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Quickshot Stroker Leten: Hands-onReview

Hello everyone and welcome to a new sex toy review. Today, I’ll be sharing my experience with the Quickshot Stroker from Leten, featuring two sleeves, 10 modes, and 10 speeds. There are two versions available: the Leten cannon king and the quick shot SE. This review will dive into both models, discussing their features, usability, and overall performance. I’ll also touch on the pros and cons to provide a balanced perspective.

Overview of the Leten Cannon King Pro

SE Version: Quickshot Stroker SE

The Quickshot Stroker SE offers a more compact and portable design. While it retains the core features of the regular version, there are notable differences:

  1. Compact Design: The mini version is smaller and easier to store or travel with.
  2. Single-piece Structure: It lacks the comfortable handles found in the regular version, making it a bit more challenging to hold during use.
  3. Simplified Controls: The control panel has been simplified with fewer buttons, which can be less intuitive.
  4. Single Insert: Unlike the regular version, the mini comes with only one closed-end insert.

Pro Version:Leten Cannon King Pro

The Cannon King Pro is an automatic male masturbator designed to simulate the sensation of a partner riding you. With its motorized functionality, the stroker moves up and down along your shaft, offering a hands-free experience. Both the regular and mini versions feature the same basic functionality but differ in size, power, and handling.

Is an automatic male masturbator designed to simulate the feeling of a partner riding you. With its motorized functionality, the stroker moves up and down along your shaft, giving you a hands-free experience. Both the Pro and SE versions feature the same basic functionality but differ in size, power, and handling.

  1. Powerful Motor: The motor provides a strong and consistent motion, mimicking the sensation of a partner riding you.
  2. 10 Modes and 10 Speeds: This variety allows for customization to suit your preference, whether you want a slow and sensual experience or a fast and intense one.
  3. Comfortable Handles: The ergonomic design ensures that the device is easy to hold during use.
  4. Dual Inserts: The regular version comes with two inserts: a blue, closed-end insert and a clear, open-ended insert for different experiences.

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Performance and User Experience

Using the Pro is a pleasant experience, primarily due to its powerful motor and ergonomic handles. With smooth and consistent movements. The wide range of modes and speeds allows for significant customization.

The Quickshot Stroker SE version, while still effective, falls short in comparison to its larger counterpart. The compact design makes it more portable and easier to store, which is a plus. However, the lack of handles can make it difficult to maintain a firm grip during use, leading to a less comfortable experience.

The simplified controls are also a downside. While fewer buttons might seem more straightforward, they are less responsive and harder to press compared to the regular version. This can be frustrating, especially when trying to switch modes or adjust speeds mid-session.

Another significant issue is the motor’s tendency to jam. During testing, the Quick shot SE frequently struggled to maintain smooth motion, particularly at higher speeds. This inconsistency can disrupt the experience and reduce overall satisfaction.

Price and Value

One of the most critical factors in choosing between the regular and mini versions is the price. The Pro is priced at $300 but is often on sale for $179. The mini version, on the other hand, is typically $199 but can be found for $143.

Considering the price difference, the regular version offers better value. For only $30 more (when both are on sale), you get a more powerful motor, dual inserts, and wonderful handles. These features significantly improve the user experience, making the Pro version a more worthwhile investment.

Cons and Pros

Feature Canon King Pro Quick Shot SE
Motor Power Powerful, consistent Less powerful, more prone to jamming
Modes and Speeds 10 modes, 10 speeds 10 modes, 10 speeds
Handling Ergonomic handles, comfortable grip Compact, no handles, harder to grip
Inserts Dual inserts (closed and open end) Single insert (closed end)
Controls Easy-to-use, responsive buttons Simplified, less intuitive controls
Portability Larger and heavier Compact and portable
Additional Features Phone holder included None
Price (on sale) $170 $140
Overall Rating 4.5/5 3/5

The Canon King Pro earns a high rating of 4.5 out of 5 for its powerful motor, wide range of modes and speeds, ergonomic design, and dual inserts. However, it loses points due to its higher price compared to the mini version.

On the other hand, the Quick Shot SE receives a rating of 3 out of 5. While it offers portability and convenience, its lack of handles, simplified controls, and tendency to jam detract from the overall user experience.


For those looking for a Blowjob simulator or reliable Automatic Male Masturbator, the Pro version is the better option, especially when considering the minimal price difference during sales. However, if portability is a primary concern, the Quick shot SE might still be worth considering.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to personal preference and priorities. Whichever model you choose, leten sex toy offers an enjoyable and innovative approach to male masturbation.

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