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10 Best Anal Sex Position for Beginner to Advanced

Even if you’re someone with a very traditional view of sex, there’s no denying that anal sex is becoming increasingly popular.

According to PornHub, searches for anal sex increased by 120% overall across the US and 78% worldwide between 2009 and 2015.

This shows that more and more people are trying to bring anal sex into the bedroom.

Growth in Anal Searches

As the greats once said, “The Tightest Hole Can Lead To The Soul”! There are thousands of nerve endings in the anus, and you feel an intense, pleasurable sensation when you touch this area.

Anal sex is mostly between men, but now it is no longer reserved for gay men, and women can enjoy it without any inhibitions.

A study found in 2021 that women’s acceptance of anal sex is on the increase, with around 46% of women confessing that they have experienced it.

So, if you want to join the anal play club and desire anal orgasms, here are 10 of the best selected anal sex positions to help you.

1. Cowgirl

Cowgirl allows women to take control during anal sex and help capture your partner's expression

Cowgirl allows women to take control during anal sex and help capture your partner’s expression.

You need to straddle your man’s body and lower your pelvis onto his penis. You can control the speed and the depth of penetration with your like;

Meanwhile, you can rub the clitoris on your man’s abdomen back and forth for more stimulation.

Oh remember, when you are busy with the butt, don’t forget to invite a vibrator or dildo to stimulate your desired clitoris. That will help you get more stimulation.

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2. Doggy style

 Doggy style position

Doggy style is the classic position for anal play, which is common in some porn.

The doggy position is easy to perform, and all you need to do is to get on your hands and knees and get ready for your partner’s penetration in a crawling position.

Then, your partner will bend down and grab your wrist, hands, or even your hair to assimilate. If you want to have more fun, shake your butt!

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3. Pile Driver

The Pile driver position requires you to bend your body inward, bring your feet over your head, lift your butt high, and seat your partner on your hips.

Before using this position, you need to confirm whether you have flexible lower limbs and a soft waist, super endurance and can accept your partner’s penis completely submerged in the anus.

If you meet all the above points, then this position will provide a more interesting experience for your sexual intercourse.

It is suggested to do some warm-up before trying this position to avoid injury.

4. Spoon

Spoon position for anal sex

The spoon position is one of the most relaxing positions. You and your man don’t need to stand or bend down, just lie on your side and see the two of your bodies as integral.

This position is perfect for couples trying anal sex for the first time, as either you or your partner can control how deep the penis is inserted.

In order to help the penis, enter your anus easier, you can lift the top leg up and slightly split your butt.

5. Lap Dance

Lap Dance position for anal sex

This position, like its name, dances on your partner’s lap as you move up and down.

When you use the lap position, you can control the depth of a man’s penis into your anus, which is very suitable for people who are trying anal sex for the first time.

You can sit your man on a stool or on the bed and slowly lower your ass with your back to him.

Along with anal play, you can also orgasm by fondling your breasts or clitoris.

6. Highchair Position

Highchair position

The Highchair position is the flipped version of Lap Dance, where your partner is in control of the position, and you just sit on the stool and enjoy the pleasure of intercourse from behind.

Since one of the parties in this position must be standing or squatting, it is best to choose a high stool, which can facilitate your partner to stand or squat at a suitable height.

7. Standing Doggy

If you want to try some serious anal sex moves, then you might as well try Standing Doggy.

Choose a stable and supported place to stand, bring your upper body close to your knees, and ask your partner to hold your wrists behind you.

Standing Doggy is a gentle attempt at Anal Play, If you are interested inAnal Play, you may wish to learn from this Position

8. Speed Bump

Speed Bump

In this position, you need to half-squat on the couch with your hips suspended over the edge of the couch, and your partner will enter you in this position behind you.

This position is not friendly to novices, and if you lack the exercise of the abdominal and lower body, it may not last long.

But if you want to try this pose, babe you need to start working out now.

9. Missionary

Missionary position for anal sex

You might be surprised why this vaginal position is used for anal sex, but as you can see, it can be an anal position.

To learn this position is actually very simple, your partner only needs to move the penis down a few centimeters along the clitoris.

Since this position is a very traditional sex position, it can greatly reduce the nervousness of newcomers when it is used as an anal sex position.

You can place a pillow under his waist to bring your butt closer to his pelvis.

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10. Lotus

Lotus position for anal sex

Hugging increases attachment and trust between couples, and it also produces oxytocin, the love hormone.

When cuddling is combined with anal sex, it can create a surprising amount of intimacy between couples.

You gaze at your partner or bury your face in the other’s embrace and feel the stimulation brought by the rhythm.

However, the intimacy of this position can lead to deep penis penetration, so don’t be impatient when trying this position.

Before anal sex, what should you do?

As the anus does not produce lubrication like the vagina, it is critical to keep lube on hand before you and your partner are ready to have anal sex.

In addition, you should clean your anus well.
Prepare a bowl of warm water and a towel for anal cleansing, soaking it gently and wiping it around the anus. Wet wipes are also a good option. If you want to cleanse your anus thoroughly, you may wish to use an enema.

Final thoughts

As anal sex becomes less taboo, more people are ready to try it. We are sure many couples have already incorporated anal sex into their daily sex lives. However, for the uninitiated, it is important to understand the necessity of safe anal sex.

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