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Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Review

If you’re in the market for a new pleasure toy, the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust might catch your eye. But does it live up to the hype? Let’s delve into an in-depth review of this innovative device and see if it’s worth the investment.

Unboxing the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

Let’s kick things off with the unboxing experience. Upon opening the package, you’ll find the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust nestled snugly inside. Along with the toy, you’ll also receive a catalog showcasing other products from the brand and a packet of water-based lube specifically designed for Fleshlights.

The attached lube is a very attentive design. Although the lube is not much, it offers users who haven’t had lubricant an opportunity to try it out immediately. However, if you want to have a good masturbation experience, don’t rely on such a small amount of lube; instead, consider buying a bottle of water-based lubricant before purchasing the Turbo.

Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

Design and Features

One of the standout features of the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust is its transparent design. Unlike traditional Fleshlights, both the sleeve and the case of the Turbo Thrust are completely clear. This transparency adds an extra layer of excitement to the experience, providing visual feedback as you use the toy.

Additionally, the front orifice of the Turbo Thrust sets it apart from other Fleshlights. It doesn’t mimic any sort of human anatomy but instead features a unique turbine design that provides a different sensation.

Performance and Sensation

The inner sleeve is made from very soft, elastic material designed to mimic the sensation of real intercourse. As you insert, you’ll feel the sensations of lips, tongue, and throat.

The sleeve has an insertable length of 22 cm and a maximum stretch width of 5 cm, making it easy for even well-endowed men to use. The interior of the sleeve has multiple textured chambers, offering a variety of sensations.

There is a small cap at the bottom. With this cap, you can adjust the suction. If you leave it completely closed, it will create a strong suction, while loosening it a little or completely will result in little to no resistance.

The Turbo Thrust is a user-friendly product with no extra features; all the pleasure comes from how you manipulate it with your hands.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Keep sex toy hygiene is crucial because improper cleaning may cause bacterial growth and even penile yeast infections. Although the turbo is easy to detach, cleaning the sleeve is a tricky task. The sleeve is made of TPE and it’s porous, so it can’t be thoroughly cleaned, which makes it become a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, cleaning Turbo Thrust isn’t light; it requires some effort.

Pros and Cons


Easy for beginner using.

Dots and bumps can offer versatile sensations.


TPE material will become sticky after long time use.

Some think it’s very loud when thrusting.

The size maybe too bulky for some people.

Higher price compared to some alternatives

Intensity depends on the strength of the hands and arms.

A bit hard to clean the sleeve.

Is the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Worth It?

The Turbo Thrust offers an unparalleled masturbation experience with its exquisite craftsmanship and simple operation. If you’re a beginner looking for a masturbator that is easy to use and safe, and you don’t mind the price, then the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust is worth trying out. However, it’s a single-function device and is more expensive compared to other masturbators with richer features, so it may not be the first choice for enthusiasts seeking multi-functional options.

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Fleshlight Turbo Thrust  VS Galaku Touch In

Different colors for different sensations

Galaku features different internal textures that you can choose according to your preferences. Galaku Touch In comes in 5 vibrant colors, each offering a different sensation. The Galaku Volcano, as its name suggests, provides an intense tightness. Meanwhile, the white Galaku, like melting snow on a glacier, gently envelops your penis, providing a soft touch. For beginners, the Galaku Glacier serves as a great penis trainer.

The yellow and green Galaku excel in having relatively larger internal spaces, accommodating larger penis sizes. Plus, the unique textures inside the green Galaku offer enhanced sensory pleasure.

If you crave intense stimulation but worry about your size, don’t fret; Galaku has another option for you. Galaku Ocean is designed for smaller sizes, yet its tight sleeve can generate stronger pressure, delivering heightened stimulation. These five masturbators, each with different textures and details, offer you a variety of sensations.

Powerful vibrations

Each of the Galaku Touch In masturbator features an internal bullet vibrator that provides 20 different vibration patterns. Encased in silicone, it not only offers a comfortable touch but also increases friction between the skin, enhancing the sensation. Combining the vibrations with different sleeve textures results in an amplified effect. Additionally, Galaku boasts an automatic suction function, allowing you to experience deep-throat-like sensations effortlessly.

Higher quality  

The Galaku is composed of a silicone sleeve and a plastic case. Silicone is a kind of non-toxic, odorless, and easy to clean material, making it an excellent material for sex toys. The outer shell has ergonomic lines for easy gripping. But since the Galaku’s shell lacks any texture on the outer wall, it may slip if your hands are coated in lubricant.

Opaque sleeve

Many people purchase the Turbo Thrust because its transparent appearance allows users to clearly see the movement of the penis during masturbation. However, the sleeve of the Galaku is opaque so it cannot provide this visual enjoyment. If you value this aspect, then the Turbo may be a better choice.

Lower price

Despite its high-quality construction and diverse functions, the Galaku is priced at less than half of the Turbo, meaning you can purchase two Galaku units for the price of one Turbo Thrust, experiencing different oral sex sensations. If you haven’t heard of this fantastic masturbator before, now is the time to give it a chance. Believe that your investment will yield multiplied returns.

Turbo ThrustGalaku OceanGalaku VolcanoGalaku GlacierGalaku OasisGalaku Desert
Sleeve MaterialTPESiliconeSiliconeSiliconeSiliconeSilicone
Total Size25 cm18.5 cm18.5 cm18.5 cm18.5 cm18.5 cm
VibrationNo20 modes20 modes20 modes20 modes20 modes
Charging TimeNull120 mins120 mins120 mins120 mins120 mins
Using TimeNull60 mins60 mins60 mins60 mins60 mins
NoiseNull<80 dBs<80 dBs<80 dBs<80 dBs<80 dBs
User LevelBeginnerAdvancedAdvancedBeginnerAdvancedBeginner


Turbo Thrust and Galaku Touch In are both excellent male masturbators, each with many irreplaceable advantages, but they also have their drawbacks. However, if you are looking for a high-quality blow job experience, the Galaku Touch In should be on your list.

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