Well, self-love is the key to happiness. Masturbation is one such act of self-love. Masturbation is the act of using hands or sex toys on your body to stimulate the areas and achieve orgasm.

When we think of pleasure, not necessary it should be all about sex, can have pleasure even during masturbation or during foreplay. Fingering is one such activity that you can perform during foreplay or masturbation to get that good feeling about your body and achieve an orgasm.

Little do people know that has a great impact on a woman’s body. There are multiple benefits of fingering. In this article, we will share the various aspects of fingering: How to Finger Yourself with a correct way and who is suitable for fingering during a wank.

What is fingering?

When you hear the word fingering, the first thing that comes to mind is the act of inserting fingers inside the vagina during sex, but the truth is fingering refers to stimulating the clitoris.

There is always a difference between inserting a finger inside the vagina and stimulating the clitoris. The idea behind fingering is to give the right amount of pleasure to the woman by not just inserting the fingers inside her vagina but stimulating the genitals in the correct way.

If proper stimulation is not done before inserting the fingers inside the vagina, it might feels painful. This is the very reason why women need external stimulation to reaching orgasm.

It should be noted that fingering is not only about vaginal pleasure, but anal fingering is also a thing to consider.

A renowned sexologist once said, “Stop pretending that the fingers are an alternative of the penis, rather the fingers should be used in a manner to stimulate the clitoris, the vaginal area, and let the woman feel the fingers on every area of her genitals.”

The vagina does not have as many nerve endings as the clitoris has. Therefore naturally, the clitoris will respond more compared to the vagina when it comes to giving maximum pleasure to women.

Some of the common types of fingering acts may include vaginal stimulation, clitoral stimulation &anal stimulation.


Now each woman is different so are their preferences. What might work for one might not work the same way for another.

Therefore, when a man is involved in the act, he should be a little experimental and find out which position or what things his woman prefers!

Women during maturation also need to experiment with their bodies and find out which one or the other method works the best for them.

How to Finger Yourself Step by Step

Foreplay is Key

Don’t start the finger play right away. Spend some time on foreplay to relax and get in the mood. This also helps to ensure that the vagina is sufficiently moist, which increases pleasure. You can achieve this through vaginal lubrication.

Focus on the Clitoris

Most women achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation, not penetration. The clitoris is the small pink button-like structure between the inner lips and is protected by the clitoral hood, a small fold of skin directly above it. Small movements are more successful than brutal rubbing on this highly sensitive area.

How to Finger Yourself  Focus on the Clitoris

Gentle Strokes

Gently stroke along the clitoris with your index and middle fingers. Draw small circles on the inner lips with the middle finger and stop just below the clitoris. After circular motion, you can almost touch the clitoris a few times or gently draw circles above the clitoris and slowly increase the pressure if you likes this feeling.

10 time Tickling


Tickle the clitoris gently with your fingers ten times.

Pulling the Clitoral Hood

Gently pull the clitoral hood a few times, starting from the clitoris.

The Clock Method   How to Finger Yourself

The Clock Method

Imagine a clock that goes from 12 to 12 of the clock. At 12 of the clock find the clitoris, at 6 of the clock find the vaginal opening. Explore each hour and find out where you like to be touched.

stimulate the vagina

The vaginal opening

Move your finger in crotch from the clitoris to the vaginal opening and back. Place your thumb and index finger on the sides of the clitoris and gently roll the clitoris between your fingers. Start slowly and increase the pace until you reach the speed that is most comfortable.

fingering inside


Once you are aroused, you can approach vaginal entrance. Place your hand on vagina, you can insert one or more fingers inside . Slide your fingers in and out of vagina while at the same time stimulating clitoris in a way – with your thumb, with the same finger you slid into vagina

Who is suitable for fingering during wank?

Practically everybody has the right to get pleasure, may it be a woman or a man. But there are certain things that need to be kept in mind during the act of fingering.

  • The vaginal area is the most sensitive area of the body and is also prone to rashes and infections. Therefore, hygiene should be a fact to be kept in mind when it comes to fingering. For example, women with long nails should not get into the act of fingering. The reason is pretty obvious, long nails can lead to unwanted pain, rashes and discomfort. In the worst case, these long nails can cause micro tears inside your vagina. One would never want to hurt oneself during the process. Therefore, women with long nails should strictly avoid fingering.
  • Women with a gynecological disorder like ruptured fallopian tube, urine infection issues or hypersensitive vagina, or any other severe conditions should not do it. Since fingering involves the act of using fingers in a considerable vigorous motion, it can trigger the existing physical condition.
  • Also, women post-delivery should avoid fingering as during this period the vaginal area is still very weak. Any wrong move can lead to severe issues. Therefore, until and unless the vaginal area has recovered fully post-delivery, a woman should not insert her fingers inside the vagina. Even during periods, women are not recommended for fingering as it can lead to infection.
  • When it comes to anal fingering, women with rectum related diseases should avoid doing it.

What are the tips for how to finger yourself?

Well, fingering is more pleasurable if done in the correct way. Let’s find out how to finger yourself the right way. Here are some tips to do the correct way:

The very first thing is to find out your G spot.

The G spot might vary from person to person, and to do this you need to put in a little more effort. Start playing with your fingers on the vaginal area and find out what makes you happy or rather what’s giving you that butterfly feeling in your stomach.

Set the mood of the room accordingly.

Since masturbation is all about you and your body and there is no other person in the room you need to be absolutely comfortable with the environment around you. Find out a private space, you can play some good romantic music or light some candles, have a glass of wine, wear some silky lingerie, or do anything that makes you happy.

The effects of fingering cannot be achieved just by using your fingers or removing them from your vaginal area.

Foreplay is a must to bring on that feeling of horniness. You can start by watching porn or listening to some sexual podcasts doubt erotica books. This will bring on to the right mood and you can concentrate on your body. While doing any of this activity, you should keep touching the various parts of your body (not only the vaginal area) about the various kinds of touch your body is responding to. You need to explore erogenous zones of the body.


Should always be used during fingering sessions as it makes the session more smooth and more pleasurable. Especially for anal fingering use of lubricants are a must. It makes the process smoother and more pleasurable.

Start by teasing and pinching the clitoris

Experiment with various motions speeds and pressures to find out which works best for you. Once the clitoris is stimulated you can start by inserting one finger inside your vaginal opening and moving the fingers into and fro motion. As your vagina starts loosening up you can insert more and continue the motion until you achieve the climax.

Last but not least, clean your hands thoroughly after fingering.

Fingers are not the only things that exists.

If you are not satisfied with pure finger sex, you can adopt a vibrator to reach a higher level of masturbation. You don’t need to jerk like crazy, which can hurt yourself, just put on a finger vibrator, insert it into your vagina or anus, and it will take care of everything for you.


To achieve maximum pleasure, you need to know the basics of how to finger and do it in the right manner. Follow the above-mentioned precautions and steps and enjoy playing with your body!


Why is it important to understand your vagina/vulva?

Understanding your vagina/vulva is important because it allows you to explore your own body and learn what feels good to you. It also helps you communicate your desires and preferences during partnered sex

Is it normal to have curiosity about solo sex and touch your own body?

Yes, it is completely normal to be curious about solo sex and to touch your own body, including your genitals. It is a natural part of exploring and understanding your body.

Is there an age that is too young to touch your own body?

There is no specific age that is too young to touch your own body, including your genitals. It is a personal and individual experience, and it is important to understand and respect your own body’s boundaries.

Can I feel shame or embarrassment about solo sex?

It is common for individuals to feel shame or embarrassment about solo sex due to societal norms or cultural beliefs. However, it is important to remember that solo sex is a normal and healthy expression of one’s own sexuality.

Why is it important to learn about solo sex before engaging in partnered sex?

Learning about solo sex and understanding your own body allows you to communicate your desires and preferences during partnered sex. It helps you develop a healthy relationship with your own body and promotes sexual health and well-being.

Where can I find information about solo sex and understanding my vagina/vulva?

You can find information about solo sex and understanding your vagina/vulva from reliable sources, such as educational websites, books, and reputable sex educators. It is important to seek information from credible sources to ensure accurate and safe knowledge.


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