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In-Depth Maintenance Guide of Sex Doll Torso

When you invest in a TPE sex doll torso, it’s not just about carefree fun; it’s about responsibility. Proper maintenance is crucial for two main reasons. Firstly, these dolls don’t come cheap, and improper care can lead to damage, translating to financial losses.

Secondly, considering the porous nature of TPE material, neglecting maintenance can result in the growth of harmful fungi and molds, posing risks to your health.

Sex Doll Torso Maintenance Plans: 5 Steps

Washing Your Sex Torso

Use warm water (not exceeding 50 degrees Celsius) to clean your doll. Opt for warm soapy water or a special cosmetic designed for TPE sex dolls. Avoid harsh chemicals, dyes, and fragrances, as these can damage the material.

A lady Washing Sex Torso doll by doll cleaner

Cleaning the Inner Holes

Proper cleanliness inside the doll is crucial to avoid issues like moisture accumulation and the growth of fungi. Use a special washer or an enema kit to clean the inner holes. Avoid pressurized water from the shower, as it can cause damage.

A lady Cleaning the Inner Holes of torso doll

Drying Your Doll

After cleaning, dry the doll thoroughly using a rod dryer or larger tampons. Avoid using excessive mechanical friction, as it may harm the material. Allow the doll to air-dry, avoiding heaters or hair dryers to prevent damage.

A women Drying inner hole of sex doll

Maintaining Skin-like Texture

TPE material mimics human skin and requires specific care. The best cosmetic for your doll is cornstarch, baby powder, or a dedicated TPE sex doll powder. Applying powder prevents moisture accumulation, preserving the doll’s surface.

peopel Maintaining sex torso doll
 by cornstarch

10 Care Tips for Your Torso Doll

Don’t Leave the Doll in a Sitting Position for Too Long

Leaving your doll in a sitting position may cause permanent deformation or cuts. For dolls with prominent features, such as large breasts, extended periods in certain positions can lead to damage. Opt for a supine position on a soft surface when taking breaks and use a pillowcase for protection.

Avoid Crushing Your Torso

TPE material mimics the human body’s feel but is susceptible to tearing or cracking under excessive pressure. Treat your doll with care, avoiding high places or edges where it might fall. Think of your doll as a partner, not just a toy.

Use Only Cornstarch or Special Powder

Cosmetics with dyes can stain the doll permanently. Opt for cornstarch or TPE doll powder to ensure longevity without any unpleasant odors.

Skip Perfumes

Perfumes can cause discoloration, staining, or even fabric melting. If you desire a specific scent, lightly spray the doll’s underwear before putting it on.

Avoid Oils or Creams for Lubrication

Lubricants containing oils or creams, safe for human skin, can harm TPE dolls. Stick to water-based lubes without flavors or dyes to ensure safe use.

Use Light-Colored Underwear

Highly pigmented colors and textured blankets can leave challenging-to-remove marks on your doll. Stick to light-colored lingerie to avoid any unwanted surprises.

Keep Your Doll Away from the Sun

Exposing your doll to high temperatures or direct sunlight can lead to material melting. Use a sunshade if you plan to play outdoors to protect your doll from damage.

Dispose of Used Dolls Properly

When it’s time to part with your doll, avoid throwing it away in one piece. Cut it into small pieces for discreet disposal to prevent any unnecessary attention.

In the end, treating your sex doll with care is essential for a lasting and fulfilling relationship. Avoiding these common mistakes will not only ensure the longevity of your intimate companion but also contribute to a safe and enjoyable experience.


Owning a TPE sex doll brings both pleasure and responsibility. Proper care and maintenance ensure a long and trouble-free experience.

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