The question you need to clearly when you are buying first adult sex toys

Confirm whether you are buying first adult sex toys for your own use or to use it with your partner.

Take a few minutes to ask yourself what kind of stimulation you want. If you are a woman, before you start looking, figure out where you want to stimulate yourself, do you want to stimulate your clitoris or do you want to insert something.

Should I buy cheap or expensive sex vibrations?

Yes, adult sex toys range in price from $15 to several thousand dollars. A good quality sex toy will be relatively more expensive and last longer. The lower quality ones are relatively inexpensive. So, is it better to buy 10 pcs $20 toys that break frequently or a $200 toy that will last for years? It’s up to you.

Is sex vibrator having more sizes and colors available?

Normal, many sex toys are available in different colors and sizes. You can choose the color you like and the right size to buy. Sizes. You can choose the color you like and the right size to buy.

Should I buy the adult sex vibrator with battery or rechargeable?

Whether they are battery-powered or rechargeable, you will find that they each have their pros and cons. With battery-powered, you need to consider the price of the batteries. Rechargeable toys, on the other hand, do not and tend to last longer.


Their only drawback is that you can refill the batteries immediately when a battery-powered vibrator dies (provided you have them). And while recharging sometimes takes time, some rechargeable toys will tell you when the batteries are running out to avoid this.

Can using sex toys bring orgasm?

Yes, studies have shown that using a vibrator can not only increase a woman’s sexual desire and interest in sex but can also help her reach orgasm.

Some users have also found that repeated use of a vibrator, especially with a very powerful vibrator, can make it more difficult for them to reach orgasm without one. If you want to make sure you can still orgasm with your hand or partner, professional sex therapists recommend using only half of a vibrator or a less powerful vibrator during masturbation.

Can I use the adult sex toys too much? Will it cause harm?

Sex toys will not make your clitoris feel flaccid or permanently damage it. However, we recommend that you use sex toys appropriately. If you use it for a while and it starts to go numb, take a break.

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