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Womanizer Premium Review

In the world of sexual wellness, innovation knows no limits. It’s all about constantly coming up with new ideas to meet people’s desires. Womanizer is a brand that’s all about this. They’re always looking for fresh ways to make their products better, setting new standards with their cutting-edge technology. That’s why the Womanizer Premium is so popular with fans of pleasure toys. Even those who usually stick to what they know are curious to give it a try.

Despite being around for over five years, the Womanizer Premium is still a hit on social media. So, what’s the secret to its success? If you’re new to the world of pleasure toys, this article will help you understand what makes this one special.

What is the Womanizer Premium?

The Womanizer Premium is a clitoral stimulator that stimulates the clitoris with pleasure air technology. In other words, it stimulates the clitoris without actually touching it.

The Womanizer Premium boasts a sleek, ergonomic design crafted from plush silicone, ensuring both comfort and style. But its allure lies deeper within its functionalities.

Womanizer Premium

Pioneering Pleasure Air Technology

The Womanizer Premium harnesses Pleasure Air Technology, a groundbreaking approach to clitoral stimulation. Unlike conventional vibrators, it tantalizes the clitoris without direct contact, offering a unique and intense sensation.

Introducing Autopilot and Smart Silence

Two innovative features elevate the Womanizer Premium to new heights: Autopilot and Smart Silence. Autopilot grants users the freedom to relinquish control, allowing the toy to surprise and delight with varying intensities.

Meanwhile, Smart Silence ensures discretion, activating only upon contact with the clitoris, perfect for clandestine indulgence.

12 Intensity Levels

With 12 intensity suction modes, you can just lie back and let the toy surprise you. Whether you prefer soft and gentle, powerful and intense, or something in between, you can tailor your experience effortlessly.

User-Friendly Design

The shape of the Womanizer Premium is ergonomic, so it can be easily held in the hand and fit the vulva. Every detail is meticulously crafted to enhance your pleasure journey. The minimalist design makes it not only easy to use, but also easy to clean. You don’t need to worry about it will become a petri dish.

How to Use the Womanizer Premium?

To activate your Womanizer Premium, hold down the power button for 2 seconds. If you’re using it on your clitoris, gently separate your labia so your clitoris is easily accessible. Then position the cup-shaped head over your clitoris, aiming to have the tip nestled inside the hollow cup.

Womanizer Premium Review

Ensuring a snug seal is key for optimal performance. If the fit doesn’t feel right, you can try the alternative head included in the package.

The buttons on the Womanizer Premium, from top to bottom, are: Increase, Decrease, Autopilot, and Power.

Charging typically takes around 2 hours, providing up to 4 hours of playtime on a full charge. A nifty feature of the Womanizer Premium is its battery indicator, which displays the current status when turned on. Three LED lights illuminated at the base indicate a full charge, two lights signify halfway, and one light means the battery is nearly depleted.

To charge, simply connect the USB charging cable to the two metal pins located at the base of the toy, then plug it into your computer or a USB wall adapter. While charging, the LED lights will flash.

Anesidora Night Rose—A Great Alternative You Should Try

rose sucking vibration

The Womanizer Premium is a fantastic sexual toy, but its price can be a hurdle for some. However, if you’re keen on trying out air pulse technology without splurging on a high-end brand, there are plenty of alternatives out there.

One such option is the Anesidora Clitoral Sucking Rose. Like the Premium, it uses air suction technology, but it sports a more discreet design that blends functionality with style. It’s not just a pleasure device; it’s also a tasteful addition to your bedside table.

Made from medical-grade silicone, the Night Rose Clitoral Sucking Rose guarantees safety with its non-toxic, odorless materials. Its soft, skin-friendly texture ensures a comfortable experience every time.

This toy offers a range of exploration options, with 9 intense suction and vibration modes to cater to different preferences. Plus, it boasts 8 light modes to set the mood for your intimate moments.

While it may lack the Smart Silence feature, the Night Rose keeps noise levels below 55 decibels, ensuring a distraction-free experience. And being waterproof, it seamlessly transitions between dry and wet environments.

With a sturdy ABS protective shell and a transparent cover, the Night Rose not only safeguards the silicone material but also keeps dust and bacteria at bay.

Best of all, the Night Rose comes at a fraction of the price of the Womanizer Premium, retailing for less than $40. This makes it accessible to a wider audience of pleasure seekers who want to indulge in technology-driven delights.

Where to Buy the Clitoral Sucking Rose?

To learn more about the Night Rose and take advantage of a 30% discount, click on the website link. Happy shopping!


For those who may be unsure about making the investment, there are alternative options like the Anesidora Clitoral Sucking Rose. It offers a more budget-friendly way to experience air pulse technology without sacrificing quality or sensation.

Ultimately, whether you choose the Womanizer Premium or explore other options, the path to heightened pleasure and satisfaction is accessible to everyone.

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