Masturbation is not just a personal pastime but a celebration of self-pleasure that deserves innovation and creativity. Whether you’re a connoisseur of solo play or just beginning to explore the realms of personal pleasure, there are numerous ways to enhance the experience.  Today,I’m going to list 8 masturbation positions and easy hacks for men.

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8 Best Masturbation Positions

Lying on Your Back Masturbation Position

1.Lying on Your Back

This is the most classic and common male masturbation position. It allows plenty of room for movement and is comfortable as well. When lying down, your body is relaxed and supported. A comfy and relaxed body can promote things smoothly. Plus, you’ll have full, unobstructed access to your penis, balls, and butt.

How to Do It:

  • Lie your back on a cozy mattress and bend your keens.
  • Put a pillow beneath your butt to elevate your pelvis.
  • Prop your head and shoulders on more pillows to elevate your upper body to make your handjob easier.
  • Bringing a penis sleeve into the bedroom can spice up your stroke session.
Lying Face Down  Masturbation Position

2.Lying Face Down

It may sound easy, but it requires some stamina and some pillows. Your legs and arms should be strong enough to support your trunk, but if not, you’d better train all fours muscles before engaging.

How to Do It:

  • Lie on the stomach and use the bed for friction.
  • Rub your penis or thrust in a manner that imitates intercourse.
  • Put pillows or cushions under the knees to relieve the pain if necessary
Sitting in a Chair

3.Sitting in a Chair

This position may be the favorite one for men who surf online porn while masturbating. Although a chair is smaller than a bed, it is less limited. You can masturbate while sitting behind a computer or television, or at the dinner table. You can stroke in your office as long as you like, but the most vital thing is not to offend others.

How to Do It:

  • Sit in an ergonomic and comfy armchair that can make things go well.
  • Sit on the edge of your chair, letting your scrotum hang free.
  • Stroke your penis and testicles.
Using an Ottoman.

4.Using an Ottoman.

This position is not suitable for beginners with simple masturbation experience, even experienced men should pay attention to it.

The challenger should sit on the ottoman with legs out, then bend backward so that until the head is on the floor, the whole body will look like an arch. During the process, the penis should always remain at the highest point. It requires the challenger to remain at the highest point of the body.

How to Do It:

  • Remain at the highest point of your body.
  • Hold your penis and balls and rub them in a comfy way.
  • Don’t hold this position for too long because it may cause dizziness.
standing Masturbation Positions

5.Standing Up Masturbation Position

Standing up position is one of the most explored by men in the bathroom. It is super simple that you don’t need to bend your leg or waist like an acrobat. But if you don’t have a ton of core strength, you may lose the balance when you penile orgasm. A quick solution is to lean against a wall or a locked door.

How to Do It:

Lean against something solid when you masturbate.

Kneeling Masturbation Techniques

6.Kneeling Masturbation Techniques

Ideal for incorporating toys, this position provides stable access to all parts of your body and is comfortable for longer sessions.

How to Do It:

  • Get your knees down or all fours down.
  • Lift one hand to stroke your penis and the other hand to prop up against the wall or chair.
  • Put a cushion under your knee if necessary.


You may think it’s crazy, but this position can definitely shock you. Basically, you will be in a plank position, with your feet higher than your head. Obviously, it requires powerful upper body strength and supreme balance.

Not only can it bring a totally new experience of sex, but it also brings a head rush. But if the dizziness makes you feel uncomfortable, please stop.

How to Do It:

  • Assume a plank position with your feet elevated on a wall.
  • Walk your legs up the wall, then raises the butt and pushes yourself closer to the wall.
  • You’re going to need one hand free to stroke.
On Your Side

8.On Your Side

Simple and relaxed, this position supports your body and leaves one hand free to use any toys or to stroke.

How to do it:

  • Propped yourself on one elbow.
  • Use the free hand to stroke your penis.
  • Play porno or music if these can turn you up.

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Easy Masturbation Hacks For Men

Many men tend to stick to familiar routines, but trying new methods can be invigorating. Remember, using a lubricant can enhance the experience, and taking your time can make the climax all the more explosive.

If you’re eager to dive deeper, The Masturbation Coaching course will bring you some innovative strokes you can try .

pressure point

1: The Pressure Point Progression

Begin at the base of your shaft, apply pressure, and work your way up to the tip, experimenting with different speeds and pressures.

2: The Continuous Slide

With one hand at the base and the other ready at the tip, slide down continuously, adding twists and changing directions to mix things up.

The Twisting Duo

3: The Twisting Duo

Stack your hands and twist in opposite directions for a unique sensation many have praised.

the-crown-polish masturbation method

4: The Crown Polish

Focus on the head with a gentle, polishing motion. Its sensitivity makes for a delightful experience.

infinite-penatration masturbation method

5: Infinite Penetration

Mimic a never-ending entry by alternating your hands in a continuous sliding motion along the shaft.

making fire

6: Making Fire

Rub your hands on either side of your member as if trying to create fire through friction, adjusting speed and pressure to your liking.

The Corkscrew masturbation position

7: The Corkscrew

Flip your dominant hand so the palm faces up, and twist off the shaft in a swift motion—a technique worth mastering.

#8: The Testicular Tantalizer

Incorporate your testicles by gently caressing, squeezing, or pulling down on the scrotum.


Masturbation should be enjoyable and a way to explore what feels good for you. These positions can add variety and maybe even a bit of excitement to your routine.  Remember, the goal is pleasure, so have fun finding out which positions work best for you.