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Lovense Tenera 2 Review

As someone always on the lookout for innovative and pleasurable sex toys, I was thrilled to get my hands on the Lovense Tenera 2. After several sessions with this intriguing device, I can confidently share my experience and thoughts with you.

What Is Lovense Tenera 2?

The Lovense Tenera 2 is an advanced clitoral stimulator designed to offer intense pleasure through customizable vibrations. This device is part of the Lovense family of high-tech sex toys, known for their app-controlled features and interactive capabilities.

The Tenera 2 is built with high-quality silicone, making it safe and comfortable to use. Its design is sleek and modern, and it promises powerful and varied stimulation, catering to different preferences and enhancing both solo and partnered play.

First Impressions and Features

Upon unboxing the Lovense Tenera 2, I was immediately impressed by its sleek design and high-quality construction. The toy felt substantial yet comfortable to hold, with a smooth silicone finish that promised a pleasant tactile experience. The Tenera 2 boasts a modern look, with intuitive controls that are easy to navigate even for first-time users.


The Lovense Tenera 2 has modern, thoughtful features, including:

  • An unparalleled app for long-distance use or developing your own patterns
  • Waterproof, body-safe materials
  • Fast motor with up to 4500 pulses per minute
  • Combination vibration and suction stimulation


Lovense Tenera 2 specifications at a glance:

  • Material: Body-safe silicone
  • Size: 72” x 2.38” x 1.67”; the nozzle is 0.89” by 0.71”
  • Color: Ombre pink and blue
  • Mechanism: Clitoral suction and vibration
  • Weight:75 ounces

My Personal Experience with the Lovense Tenera 2

The Tenera 2 is designed for both solo and partner play, and I decided to test it in both scenarios. One of the standout features is its app-controlled functionality. The Lovense app allows for customizable vibrations and patterns, which can be controlled remotely. This feature is particularly exciting for long-distance couples, as it adds an interactive element to the experience.
During use, the Tenera 2 delivered strong and varied vibrations that were highly satisfying. The app offered numerous settings, allowing me to experiment with different intensities and rhythms. The toy is also waterproof, which added a fun dimension to my playtime in the shower.

Lovense Tenera 2 Package


The Lovense Tenera 2 has a beautiful palette. Its beautiful gradient from coral pink to cloud blue evokes memories of seaside relaxation or indulging in rainbow sherbet. For those who value a visually appealing toy, the Tenera 2 is a top pick.

Lovense thoughtfully included the measurements of the clitoral suction nozzle, allowing you to determine if it will be a suitable fit before making a purchase. The thicker nozzle surrounding the suction area might make it a bit challenging to achieve a good seal compared to those with thinner, more flexible nozzles.


Crafted from soft yet durable silicone, the Tenera 2 has a silky feel that maintains enough firmness to enhance the suction sensations.


With mid-level suction strength and deep, rumbly vibrations, the Tenera 2 offers a unique experience. The initial setting is faster than many other toys, ideal for those who enjoy rapid pulsing sensations and quick successive orgasms.

The suction is less intense than some other toys, which I prefer as overly intense suction can be overwhelming. Interestingly, the Tenera 2 also vibrates, a feature not highlighted on the website or in the manual. This combination of sucking and vibrating offers a novel and enjoyable sensation.

Sound Level

The Tenera 2 can be somewhat loud when not in contact with the body. The website claims it doesn’t exceed 43 decibels (comparable to a conversation or light rain), likely when pressed against the body.
My decibel tests ranged from 50 to 56, but the noise diminishes once the nozzle is placed on the clitoris.

Build Quality and Dimensions

As with all Lovense products, the build quality of the Tenera 2 is excellent. It’s compact, fitting comfortably in hand and small enough for a purse, making it perfect for travel.
A minor issue is the motor stalling when the vibe is pressed too gently. Also, I wish the suction and vibration could be controlled separately, as I prefer stronger vibrations with lighter suction. Adjusting both simultaneously made reaching the climax more challenging.


The Tenera 2 excels in versatility. It’s waterproof, perfect for the hot tub or shower, compact with a storage bag for travel, and the app is ideal for long-distance relationships. The app also allows for creative pattern creation and can be used on other body parts like nipples.

Minor Issues I Found During Testing

When testing the Lovense Tenera 2, I noticed that if you push the nozzle close to you as you edge toward climax (a typical inclination), the air pulses can stall out, which may throw you off your game.

Alternatives to Lovense Tenera 2: Marie

As impressive as the Lovense Tenera 2 is, I couldn’t resist comparing it to another intriguing toy in the market: the Marie – Heating Sucking Clit Toy. While both toys offer distinct features, the Marie toy stands out in several remarkable ways.


Features of Marie

  • 8 Vibration Modes and 5 Sucking Modes: The Marie toy provides a variety of sensations, ensuring there’s something for every mood and preference.
  • Waterproof and Quiet: With an IPX6 rating, it’s safe for use in the bath or shower and operates at a discreet noise level of less than 50 decibels.
  • High-Quality Silicone Material: The body-safe silicone feels soft and gentle against the skin, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Special Heating Mode: This feature adds a warm sensation, mimicking body heat for a more natural feel.
  • USB Rechargeable: Provides up to 46 minutes of playtime on a full charge, and takes about 180 minutes to recharge completely.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Handle: Weighing only 164 grams, it’s easy to maneuver and use.

My Experience with Marie

When I first used the Marie toy, I was struck by its unique suction modes. The combination of vibration and suction provided an intensely pleasurable experience that differed significantly from the vibrations of the Tenera 2. The heating mode was a delightful addition, adding a warmth that felt incredibly natural and enhanced the overall sensation.

Marie’s quiet operation was another highlight. I appreciated being able to use it discreetly, even in a shared living space. The waterproof feature allowed for versatile use in various settings, adding to its appeal. The toy’s lightweight design made it easy to handle, and the soft silicone material felt luxurious against my skin.

Where to Buy the Marie Sucking Clit Toy?

Grab your app-controlled clitoral suction stimulator here.


While the Lovense Tenera 2 offers impressive app-controlled versatility and powerful vibrations, the Marie brings something uniquely pleasurable to the table. The combination of vibration, suction, and heating modes, along with its quiet and waterproof design, makes Marie a standout choice for anyone looking to enhance their intimate moments.

If I had to recommend one, especially for those seeking a more diverse and innovative experience, the Marie toy would be my top pick. Its features are not only user-friendly but also provide a depth of sensation that is hard to match. Whether you’re new to sex toys or a seasoned user, the Marie is definitely worth adding to your collection.

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