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Leten Latest Masturbator Hands-on Review

I had long held the view that masturbators were among the less exciting varieties of sex toys. Their function, primarily mimicking the manual up-and-down motion typically associated with hand-based masturbation, seemed to lack innovation. However, my encounter with the Leten Masturbator fundamentally altered this perception.

In this review of the Leten Masturbator, I will examine its features, performance, and overall user experience.The goal is to provide a comprehensive and insightful analysis that can guide potential users in making an informed decision.

What Is the Leten?

This Masturbator stands out as an innovative male masturbation device that promises an immersive and realistic experience. Its soft sleeve is designed with a texture that closely mimics the internal feel of a woman’s vagina, offering users a life-like sensation.

A standout feature of the Leten is its thrusting technology, which encompasses six telescopic modes. These modes, in conjunction with nine diverse sexual scenarios and accompanying moans, revolutionize the traditional masturbation experience, offering a varied and enhanced level of enjoyment.

Innovation doesn’t stop there. The device is equipped with an LCD screen that meticulously records usage data, including time, level, and speed. This feature provides a clear and comprehensive overview of your ‘performance’, adding an interesting and informative element to the experience.

Additionally, It’s dual heating function is a remarkable addition. It not only makes the experience feel more realistic and pleasurable but also doubles as a dryer post-cleaning, simplifying the maintenance process.

To summarize, this Masturbator is a blend of innovation and functionality. It’s an excellent choice for beginners exploring male masturbators, offering ease of use without compromising on an exhilarating experience. For those who seek intense stimulation and novel sensations, the Leten also stands out as a thrilling option. It’s a device that promises not to disappoint.

First Impressions & Features


The product’s outer packaging is elegantly crafted from colored cardboard, featuring clear details of the product’s name, appearance, and specifications in both Chinese and English. This ensures immediate comprehension of its features.

Packaging of Leten masturbator

we know your concerns, so the Leten would be shipped in a plain box to maintain your privacy. Inside, the device is meticulously protected with sponge pads at both ends, safeguarding it during transit. The package includes the automatic stroker, a bilingual instruction manual, warranty card, USB charging cable, and lubricant.

The bilingual instructions make it user-friendly for a diverse audience, breaking language barriers and enhancing the overall user experience.


The Leten Masturbator, with its 27.5 cm height and 9.3 cm circumference, resembles a thermos in its cylindrical design. This innovative device is ingeniously divided into two functional areas: the upper console, which controls all functions, and the lower insertion area for the penis.

Encased within the sleek black cylinder is a milky white, highly elastic sleeve, designed to accommodate most sizes. A note of caution: a plastic ring at the top may pose a slight hindrance for larger girths.

A standout feature is the toggle-adjusted operation buttons, a departure from the conventional push type. This intuitive design allows for effortless speed adjustments – swipe right to increase and left to decrease. It’s a thoughtful touch that enhances comfort and ease of use during the experience.

The display screen, with its flashing numbers, is a testament to the evolution of masturbators. It caught even my wife’s attention, leading her to remark about the level of fun and sophistication in men’s toys compared to women’s.


The exterior is composed of matte black ABS, lending the device a sophisticated look while ensuring durability and protection for the internal sleeve. This design choice not only elevates its aesthetic appeal but also contributes to the longevity of the product.

Material of Leten suction cup

The interior sleeve, made from pliable TPE, is designed for maximum stretchability. It envelopes the penis with a softness that closely simulates the feel of a vagina. Enhanced with small, soft particles, the inner wall of the sleeve provides added friction, creating a heightened sensory experience that elevates the overall pleasure.


Powerful Thrusting

The stroker boasts an impressive array of six telescopic modes, each varying in speed. The first mode operates at a fixed frequency, while the second to sixth modes offer variable frequencies. From personal experience, the high-speed stimulation is particularly enjoyable.

Intriguingly, for every additional minute you use the device, it automatically escalates to a higher level, reaching a maximum of 15 levels. Additionally, the Leten creates a unique sensation by using negative air pressure to simulate the feeling of deep throating.

Vocal Feature

Leten comes with nine scenes and nine different female voices, ranging from private to public scenarios, and from innocent personas to more commanding ones, catering to a variety of fantasies. The audio is accessible via headphones, ensuring privacy while slightly limiting maneuverability.

Vocal Buttom of masturbator

Automatic Heating

A standout feature of the Leten Pro is its dual heating function. A heating pad at the bottom of the sleeve activates with the device, reaching an optimal 40 degrees Celsius in about three minutes. This feature realistically mimics the internal warmth of a vagina.

A heating pad at the bottom of the sleeve

The combination of a soft sleeve, ambient moans, and a warm interior significantly enhances the sexual experience.


Leten – Black Hole Future Pro Specifications
Variable stroke length4mm
Theoretical mini speed100 rpm
Theoretical max speed320 rpm
Rated current≤1500mA
Rated voltage7.4V
Charging time3h
Use time45mins
Battery capacity750mah*2
Max noise≤65db
Powerful thrusting modes
Virtual scenarios and moans
It’s wireless
Easy to clean
Using wired headphones may limit the experience
Sleeves made of TPE
Weighing 860g, it is difficult to use for a long time
Long charging time

How to Use the a Leten Masturbator?

Despite its array of features, using the Leten Masturbator is surprisingly straightforward.


A good beginning is crucial. Start by thoroughly cleaning your new masturbator, as it’s fresh from the manufacture. Next, charge it for about three hours – patience is key, as ‘All things come to he who waits.’

Lubrication is Essential

The importance of lubricant can’t be overstated, regardless of the sex toy. Lubricants enhance pleasure and reduce friction. We recommend water-based lubricants for their safety, lack of color and odor, and ease of cleaning.

Start Gently

Begin with low-speed thrusts to warm up. This toy offers six telescopic modes, allowing you to switch according to your comfort level. As you get accustomed to the sleeve’s warmth and tightness, and the motor’s speed, it’s time to elevate the experience.

Plug in your round-hole headphones, select your preferred scenes and sounds, and immerse yourself in a more realistic masturbation experience. However, note that the audio is exclusively in Chinese, which may limit enjoyment for native English speakers. But if you don’t mind, you can also use these sounds as background sounds for your sex.

Exercise Caution

While the Leten is undoubtedly enjoyable, it’s important to remain aware of your body’s reactions. If you experience any discomfort, stop using the device immediately and consult a health advisor if necessary.”

How to Clean the Masturbator?

Removing and cleaning the sleeve of the auto stroker is a simple yet delicate process. Gently hold the plastic ring and turn it 30 degrees to the right for easy removal. Remember to be gentle during the pulling process to avoid tearing the TPE material.

Cleaning the sleeve is straightforward. Since it features a heating element at the bottom, there’s no need to turn it inside out. Just cleanse the inside with soapy water or a sex toy cleaner, then pat dry with a clean towel and let it air dry in a cool place.

remove the sleeve  for cleaning

To reassemble, once the sleeve is completely dry, place it back into the plastic cup. Note the two buckles – one large and one small – on the sides of the inner tank. Align these with the corresponding slots on the device’s body, then rotate the inner tank 30 degrees counterclockwise to secure it.

For quicker drying, you can use a heat wand. The Leten Pro includes one in the form of a protruding plastic rod in the lid’s center. Simply close the lid, connect the charging cable, and activate the drying process. However, be cautious not to exceed two hours of drying time to avoid damage.

Is the Handy Toy Worth It?

Contrasting with the Gawk Gawk 3000 Toy we previously reviewed, the New upgraded stroker comes with a higher price tag. However, for those seeking an elevated and intensely pleasurable masturbation experience, it represents a worthwhile investment.

The Leten offers the opportunity to indulge in the latest innovations in sexual technology, providing an advanced and gratifying experience.

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Where Can I Buy the Leten Series?

You can buy all Leten toys at the Anesidora adult store. With extra 10% off moreover Free &100% Discreet shipping!

What else to say……

The Leten Masturbator is not solely designed for solo enjoyment; it can also be a dynamic addition to couples’ play, enhancing foreplay and bringing shared joy. It offers an opportunity for your partner to engage with and benefit from this innovative toy. Embracing the unique elements it incorporates can lead to a lasting and fulfilling experience.

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