Hi girls, how long has it been since You updated your intimate products? Is it not boring to use the same products all the time?

After so many efforts, Anesidora finally launched 4 discreet and subtle sex toys. It’s “If you know, you know”-level discreet. So now that I’ve sold you on all the reasons you should skip your next Sephora purchase for a little stick for your *other* lips, shop the best lipstick vibrators of 2022 now.

1.  3 In 1 Lipstick Vibrator for Women

The 3-in-1 vibrator basic looks like lipstick from the outside, that no one would bat an eye at it being put into, or removed from, a purse.

It has 3 different tip attachments, and all are made with medical-grade silicone. You can use different heads in different parts. But the same function is that they can tease your clitoris and nipples, or even insert into the vagina to stimulate the G-spot.

It has 10 different vibration modes, 4 steady speeds, and 6 vibration patterns. Massage your private part from gentle to strong. Whatever you like, it will satisfy you.

To power on the vibrator, just hold down the bottom button for 2 seconds. It will make a quick humming blip of a noise. If you want to switch different patterns, just hold the button for 1 second.

2. Lipstick Sex Vibrator

The second lipstick vibrator has a lovely pink crystal acrylic shell which makes it look adorable. It has 10 modes, 3 different speeds, and 7 vibration modes. Compared to the first vibe, it is gentler while less noisy. It is powerful, but not too powerful. So, if you are sensitive, I recommend this to you because it won’t overstimulate your clit.

There are two buttons at the bottom. The big one is the power button while the small one is to change the vibration patterns. It is easy to operate, just hold the power button for 1 sec then you can switch different modes to enjoy masturbation.

3. Lipstick Vibrator

This lipstick vibrator is a little bit longer than the above two vibes but still subtle and discreet. Throw it on your desk or in your purse, no one will know it is a pleasure product. It does not rotate open but pops out by pressing the button on the head. The 10 vibration modes will bring a great orgasm to you.

4. Mini lipstick vibrator

This one doesn’t look like lipstick so much compared to the other three vibes, but it fits easily in your hand at just 10 cm in length. Although it is small and looks so cute, but don’t underestimate it.

It has 9 different vibrations and 3 stimulation modes. The top of the vibrator has two stainless steel balls, so except pleasure your intimate parts, you can use it as a massager to relax your fatigue. “Kill two places with one vibrator.”

The 4 lipstick vibrators are all waterproof, so you can rinse the silicone part with mild soap water. And they are rechargeable, we prepare one USB cable for each product. We offer a one-year assurance guarantee so that you don’t need to worry about anything.

In order to change people’s impression of sex toys as vulgar and dirty. Anesidora bends itself to creating more elegant and exquisite sex products with experts. Hope you will have a great time with Anesidora lipstick vibrators

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