphere…

Anesidora Original Rose Toy for Women

Use Code SAVE15 to get extra 15% off now 7 intense sucking & vibrating modes Medical grade silicone, soft and skin-friendly IPX6 waterproof, allow…

Anesidora Removeable Vibrating Rosebud

Use Code SAVE30 to get extra 30% off now Vibrating rosebud sucks the clitoris and the bud strokes the vulva , bringing the ultimate…

Anesidora Rose Egg Vibrator

Double pleasure with G-spot vibration, combination of sucking and vibration 5 suction and 10 vibration modes Medical grade silicone, soft and skin-friendly, non-toxic and…

Anesidora Rose Sex Toy With Vibrating Bullet

Removable rose head suction cup and bud teasing function 9 intense sucking and vibration patterns with tail Kegel training balls to help shrink the…

Anesidora Rose Vibrator for Women

Material: Silicone Vibration frequency: 10 intense modes Decibel: less than 50 decibels Size: 145*55*15*9mm Charging: USB magnetic charging Waterproof IPX7 waterproof life Private shipping. …

Anesidora Suction Rose Toy with Sucking & Vibration

10 sucking modes and 10 vibration modes. The air pulse design makes it easier to achieve sensational orgasms! The curved design at the handle…

Female Rose Flower Nipple & Clitoral Stimulators

  Made of food-grade silicone, absolutely body-safe. Non-toxic, durable, and skin-friendly. 10 frequencies of suction and vibration. Full waterproof design, allow use in bathroom &…

Fiona – Bunny Dual Egg Rabbit Vibrator

Fiona - Bunny Dual Egg Rabbit Vibrator is designed to elevate your intimate experiences with its innovative design and powerful functionality. Crafted to satisfy your…

Pink Rose Toy Vibrator With Suction Adult Toy

Pink Rose Toy Vibrator With Suction Adult Toy, more ways to play 10 intense sucking & vibrating modes Sucking clitoris, breast, anus, ears, etc. …

Rose Bud Clit Sucker Clitoral Sex Toys

*With 6 tongue suction licking modes and 10 vibration frequencies, it is definitely a great tool for licking clitoral nipples *Medical grade silicone, soft and skin-friendly *IPX6…

Rose Clit Tickler With Bullet Vibrator

* With 10 tongue licking patterns and vibration frequencies, the tongue is definitely a clitoral nipple licking powerhouse *One end of the Rose sex toy will…

Fundamentally, Clitoral Vibrator  & Tongue Vibrator
work based on air pressure and licking tongue . Consequently, this type of sex toy provides indirect stimulation for the clitoris. By doing so, this toy creates a vacuum, but at the same time, it pushes airwaves onto the clitoris, resulting in a fantastic feeling.

What is a clitoral sucking toy?

Clitoral suction toys are toys that help a woman’s clitoris to have a stimulating experience. They create airflow and pressure around the clitoris, which promotes blood flow to the area. This leads to increased sensitivity and brings about orgasm.

Compared with traditional vibrators, clitoral sucking vibrators pay more attention to the small clitoris. In addition to the sucking function, they can also be used as nipple suckee toys.

Of course, some clit sucker toys also as a g-spot vibrator . Whether you want to use vagina suction toy as foreplay or just get right to the point, it’s a great choice.

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Why you Need to Try clitorals sucking toys

When you get sexually aroused, blood will flow to your clitoris and thus. Your clitoris will become more sensitive. Ultimately, with enough stimulation, this can result in having an orgasm. With that piece of knowledge in mind, clitoral stimulation toys were invented. That is to say, as mentioned. Clitoral sucking toys indirectly stimulate your clitoris through air pressure because of this. These types of toys stimulate the blood flow towards your clitoris. Therefore, a clitoral sucking toy will cause your clitoris to become more stimulated and sensitive, which will significantly increase your chances of reaching an orgasm.

How to Use a Clit Sucker?

Clitoral sucking toys can be used alone or with a partner.

  1. Relax your mood, mind and soul. Do anything that helps you relax, such as music, watching pornography, lighting candles to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  2. Explore your sensitive areas. Before you use it on your clitoris, try using the clitoral sucking toy on your other sensitive areas such as your armpits, inner thighs, feet, etc.
  3. Use it together with lubricant. Lubricants can reduce friction and increase pleasure, creating the conditions for you to reach orgasm faster and stronger.
  4. Debug the mode that suits you. Start slowly and try all the functions as well as the intensity of the vibration. Try positions that work for you from different angles.
  5. Start your work. As you guide the toy to your sweet spot, you can also slowly switch the vibration frequency to rub your clitoris for greater stimulation.
  6. By this time, you should have mastered instant orgasm. If you want to delay your orgasm, you can try stimulating yourself until you get close to orgasm, then back off and let yourself cool down. Stimulate yourself again and then cool down. Repeat this process until you can’t take it anymore.

Using a clitoral sucking toy in your sexual life has many benefits.

1. Get better sleep- You already know that sexual climax can give you better sleep than normal nights.

2. Beat stress- A study made at the University of Rome found that sexual activities can lower your stress and anxiety.

They performed this test during the lockdown months, and they found out sexually active people are less stressed than the ones who are not. The mood-elevating hormone oxytocin helps to relieve stress better.

3. Maintain heart health- When you exercise regularly, you can maintain your heart health. But when you indulge in sexual activities, it can keep your heart healthy, too

4. Have a healthy vagina- With older age vagina starts to become smaller and narrower.

5. Reduced period cramps- If you face period cramps issues, climaxes using clit vibrator will help with that pain. Also, you will get better cycles without any interruption. You will also get better bladder control.

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Once you’re done, don’t forget to clean your clitoral sucker properly.

Dermatologists and sexologists agree that sex toys can spread STDs if they are not properly cleaned and disinfected, especially if they are used by multiple people. Even if you use a clitoral sex toy alone, you should take the time to clean and disinfect it.

  • Wash sex toys with fragrance-free soap or toy cleaner
    Since the clitoral suction cup is electric, you can’t put it in water. You can use a non-fragranced soap or toy cleaner and then wash the soap off with warm water. The ingredients in scented soaps can interfere with the natural pH balance of the vagina and increase the risk of yeast infections, so a fragrance-free soap is best.
  • Wash dry or dry naturally
    After cleaning your clitoral sucking toy, dry it again with a soft towel. Make sure the towel or cleaning cloth does not stick to the surface of the toy, or you can choose to dry it naturally.
  • Storage
    Sex toys need air and breathing space, so an airtight, humid environment is not suitable for storing sex toys. Satin and silk are highly breathable materials that will keep your sex toys dry while ensuring plenty of air circulation.

How to choose a clit sucker

Silicone is widely considered to be the best body-safe material for sex toys. Sex toys made of metal or glass are the next best. As a general rule of selection, you should avoid sex toys made of porous materials because they have microscopic holes that can harbor millions of germs and bacteria. Non-porous materials are the best because you can easily clean them without worrying about germs and bacteria hiding in the microscopic pores.

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