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Bigmouth 2.0 – 3 in 1 Rose Toy


Get ready for the Bigmouth 2.0, a 3 in 1 Rose Toy designed to elevate your pleasure experiences to a whole new level. This adult toy is a dual-action delight, featuring a generously sized, mouth-shaped stimulator paired with a dynamic thrusting component, all engineered to deliver a world of varied and vibrant sensations.

  • Mouth-shaped component
  • 6 distinct thrusting modes
  • Tongue simulator with the internal satisfaction
  • Body-safe silicone

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Exquisite Oral Sensation Simulator

The mouth-shaped component of this toy is more than just a visual thrill; it boasts 9 different tongue licking modes. From soft caresses to powerful swirls, these settings are crafted to mimic the indulgent pleasure of oral stimulation, whisking you away to a state of pure bliss.

Thrusting Action for Dynamic Pleasure

Dive into the 6 distinct thrusting modes of the Rose Sex Toy. Customize your pleasure journey with gentle throbs or intense, rhythmic thrusts that cater to your every desire. This feature promises to deliver a deeply satisfying experience, designed to leave you elated and breathless.

Dual Sensations for Double the Fun

The Big Mouth Sex Toy for Women is a celebration of sensation, combining the oral-like pleasure of the tongue simulator with the internal satisfaction of a thrusting vibrator. This dual approach to pleasure ensures a comprehensive experience, catering to all your cravings in one sophisticated device.

Premium Material

Crafted from body-safe silicone, this toy is as safe as it is luxurious. The material’s velvety smooth texture ensures maximum comfort during use, while its flexibility allows the toy to move with you. The IPX7 waterproof rating means you can enjoy your Rose Toy anywhere, adding to the versatility and convenience of your pleasure sessions.  

Anesidora Blog Post

The rose toy, also known as the rose vibrator or rose vibration, is a clitoral stimulation toy that uses air pulse and pressure technology to suck on the glans head of the clitoris.

It combines sucking and vibrating functions through a suction head to deliver unparalleled stimulation and sustained orgasms.

When we talk about the rose vibrator, it is not a metaphor because it really looks like a delicate rose. The layer-on-layer carved petals, the rosy color, and the silky touch all make it deserve praise.


What is A Rose Toy? Everything You Should Know

Usually, there will be a charging cable in the package when you buy a rose toy. But if you lose the magnetic cable and don’t have a spare one around, you can buy a new one online.

Or you can search for the rose toy charger near me on google maps to save time. But there is another way to get a new charger, and that is to make it by yourself.

First of all, you need to prepare the required materials, two small magnets, an unused charging cable, a pincer plier, a pair of scissors and shrink tubing.

When reviewing and testing the rose sexual toy in this post we take into account many aspects to ensure they’re worth it, such as materials, individual customer reviews, pros and cons, orgasm rating, sound, power.

Something we can guarantee is that you’ll never see us recommend a product that hasn’t been through the works to ensure its quality and effectiveness.

Whether you’re a sex toy beginner or more of an expert, the rose toys don’t fail to help you achieve an absolute banger of orgasm in no time. So, what are you waiting for?


Since the TikTok Rose Toy phenomenon began, several variations of rose toys have popped up on the market.

A myriad of organizations now manufactures their version of this highly demanded device and distribute it under several brand names on websites, such as Amazon, Etsy, Shopify and more.

However, many fellows are unsatisfied with monotonous rose vibrators, so various rose-based vibrators have appeared.

Other than the original rose suction toys, some variations include a double head vibrator and tongue rose toy vibe or a rose toy with a stem.


If you know something about female sex toys, you must be familiar with the clitoral vibrator. This type of sex toy using air pulse technology gained many fans as soon as it appeared on the market.

Nowadays, there are various clitoral vibrators that provide a wide range of choices for women who like clitoris stimulation. But with so many clit stimulators, many newbies feel stressed about buying them.

So, in order to help beginners have a better understanding of clit vibrators, I selected two products to make a review. One is the Rose Toy, which has taken the social network by storm; the other is the Satisfyer Pro2, which holds the air pulse patent.


The reason of reviewing rose toy

However, many fellows are unsatisfied with monotonous rose vibrators, so various rose-based vibrators have appeared.

Other than the original rose clit suckers, some variations include a double-head vibrator, tongue toy vibe, or a toy with a stem.

With so many different and quirky rose sex toys, you must be curious about how to use them.

So, this article will review 3 Anesidora rose sexual toys from its softnesspower, as well as noise to help you better choose the rose toy for women. Let’s start the rose sex toy review!

rose toy review

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3 in 1 Rose Toy

Bigmouth 2.0 - 3 in 1 Rose Toy