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Beginner’s Guide to Anal Sex Toys

Talking about anal play, let alone using anal sex toys, is scary for those who have never experienced it.

People usually think of the anus as an organ for defecation, but this place where nerve endings gather is also an important place for many people to enjoy sexual pleasure.

Thousands of nerve endings surround the anus, and the sphincter controls its opening and closing. These muscles are sensitive membranes made up of many nerve endings, which can facilitate pleasure or pain during anal sex.

For those adventurous looking for different thrills, anal sex is the kind of sex accustomed to them. But for those brave sex seekers who have never had anal sex before, please read the following carefully to ensure a safe, enjoyable, and pleasurable experience.

1.Equip your brain with the right knowledge

Many times, people’s fear of anal sex stems from ignorance. The proliferation of social media has made everyone’s speech visible, which, most of the time, maybe absorbed unfiltered by many people, building their false perceptions.

For those wrong ideas or exaggerated stories, the only thing we can do is learn the right knowledge. The right knowledge can help you cope with most of the difficulties you encounter during anal sex, guide you to take the next step, and help you overcome the panic and fear in your heart.

2.Hygiene is matter

When the anus is used as a sexual organ, we must not forget that it is still part of the digestive system – the excretion of feces, so when you want to insert sexual anal toys into the anus, anal cleaning is extremely important.

You can choose alcohol-free cotton pads or baby wipes for simple wipes on the anus. Or when you plan anal sex, go to the bathroom half an hour before to empty your bowels and wash around the anus with mild soapy water.

If you want to experience more extreme anal sex, you can choose an enema. Enemas are injections of fluids used to cleanse or stimulate the emptying of your bowel.

For the best experience, take any enema an hour to two hours before anal sex. Enemas are readily available and can be found at any nearby pharmacy.

3.Know your cup of tea

There are many different types of sexual anal toys, and before you consider getting a new toy for your anus, it’s worth taking a moment to understand the differences between the different anal toys and what works and feels best for you.

Butt plugs

Anal plugs are usually teardrop-shaped or bulb-shaped, with a neck and a flat base. Anal plugs are a great existence among anal sex toys, they can stay in the body safely so that you can experience more focus on other entertainment. Anesidora’s Rose Anal Plugs is a good choice.

Butt beads

Unlike anal plugs, which stay inside, anal beads are removable. Balls of different sizes are distributed on the anal beads. Insert the balls into the anus one by one, feel the feeling of the sphincter being stretched, and then pull out the anal beads at the speed you like.

During this process, you will feel that the nerve endings on the sphincter are awakened.

Prostate massager

The vibrating anal toy is an upgraded version of the anal plug. The prostate massagers are anal toys for men. It can not only stay in your anus, but also stimulate your prostate by constantly swinging the head of the massager, bringing the ultimate enjoyment to the prostate.

The prostate massager is rechargeable and can be controlled with a remote, perfect for those who want to experience prolonged stimulation. You may want to have a look at LELO’s Hugo Prostate Massager.

anal sex toys

4.Consider the size of anal sex toys

After you’ve learned about the different kinds of anal toys, it’s time to start thinking about their size. Different sizes have different requirements for users.

For beginners, it is recommended to try the small and simple shapes, then gradually increase to large and complex shapes, step by step. This can help newbies get used to anal toys better.

5. Know the materials of anal sex toys

In addition to size, the material of sex toys is also a problem that cannot be ignored. Do not choose inferior materials for convenience or price.

An anus is a delicate place, so materials for anal toys should be as safe as possible. Silicone, glass, and stainless steel are all good sex toy materials that are non-toxic, non-porous, and hypoallergenic.

6.Apply much lubricant as you can

Lube is always a must when it comes to any anal sex toy. The anus does not self-secrete fluid to protect the inner wall like the vagina, so when you have anal sex, please apply enough lubricant on the sex toy to ensure that the anal sex toy can normally slide in and out the anus.

7.Don’t touch the anus and vagina with one toy

The anus and the vagina are two different ecosystems, each home to different types of bacteria, always in a delicate balance.

If you don’t want to bring bacteria from the anus to the vagina, don’t use anal toys as vaginal toys, and don’t touch the vagina directly with your fingers touching the anus.

8.Play safe

For newbies who are new to anal sex toys for the first time, they always want to challenge their limits, but this is not a wise choice.

Taking anal toys out for a drive or shopping is not the right choice. Prolonged squeezing and friction may cause the inner wall of the anus to become red and swollen, and even cause the inner wall to rupture, which may prevent you from using it well for a long time anus.

For newcomers, the right approach is to choose anal toys that are the right size and easy to use, then wear them for a short period, and then extend them gradually as your anus gets used to them.

Final thoughts

When masturbating, most people put more energy on the vagina or penis, and few take care of the anus. Even in sexual intercourse, anal sex is more like an appetizer or dessert. But you don’t have to submit to this view at all, you can have anal sex as a main course.

You can put the anal plug in your ass while masturbating and enjoy the feeling of the front and rear holes being filled or use a vaginal vibrator and vibrating anal sex toy to stimulate your G-spot and A(P)-spot together.

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