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Lelo Loki Wave Review

As we delve deeper into the world of sex toys, we get to know them a little better. Today, we’re testing out the “world’s most powerful prostate massager.” That’s a pretty bold claim from Lelo, and it certainly caught my attention. So today, let’s see if the Lelo Loki Wave lives up to the hype.

How The Lelo Loki Stimulates the Prostate

The Lelo Loki Wave redefines what a prostate massager can do. Any Lelo toy with “Wave” in the name features a special come-hither motion. It actually moves up and down, and it’s quite noticeable. One funny thing to note is that if you have it in and you want to use this function, make sure to hold the handle. Otherwise, the handle will move up and down, waving goodbye to anyone who might be watching.

This toy offers more than just vibration; it provides a good amount of friction to tickle your prostate, which has been a game-changer for me.

The perineum stimulation is another highlight. Imagine inserting the toy and having the perineum end rest between your anus and penis, offering deep stimulation that radiates throughout your body. With different settings, you can get the perineum motor going, making the experience more varied and less monotonous.

What’s also impressive is that on each setting, you can change the power level by holding the plus or minus buttons. The max power output is quite high, and even if the wave function drains the battery faster, the pleasure it provides is worth it.

Lelo Loki Wave

Pros and Cons


  1. The come-hither motion provides excellent prostate pressure without requiring manual effort.
  2. Enjoy a combination of strong prostate vibrations and pressure in a single toy.
  3. You can maneuver the handle to direct the pressure and vibrations precisely where you want them.
  4. The vibrations increase in small, incremental steps across the entire power range, avoiding sudden jumps.
  5. The bulbous head offers a satisfying, filling sensation, while the tapered tip ensures easy insertion and more focused stimulation.
  6. Waterproof design allows for use in the shower and simplifies cleaning.


  1. The size might be a bit large for beginners in prostate play.
  2. This is not a hands-free toy; you will need to hold the handle or make occasional adjustments. It can be used semi-hands-free to some extent.
  3. For those seeking maximum vibration power, the Lelo Loki Wave may not offer strong vibrations.
  4. the “come hither” motion consumes a bit more charge

Lelo Loki Wave vs. Original Loki

The Loki Wave retains the sleek and curved design of the original but adds a secondary arm that stimulates the perineum, offering dual stimulation. The head and shaft are similar to the original Loki. The Loki Wave is the first model that has a base completely covered in silicone.

Lelo Loki Wave

The Loki Wave has a more advanced control interface with five vibration patterns and the unique Wave Motion technology, which creates a “come-hither” motion, mimicking the movement of a finger.

However, the buttons don’t have that nice tactile feel of the original Loki. When the toy is up your ass, it’s a little harder to determine exactly where the + and -, and up and down buttons are. I suggest that the user get a feel for their positions before they try it out for the first time.

Lelo Loki Wave vs. Anesidora Conquer

Loki Wave is perfect for most people, with its innovative “come hither” motion and powerful vibration frequency, which can meet most people’s needs for sex toys. However, if you already know Loki Wave well, why not try another prostate toy that can bring you the ultimate enjoyment?

That’s right. Next, we are going to introduce another prostate sex toy – Conquer.

Conquer is born for those who seek different pleasures. It has 10 different vibration modes and allows you to control these vibrations remotely, which adds extra stimulation for couples and makes the experience more interactive and enjoyable.

One of the standout features of the Conquer Backcourt Prostate Tickler is its distinctive angled form. This design is specifically crafted to target and stimulate the male G-spot. The compact size, coupled with the added tilt, ensures that the stimulation is both intense and pleasurable. Additionally, the inclined shape makes it easy to insert, which is especially beneficial for beginners.

Pros and Cons


  1. The 10 distinct patterns cater to a wide range of preferences and enhance the overall experience.
  2. The angled design specifically targets the prostate, providing intense and pleasurable sensations.
  3. The inclined shape and compact size make it easy to use, especially for those new to anal play.
  4. The device is easy to clean and maintain, thanks to its waterproof feature.


  1. While the compact size is beneficial for beginners, those seeking a more substantial presence might find it less satisfying.

Comparison with Lelo Loki Wave

Design: The Conquer offers a unique angled form for targeted prostate stimulation, whereas the Lelo Loki Wave features a dual-motor design that provides simultaneous prostate and perineum stimulation. This makes the Lelo Loki Wave more versatile in terms of stimulation points.

Vibration Patterns: Both devices offer multiple vibration patterns, but the Conquer’s 10 distinct patterns provide a wider range of sensations compared to the Lelo Loki Wave’s more limited options.

Ease of Use: The Conquer’s compact size and inclined shape make it more beginner-friendly than the Lelo Loki Wave, which might be more suitable for experienced users due to its larger size and dual stimulation feature.

Material and Build: Both products are made from high-quality silicone, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience. However, the Lelo Loki Wave’s dual-motor design might offer a more intense experience for those seeking powerful stimulation.

Price: Typically, the Conquer Backcourt Prostate Tickler is more affordable than the Lelo Loki Wave, making it a great entry-level option for those new to prostate play.


The Conquer Backcourt Prostate Tickler is a standout choice for anyone looking to explore prostate stimulation. Its beginner-friendly design, versatile vibration patterns, and high-quality material make it a reliable and enjoyable option.

While it might not offer the dual stimulation feature of the Lelo Loki Wave, its unique advantages and affordability make it a worthy consideration for those starting their journey into anal play.

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