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4 Best Wearable Vibrators- Hands on Review

In this guide, we’ll cover 4 best wearable vibrators from Anesidora to help you better understand this type of sex toy. Whether you want a real hands-free stimulation or enjoy sex in public, they can satisfy your appetite. If you are short on time, here are brief introductions of each item.

4 Wearable Vibrators to be Reviewed

Compact Magnetic Wearable Vibrator

This Fya Wearable Vibrator  is as small and smooth as an egg. Its curved shape can well fit the private part.

The small magnet can help the vibe stay steady on your underwear and offer pleasant stimulation. It has a remote-controlled device that can provide sexual thrills in public places.

Becky - Removable Thong Vibrator for Women

Becky Vibrator has a thong itself so that you can wear the vibe cushily.

If the thong is not your type, you can replace it with your favorite one. It is removable and easy to operate.

Also, the vibrator is controlled by a remote to offer distance sex play.

Delilah - Wearable Anal Vibrator for Women

Eos Butterfly Vibrator can stay in your vagina by its bulb plug. It can stimulate your vagina and clitoris at the same time, giving you dual pleasure.

It is smooth and soft on the touch, so you don’t need to worry it will irritate your skin. Additionally, you can share your sexual happiness with your partner by giving the remote control.

Aria - Wearable Dildo Masturbator With Remote Control

Tori – Wearable G-Spot toy consists of a bullet vibe and a silicone penis cover. And the bullet vibrator is removable. You can replace it with other vibrators or put your finger into the penis cover. This wearable vibe’s dildo is longer than the last one, so it is able to touch your G-spot.

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What to Look For in a Wearable Vibrator

  1. What’s in the box
  2. Size of the vibrators and the controllers
  3. Flexibility level of the wearable vibrators with remote
  4. Power
  5. Noise level
  6. Waterproof performance of these vibrators
  7. The range of control
Best Wearable Remote-Control Test and Reviews

Fya Wearable Vibrator 

What’s in the box

When you get the parcel, inside the black box there is a wearable vibrator wrapped into a drawstring bag, a piece of instruction, a remote control, as well as a USB cable. Besides, the box is very discreet, which shows nothing on it.

What's in the box of Faya vibrator


As you can see from the vernier caliper, the Fya is no longer than 85mm, and the widest part is about 39mm, which is not much bigger than an egg. Its size can be held in one hand, which suits players who like private sex.

A robust design

And don’t worry the wearable vibrator will drop accidentally because it is stuck firmly in place by a magnet.


This wearable vibe is not as soft and flexible as an inserted vibrator, but trust me, it is worth trying.

This vibrator is made of medical-grade silicone, which is very silky and comfortable to the touch. It looks like a boat, and the rhythm of the shape can fit your clitoris well.


Just like driving on a calm lake with occasional ripples, this wearable vibration device offers a sense of comfy stimulation on your clit.

Instead of providing intense vibration, this wearable vibrator gives smooth and sustaining pleasure. It owns 9 types of vibration patterns, and each one will make you feel sexual pleasure.

Fya Wearable Vibrator 

Noise level

After we tested the noise, the vibrator measured between 47 and 60 decibels. It’s a very private vibrator that won’t wake up your neighbors.

Noise contorl of  Fya Wearable Vibrator 

Waterproof Performance

The whole body of the wearable vibrator is waterproof, so you can bring it to the bathroom or swimming pool. Enjoy your love journey no matter on the land or in the water.

But don’t let the vibration motor in water for a long time which may damage its lifespan.

Battery life

The battery requires approximately half hour of charging. This gives you 60 minutes of running time, which is enough for most women.

The Range of Control

This wearable vibrator is equipped with a remote control, so you can invite your partner to participate in your playtime.

The longest working distance of its remote device is 10 meters, which allows your partner to see your reaction clearly.

Nyx Removable Thong Vibrator

What’s in the box

This is the most featured of these 4 Best Wearable Remote-Control Test and Reviews. That’s see what is going to happen with this sex toys.

This wearable vibrating panties includes a detachable wearable vibe, a thong, a remote device, a USB cable, and a plastic bag. It also has instructions.

What's in the box of Nyx Removable Thong Vibrator


The vibrator is approximate 120mm long, and the widest part is about 44mm, a little bit longer than the Wearable Vibrator for Women with Remote Control.

This thong vibrator, as its name suggests, is equipped with a delicate lace panty. It can free your hands when masturbation and allow your hands to explore more. The thong is very stretchy and fits women of most sizes.


The silicon material is very smooth, and the thong is stretchy. If you do not want the thong, it is easy to remove it from the vibrator.


If you are a thrill seeker, this one is a perfect option. From the below videos, you can see the strength of the vibration.

This thong vibration has 9 different vibrating patterns, so there is ample space to seek your optimal clitoral rhythm.

Nyx Removable Thong Vibrator

Noise level

Minimum: 45db

Maximum: 60db

Best Wearable Remote-Control Test and Reviews

Waterproof performance

The excellent IPX 7 waterproof rating allows you to use the vibe underwater circumstances. In addition, you can safely wash it under the tap.

Battery life

The battery requires approximately one hour of charging. This gives you 60-120 minutes of playing time.

The Range of Control

This underpants vibrator can be controlled by remote control, too. So, it provides a second option to play with it. You can hand the remote device to your partner and invite your partner to participate.

The longest working distance of the remote device is 10 meters so that you can explore as much as you want within this range.

Eos Butterfly Vibrator

What’s in the box?

You will find a black drawstring bag, a vibrator, a remote control, a USB cable, and a piece of instruction in this plain black box.

unbox the Eos Butterfly Vibrator


Don’t you think this vibrator looks like an elegant ornament? The smooth and agile lines and the understated and steady colors all reveal the beauty of this vibrator.

The vibration is 126mm long and 59mm high; and the insertion penis is almost 27mm wide, which can slightly stretch the lining of the vagina


This wearable vibrator is made of body-safe silicone, very flexible and soft to the touch.

flexibility of  Eos Butterfly Vibrator


The function of this exquisite wearable vibrator is to stimulate the clitoral and the G-spot area so you can both experience strong pulsations and patterns of vibration.

Eos Butterfly Vibrator

Noise level

Minimum: 48db

Maximum: 60db

Waterproof performance

It is fully waterproof, like other wearable vibrators, so you can use it in the shower without worrying.

Battery life

It takes approximately half an hour to charge the battery, which gives you a 65-minute running time.

The range of control

The remote control allows precise control of the vibrator even when you and your partner are in two rooms.

Tori – Wearable G-Spot Vibrator

This is the only sex vibratos of these 4 best wearable remote-control test and reviews that can go deep into the vagina.

What’s in the box

In the classy box you will also find: a wearable penis vibrator, a remote control, a USB cables and a piece of instruction.

Unbox the Wearable G-Spot Vibrator


The penetration wearable vibration comprises two parts: the silicone shell and the ABS bullet vibe. The whole dildo is nearly 96 mm long and 81mm wide while the bullet vibration is about 70mm long.

the dildo head is 28 mm wide while the bullet head is about 19 mm wide. This size of this dildo vibrator suits most of the average vaginas.


The silicone shell is soft and bendable, but the tip is little hard. In contrast, the bullet vibration is firm to the touch because the inside is a vibrating motor.

The bullet can be removed from the silicone cover, so if you want to stimulate your clitoris, it also a good helper. But you might have to work a bit to get the silicone cover off.


The dildo vibe has 9 vibrating patterns, and the intensity levels range from gentle, teasing to intensive. If you or your partner cannot bear the intense level, then just stay in the low mode.

The vibration  of  Wearable G-Spot Vibrator

Noise level

Minimum: 40db

Maximum: 60db

The Noise control of  Wearable G-Spot Vibrator 1

Waterproof performance

The dildo vibrator is totally waterproof thanks to the excellent IPX7 waterproof rating. And you can only wash the silicone cover after use because it is detachable.

Battery life

The battery requires approximately one and half hours of charging. This gives you a 65-minute running time.

The range of control

The remote-control distance is 5m-10m, which is appropriate for couple to flirt in public or in private.

Now Let’s Review

1. Wearable Vibrator for Women with Remote Control – Most Discreet

  • Material: Medical Silicone
  • Size: 85mm(L)*39mm(W)
  • Mode: 9 vibration modes
  • Nosie: <50db
  • Charge: USB Cable

2. New Upgraded Removable Thong Vibrator for Women – Most Powerful

  • Material: Medical Silicone + ABS
  • Size: 120mm(l)*44mm(w)
  • Mode: 9 vibration modes
  • Nosie: <50db
  • Charge: USB Cable

3. Wearable Panty Butterfly Vibrator for Women – Most Flexible

  • Material: Medical Silicone + ABS
  • Size: 126 mm(L)*59 mm(H)
  • Mode: 9 vibration modes
  • Nosie: <45db
  • Charge: USB Cable

4. Dildo Masturbator Vibrator with Remote Control – Dual Pleasure

  • Material: Medical Silicone + ABS
  • Size: 96 mm(L)*81mm(W)
  • Mode: 9 vibration modes
  • Nosie: <60db
  • Charge: USB Cable


The above is 4 best wearable remote-control vibrator’s Test and Reviews, which one is your favorite?

Anesidora has been working hard since its inception to provide the best quality and discreet products to our customers, and we want every sex toy you take away from the Anesidora shop to be one that fits your body and soul.

The sex toy market is filled with a wide range of products, but sometimes we have a disappointing shopping experience. To create a positive shopping environment for our customers, we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 90-Day Warranty Service.

If you have any problems with your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will provide you with our full service.

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