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Valentine’s Day Sexy Ideas from Anesidora

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching, and many couples are already planning how they will spend this wonderful holiday together.

Have you been planning to see a movie, have a candlelit dinner, or have other scenarios you have experienced countless times? The unvarying of relationship is an anesthetic for couples. This decreases your desire to explore each other, which, in turn, lessens your passion for each other.

Change is the only way to keep passion alive.  If you want to change the situation in this Valentine’s Day but don’t know how to do, don’t worry, I’m here to help.

Roses, chocolate, and romantic dinners cannot be omitte

When we think of Valentine’s Day, flowers, chocolates, and romantic candlelit dinners always come to mind as symbols of Valentine’s Day. I’m sure no woman would turn away from this romantic onslaught, and no girl wouldn’t want to receive roses from her partner on Valentine’s Day.

Before you think of ways to make your next Valentine’s Day more exciting, don’t be in a hurry to remove these things from your planner. And here are Valentine’s Day Sexy Ideas from Anesidora:

1. Learn some new sex positions

The first step to getting out of a boring relationship starts with changing your sex place and position. If you’re tired of traditional face-to-face intercourse, or you’re no longer surprised by vaginal orgasms, change your usual sex environment first.

The first change can start indoors. It will be a wonderful experience to change the usual place of sex from the bedroom to the kitchen or the balcony.

It is also important to change the sexual position. You and your partner can browse the online canon of sex positions in the week before Valentine’s Day and make a list of the positions you want to try. On Valentine’s Day, try each of the poses on your list.

Here you cannot miss anal sex, which can help you achieve another orgasm. We get 10 anal sex positions from novice to expert for your reference.

2. Go lingerie shopping together

Wear a festive outfit on Valentine’s Day to celebrate with your partner or yourself. This holiday is the perfect time to wear erotic lingerie.

When you and your partner are shopping together in an erotic lingerie shop, looking at the rows of lace or silk lingerie is the perfect foreplay for you. Imagine having this lingerie on your partner’s body and experiencing the adrenaline rush.

No woman will say no to sexy and figure-accentuating lingerie, especially when it’s made of lace.

Imagine you’re teasing your partner in this cutout sexy lingerie. Does it make you feel hot even think about it? Don’t care if you damage your underwear during sex, it’s so cheap after all.

If you want to go wild this Valentine’s Day, consider this sexy lingerie. In addition to the sexy sheer fabric that will catch your partner’s eye, it also comes with a pair of handcuffs. You can have your partner wear these handcuffs, which restrict your partner’s hand movements so you can ask her all you want.

Put on lingerie in a color you wouldn’t normally dare to wear on Valentine’s Day. This emerald lingerie set will give you a different feel. The high quality of the lace and the beautiful patterns will make you smile.

3. Try some sex toys you’ve never done

Valentine's Day Sexy Ideas

The most Valentine’s Day Sexy Ideas from Anesidora is to add sex toys to your plans. The goods in the sex toy store are always full of strange fantasies, sometimes you will be surprised by their function, and sometimes you will be attracted by their appearance.

If you don’t own a sex toy yet, this Valentine’s Day, join your partner in picking one that’s right for you. They can be clit vibrators, dildos, male cock rings, penis pumps, etc.

You can use a rabbit vibrator for simultaneous G-spot and C-spot orgasms during missionary sex with your partner or a double orgasm with a dildo inserted into your front hole while you are doing doggy style.

For men, both cock rings and penis pumps can help prolong ejaculation, providing long-lasting orgasms. In short, all kinds of sex toys can help you achieve the sex you have always wanted to try but dare not try.

This rabbit vibrator contains three powerful functions in one, and each function has 7 modes to flirt you’re a-spot, G-spot, and C-spot simultaneously.

It is really powerful as its name suggests. You can experiment with three different functions with this one vibrator, sucking, vibrating, and thrusting. This big guy will bring you to the next level.

If you’re looking for sex toys for lesbian couples, stop by and check out this vibrator. The dual-ended insertable vibrator provides achievable synchronized orgasms for lesbian couples.

In addition, you can also use the remote control that comes with it to control the vibrator remotely, adding fun to your sex life.

This penis ring has ten frequencies of intense vibrations. It can help delay ejaculation and strengthen erections. the cock ring can make your shaft look bigger in a way that provides broader stimulation.

The penis sleeve is used to enhance your shaft and help your penis erect longer. The tip of the bulb has many pointed thorns to offer numerous stimulations. It is body friendly and affordable.

Why not replace perishable roses with our eternal roses? This rose sex toy is more useful and meaningful.

This rose sex toy combines a rose tongue and a bullet vibrator, and the little flexible tongue on the rose bud can give precise and powerful stimulation to small areas.

When you turn on the button for both the bullet vibrator and the rose tongue, you’ll get double the pleasure.

4. Plan sex games

Holidays are an excuse to be extravagant and extravagant, and on Valentine’s Day you can play some little games just for couples and try something new.

For example, you can spread chocolate sauce on your naked body and ask your partner to clean up the chocolate sauce on you with their tongue.

Or stick a vibrating egg into your partner’s vagina, then turn up the vibration slowly and watch her wriggle like a caterpillar in front of you, begging you to enter her. You can also dress up as Marvel heroes and have crazy sex.

5. Change of status

If your relationship has a clear top and bottom position, you may want to change it up for Valentine’s Day.

If you’ve always been submissive, be bold and take control of your sexual relationship this time, and you’ll discover how great it feels to be in control.

If you’re used to being the top, try lying underneath your partner this time and giving yourself to your partner – you’ll love feeling pampered and thoughtful.

6. Keep safe all the time

While Valentine’s Day is a carnival for couples where you can have unrestrained sex, try new and exciting sex toys, and experiences that you’ve never tried before.

However, they are all based on safety. After all, you don’t want to ruin your romantic night halfway.

Above is all Valentine’s Day Sexy Ideas from Anesidora, if you want more sexy ideas for Valentine’s Day, please visit

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