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Homemade Butt Plugs : DIY Tips and Ideas

Using butt plugs for sexual pleasure is no longer taboo, and it has become a prevailing trend. This shift in anal sexual concepts is not solely attributed to sexual liberation but also the availability of safe anal toys in the market. However, there may be times when anal toys are not accessible. In such situations, how do you satisfy your desires?

The answer is simple: Do it yourself! That’s right. Crafting your own butt plugs may not be as unconventional as it sounds. While they may not match up to professionally designed counterparts, they can serve as a temporary solution until you acquire the right plug.

Why Do You Want To Make A Butt Plug?

Before delving into the DIY butt plug topic, ask yourself why you’re considering this route. Are butt plugs not readily available locally, or are you exploring suitability before investing in a commercial one?

Regardless of the reason, a careful evaluation of household items you intend to use is crucial.Not every item is suitable for insertion, so consider the following:


Is the material porous, allowing bacteria to accumulate inside the anus?

Fabric Permeability

Avoid materials like cotton tampons, which are too porous and can harbor bacteria, potentially causing infections.


The chosen item should be sturdy enough to fit inside the anus without tearing or breaking.
It’s evident that homemade anal plugs can only serve as a backup option for occasional use and cannot replace a reliable commercial counterpart. Above all, whatever you choose to use must prioritize your safety.

butt plugs homemade

Can I Make My Own Butt Plug?

In essence, any item can be repurposed as a makeshift sex toy. However, homemade butt plugs come with considerable risks, and a certain level of sexual knowledge is necessary.

Not everyone possesses this knowledge, making it advisable to opt for anal plugs from reputable sex toy stores, prioritizing both practicality and health.

Yet, if traditional butt plugs are unavailable locally, or impatience calls for immediate experimentation, crafting your own butt plug might be a viable option. While this might sound wild, numerous online resources can guide you through the process.

It’s essential to trust your instincts during the DIY anal plug journey, as discomfort should prompt an immediate halt. Remember, though, that while we can offer guidance, we are not medical professionals.

How to Make a Butt Plug at Home?

1.Buy A Sanitary Silicone & Make Your Own Shape

For those keen on crafting, consider making a butt plug from silicone. Silicone material is safe and non-toxic, and the non-porous material will not hide bacteria and is easy to clean.

If you find it difficult, I recommend purchasing this Clone A Willy kit, it will make the process much easier.While its main use is for making silicone dildos, you can use it to make any shape you want, which makes it perfect for handmade butt plugs.

2.Molding Clay

If you are a clay artist, you can use clay to create an artistic butt plug. To make a mold from clay, you must mix clay sand with water. You can also add some food coloring if you want to make it prettier.

Next, mold the clay into your desired size and form. Subsequently, put it in the oven and heat for half an hour to solidify. Take it out of the oven and allow it to cool down. When it’s cooled, you can begin to appreciate your DIY butt plug.

Household Objects You Can Use As Anal Toys

OK, so now let’s talk about a few different ways you can get a DIY butt plug.


Brand new toothbrush

If your fingers don’t reach your desired spot, a brand new toothbrush can be an alternative. The toothbrush is long enough to easily reach your P-spot. If you want to try more intense and varied sensations, consider using an electric toothbrush to get extra vibration.

Which end of the toothbrush can be placed inside the body? It depends on your preference. If you prefer the bristled end, it’s recommended to choose a soft-bristled brush that won’t cause abrasions to your delicate anus.


Unused spoon

A metal spoon can quickly give you a feeling similar to a regular metal anal plug, and the oval shape of the end of the spoon can prevent the spoon from sliding into the anus.

Ceramic spoons provide a warm and comfortable feeling, and their smooth surface reduces friction against the anal lining. When choosing a spoon, try to choose one with a rounded handle and no edges.



Vegetables appear more often in vaginal toy options, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used anally. But getting pleasure from vegetables depends on how soft and ripe they are. You need to make sure your sphincter muscles don’t force these objects to rupture as you insert them into your anus.

Long vegetables are better for anal sex than round vegetables because they allow for better penetration. Carrots are a good and common choice. It is pointed at the top, thick in the middle, and has an uneven texture on the surface, which can bring a rich experience.

Remember, before inserting any vegetables, be sure to wash them carefully to avoid pesticide or chemical residues.



Candles can be used not only to create ambience but also to satisfy the senses. Choose the size and shape you want, or heat it in the microwave and mold it into the shape you want, then use a knife to shave off the sharp edges to create beautiful shapes.

Then put on a condom and insert it into your anus. It is recommended to choose candles made of natural materials.

How to Make Your Own Butt Plug with Tail

Drilling the Hole

Make a hole about 1 inch deep by carefully twisting the drill bit. This step is easier with rubber or silicone plugs compared to glass plugs, but it’s not impossible.

Caution: Never use a drill bit with a diameter larger than half the waist diameter of your plug, as it may weaken the plug and pose a safety risk. After drilling, give the plug a gentle pull to check if it’s still secure.

Shaving the Hair

The tough part begins now. Shave the hair off the tail base’s first inch with a razor blade, so that the leather under the hair will be glued instead of ripped off. Wrap the tail very tightly in plastic wrap. When the next step is performed, the tail will be easier to handle since this operation will avoid damages

Wrapping the Tail

To make the tail easier to handle and protect it from damage, tightly wrap it in plastic wrap. This will keep the fur intact and prevent it from tangling during the next steps.

Attaching the Tail

Now it’s time to attach the tail to the plug. Apply a strong adhesive, such as epoxy or super glue, to the shaved area of the tail’s base.

Then, carefully insert the tail into the hole in the plug and hold it in place for a few minutes to allow the adhesive to bond. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the adhesive to ensure proper curing.

Testing and Safety

Testing and Safety Tips Once the adhesive has fully cured, give your tail butt plug a gentle pull to ensure that it’s securely attached. If it feels loose or wobbly, reapply the adhesive and let it cure again.

Key Considerations When Crafting a DIY Butt Plug

Creating and using a homemade butt plug involves more than just seeking pleasure; several crucial factors demand careful consideration.


Begin with safety, emphasizing the distinctive design of butt plugs—a tear-shaped head connected to the neck, with a flared base at the other end.Unlike the vaginal cavity, the anal cavity has a sphincter, prone to strong contractions that can inadvertently draw in the toy. For safety, any homemade butt plug must feature a sturdy protective base to prevent accidental insertion and the need for medical intervention.


You must keep proper hygiene considerations at the top of the list when you make your own butt plug.

Many people are accustomed to using common objects around them as DIY anal plugs, such as toothbrushes. Imagine you have been using a toothbrush for three months. Its bristles have become very rough. Would you want to put it into your anus? On the other hand, that brand new toothbrush in your drawer is calling your attention.

In addition to the condition of the object itself, you’ll also want to consider whether it’s easy to clean. You must choose something that is easy to clean thoroughly, such as a metal or silicone spoon, rather than a wooden spoon. Easy-to-clean objects effectively remove bacteria and body fluids to avoid sexual infections.


The size matters! The anatomy and capacity of the anus differ significantly from the vagina. The right size is paramount to prevent tearing or ineffectiveness. Finding the right fit is essential for a pleasurable experience with your homemade butt plug.


Experiment with shapes to determine what suits your preferences. The shape of the plug can influence the pleasure points it reaches. Whether you favor long and skinny or the classic short and thick design, understanding your preferences will guide your choices when creating or selecting a serious butt plug.

Shape of BUtt plug


Materials impact the durability of homemade butt plugs. Cucumbers or eggplants, for instance, may break under excessive force and are often disposable. For a more resilient option, consider metal or wood. If using glass, ensure it is high-quality borosilicate glass to minimize the risk of breakage during use.


Some people prefer smooth surfaces, others prefer textured surfaces. It all comes down to personal preference. But no matter which texture you choose, using lubricant can make it easier to get into the anus.

Remember, while DIY experimentation can be intriguing, safety, hygiene, and personal comfort should remain paramount throughout the process.

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Advantages of Crafting Your Own Butt Toy


Crafting your own butt plug ensures a readily available option within the confines of your home. The key lies in unleashing your creativity to identify materials that are both body-safe and easy to work with.


As previously noted, homemade butt plugs are typically fashioned from easily obtainable and budget-friendly materials. Moreover, many of these materials can be reused multiple times, provided they are adequately cleaned.

This not only adds to the convenience but also eliminates the need to spend money on your pleasure accessory.


Worried about prying eyes? Fear not. Homemade butt plugs offer a discreet solution. No one would suspect its purpose, allowing you to keep it inconspicuously in your possession without the need for secretive storage in the bedroom or your bag.

Even if someone happens to notice it, you can easily pass it off as a commonplace household item.

Anal Training Tool

The majority of individuals who embark on the journey of crafting homemade butt plugs do so with the aim of anal training, a practice commonly associated with “anal gaping.” This involves gradually stretching the anus to accommodate toys or a penis.

Homemade butt plugs prove effective for this purpose, as you can select a material that combines comfort for insertion with adequate thickness for gentle stretching.

By creating your own butt plug, you not only personalize your experience but also gain a range of practical advantages that extend beyond mere affordability.

Risks and Safety Measures for Homemade Anal Toys

Avoiding the Risk of Loss

Among the variety of DIY sex toys, homemade butt plugs are particularly risky. The primary concern stems from the heightened likelihood of a homemade plug getting lost inside the anus, necessitating a visit to the ER.
Skip the DIY approach unless you’re an expert; it’s strongly advised to invest in a proper implement, readily available for less than 20 USD at most reputable shops.

Condom Usage

When inserting a homemade butt plug, employing a condom is a prudent safety measure to ensure it remains body-safe.

Abundant Lubrication

Never underestimate the importance of ample lubrication when using your homemade butt plug. Ensuring both your toy and anus are well-lubricated is essential for smooth and pain-free insertion.

Opt for a water-based lubricant, the safest choice as it is least likely to cause chemical reactions with your toy compared to other lubricants. Remember, a comfortable experience hinges on proper lubrication.

In conclusion, prioritizing safety and investing in a professionally crafted anal toy is a small price to pay to avoid potential health risks and awkward explanations in the emergency room.

Purchase A Genuine Butt Plug For $10-$25

Your best option is still to buy a real butt plug from a sex toy store. If you cannot ensure that the anal plug you make has a wide enough base and a strong enough material, it is very likely that the anal plug will be lost in the anus. Spending $20 on a butt plug is far more cost-effective than receiving an emergency room bill.
Recommended Butt Plugs for Beginners:


There you have it— a comprehensive guide to homemade butt plugs and their safety considerations!
Embracing creativity opens up a world of possibilities for crafting your own sex toys. However, to ensure a worry-free experience, I strongly advise opting for the safer rout

Frequenly People Ask and Question

What are the different ways to make a tail butt plug?

There are several ways to make a tail butt plug, including:
1.Buying a tail from a costume shop and attaching it to a butt plug
2.Modifying an existing tail plug
3.Making a tail from scratch and attaching it to a butt plug

How can I make the butt plug part of the tail butt plug?

There are several methods to make the butt plug part of a tail butt plug, including:
1.Buying a butt plug (the simplest solution)
2.Using a moulding kit (to create a mould of an existing butt plug or other object)
3.Moulding out of clay, glass, metal, or wood (requires technical skill and experience)

What is a moulding kit and how does it work?

A moulding kit is a ready-made kit that allows you to create a mould of an object, such as a butt plug, by mixing the moulding material, placing the object in the mould, letting it dry, and then pouring in the desired material (such as silicone) to create the finished product.

Can I make a tail butt plug using clay, glass, metal, or wood?

Yes, it is possible to make a tail butt plug using these materials, but it requires technical skill and experience in these crafts. It’s important to ensure that the finished product is safe for use and does not have any sharp or rough parts that can cause harm.


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