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How to Charge the Rose Toy

After doing your online shopping and waiting a few days, your rose toy finally arrives. But you can’t figure out how to charge the rose toy or the vibrator doesn’t work.

For such questions, this article will give you a specific guide about charging rose toys.

How to charge the rose vibrator?

Well, most of the product adopt the magnetic USB charging method, and you also need a USB power adapter to connect the USB cable. Or you can plug the charging cable head into your laptop and the power bank, like how you are charging your iPhone.

Three ways to charge rose toys

1. For the magnetic base USB charging

The charging port of this charging method is generally at the bottom of the rose vibrator.

Put the rose vibration on the round charging base, adjust the 2 charging pins at the bottom of the vibrator, and align them with the pins on the charging base until the rose vibrator indicator light flashes.

2. For the magnetic USB charging

The charging port is usually on the side of the rose vibrator, and it is convenient for users to observe whether the pins of the rose are successfully connected to the charging pins.

3. For the Pin USB Charging

Usually, pin charger sex toys have a semi-tight charging hole on their bodies. Just insert the pin into the hole, that’s it, and it will stay steady until you unplug it.

How to know when the rose toy is charged?

When you find that the power of the rose vibration is weaker than usual, it is time to charge your rose sex vibrator.

When charging, the indicator light will flash continuously. And when the indicator light stops flashing and stays on, which means the vibrator is fully charged.

How long does the rose toy take to charge?

Due to the small size of the rose vibrators, it usually only takes about 60mins to charge fully. However, the motor and battery capacity of different toys vary from different to different, some may only need 30 mins to be fully charged, but others may take 2 hours.

Why adopt the magnetic charger for the rose toy?

The magnetic charging port can avoid damage caused by constant plugging and unplugging in daily use and can also reduce scratches the port may cause during use.

Rose toy Chargers allow you to connect and disconnect the toy easily, you just need to align the metal pin of the rose with the charging base.

Magnetic charging provides good sealing performance for the vibrator body, reducing water or dust entry and improving the lifespan of the vibrator.

The magnetic charging cable is designed to transmit high current 5A-30A while realizing fast charging and high current charging.

While there are many advantages to the magnetic charging of Rose, there are also drawbacks to this charging solution due to the limitations of current available technology.

For example, connectivity issues. The precision of the connector is not high, causing the charging cable to shake, resulting in gaps between the pins. So even though the cable appears to be well connected to the charging port, charging is paused.
But if you don’t care about these small shortcomings, the magnetic charger is still a good choice.

Why is my rose vibration not charging?

  • Check whether the pins of the rose vibrator are connected to the magnetic charging base’ pins. If not, adjust the rose toy and make them connect tightly.
  • When the charging base is in good contact with the rose vibrator, the indicator light will flash, indicating that the device is charging; If the indicator light does not light up, please check whether there is dust on the metal pins. Wipe with an alcohol pad or suede before reconnecting.
  • If the indicator light still does not react after cleaning, the charging cable may be damaged, and you can consider replacing it with a new charging cable.
  • After replacing a new charging cable, if the device still doesn’t work, then you need to send the toy back to the seller. Although the rose clitoral stimulator is quite durable, we cannot assure all the Rose Clit Sucker motors and batteries are 100 % perfect.

How to charge the rose toy without charger?

Usually, there will be a charging cable in the package when you buy a rose. But if you lose the magnetic cable and don’t have a spare one around, you can buy a new one online.

Or you can search for the rose toy charger near me on google maps to save time. But there is another way to get a new charger, and that is to make it by yourself.

First of all, you need to prepare the required materials, two small magnets, an unused charging cable, a pincer plier, a pair of scissors and shrink tubing.

How to make a magnetic charging cable?

Cut the charging cable close to the place where it is connected to the device, and peel off the skin with pliers.

Strip the wires to expose the anode and cathode copper tubes and cut two pieces of shrink tubing to cover them over the copper wires.

Fill any gaps with hot glue and wrap

Put the prepared two magnets on the shrink tube respectively .Fill any gaps with hot glue and wrap tape around it to secure the magnets in place..

Repeat for the Other End: Now, you’ll want to do the same thing for the other end of the wire. Ensure that the magnets in the straws align with the magnets on the other end.

Match Wires: Make sure the black wire goes to the black and the red to the red on both ends. This is essential for proper charging.

So, a simple magnetic USB charger is done!

If you feel hard to understand the text, then you can reference the video below. It is a theory and production about how to charge the rose process.

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    free exactly on the rose is the plug in for USB

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