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LELO F1S V3 Review

When it comes to male masturbators, the market is filled with a wide array of options, each promising unique features and unparalleled satisfaction. We have already done many reviews on different brands of male masturbators.

Although we have reviewed and tested so many amazing male sex devices, today we are going to meet another two standout products: the LELO F1S V3 and the Leten Future Pro. Both of these devices come with their own set of features and innovations, catering to different needs and preferences.

I’m going to share my personal experience after reviewing both masturbators for a week, so if you’re interested in either or both, let’s begin the journey.

What Is LELO F1S V3?

The LELO F1S V3 is an advanced male pleasure device designed by the luxury brand LELO. This third-generation model features cutting-edge technology for a more immersive and satisfying experience. It includes powerful dual motors, customizable settings, and app connectivity for personalized control.

You can use the app to try out the AI interactive mode, which features a performance sensor that provides real-time encrypted feedback based on your movements. When the AI receives this information, it synchronizes the intensity and motion, creating a truly unique and personalized experience.

My Experience with the LELO F1S V3

First, let’s start with the LELO F1S V3, a premium stroker from a fancy brand.

Initial Impressions

When I first received the LELO F1S V3, the sleek and sophisticated packaging immediately caught my eye. It felt like unboxing a high-end gadget, which built up my anticipation.

Inside, the device had a modern, minimalist design that exuded elegance and quality. The matte black finish with red accents made it look stylish and discreet.


The LELO F1S V3 features a cylindrical shape that fits comfortably in hand. The exterior is made of dark black aluminum alloy, providing a premium feel. The control panel is intuitively placed and easy to navigate, allowing for seamless adjustments during use.

Inside the case is a soft and textured silicone sleeve. It has a unique shape that closes towards the middle and opens up again towards the end. This special shape with eye-catching color will provide an incredible sensual experience.

Ease of Use

Getting started with the LELO F1S V3 was a breeze. The device is compatible with the LELO app, which allows me to customize my experience right from my smartphone.

Syncing the device with the app was seamless, and the interface was user-friendly, guiding me through the various features and settings. The quick-start guide was helpful, providing clear instructions for first-time use.


When it comes to quality, LELO doesn’t disappoint. The F1S V3 is built like a tank but feels like silk. Every part of it, from the silicone sleeve to the internal mechanics, screams high-end.

It’s not heavy, but it does have some weight to it, which pairs well with the small variety of textures on the exterior of the toy. It’s not whisper-quiet, but it won’t disturb your roommate next door.


Now, let’s talk performance. It exceeded my expectations with this toy overall. The dual motors create these incredible sonic waves that provide a deep, resonant sensation. The app’s customizable patterns allowed me to find what worked for me, making each session feel new and exciting. But the AI mode isn’t great. It didn’t offer any game-changing vibrations, so I wouldn’t count the AI as the main reason to pick this one up.

However, the silicone is way too thick, stiff, and tight, which makes it hard to through over, and no amount of lube would make it pleasurable.


This toy has an app that you can connect to the device with. The app is fairly simple, but it allows you to control speeds, intensities, and patterns while monitoring temperature and pressure. It also gives you access to the “AI” mode, but I wasn’t impressed by it. When I tried the AI setting, it didn’t change throughout the experience—it was just one speed and intensity, and it didn’t get stronger or faster at any point.

LELO F1S V3 app control review


The LELO F1S V3 is one of the easiest toys you’ll ever find in terms of maintenance. It’s made of nonporous material, which means that bacteria aren’t able to hide inside the pores of the sleeve.

To clean, simply wash out once with water, clean using soap, then wash away any remaining soap. Leave the toy to dry before storing it away. Although it doesn’t come with a designated storage box, the original packaging provided will work just fine.


The LELO F1S V3 is priced at nearly $200, which is by no means a cheap toy. But for buyers who don’t care about the price-performance ratio, it is worth trying. Although Lelo is the leading professional brand in the field of sex toys, The LELO F1S V3 is not the only choice in the field of masturbators. If you’re interested in this type of sex toy, there are many better options on the market.

Dual motors and sonic wave stimulation offer a fresh, intense experience.

Customizable controls and personalized patterns enhance the user experience.

Luxurious feel and durable construction.

The detachable sleeve simplifies maintenance.
The sleeve feels too tight for some guys to use comfortably.

A higher price point reflects a premium build and features.

Comparing LELO F1S V3 to Leten Future Pro

Leten Future Pro Heating & Voice Interaction Masturbation Cup

Classic and Durable Exterior

Unlike the luxurious LELO F1S V3, the Leten Future Pro has a more playful design. It looks like a cool man toy that is both stylish and advanced.

The Leten Future Pro features a classic and attractive black-and-white color scheme. Its exterior is made from durable ABS plastic, providing a comfortable grip. The concave design in the middle of the device prevents it from slipping, ensuring the user experience.

Enhanced Functionality

The most notable aspect of the Leten Future Pro is its functionality. It offers a wider range of vibration modes compared to the LELO F1S V3, delivering a richer experience. With ten speed modes, you can easily switch speeds to match your mood and preferences. The control panel is straightforward, allowing you to adjust the different vibration modes effortlessly.

Customizable Internal Pressure

The electric airbag feature of the Leten Future Pro lets you fine-tune the internal pressure to your liking. Different from the difficult-to-insert LELO F1S V3, it can offer a more flexible experience. This customization ensures the sensation is just right for you, enhancing the overall experience.

Realistic Heating Function

Additionally, the Leten Future Pro comes with a built-in heating function that warms the sleeve to a realistic temperature, increasing comfort and realism for a more pleasurable experience.

Convenient Sleeve Drying Function

A thoughtful feature of the Leten Future Pro is the sleeve drying function, which ensures the device is always ready for your next adventure. This eliminates the hassle of waiting for the sleeve to dry naturally and reduces the risk of bacterial growth from inadequate drying.

Enhanced Auditory Experience

To make your sexual experience more realistic, the Leten Future Pro includes three different moan sounds (one in Chinese and two in Japanese) to stimulate your auditory senses and enhance the erotic atmosphere. You don’t have to worry about inadvertently sharing this joy with others, as earphones are required to enjoy this intimate moment.

It Offers ten adjustable speed modes for a personalized experience.

The electric airbag provides a more flexible and comfortable experience.

Built-in heating warms the sleeve to a realistic temperature, enhancing comfort and realism.

The sleeve drying function keeps the device ready for use and reduces the risk of bacterial growth.
The moan sounds are only available in Chinese and Japanese.

Only can be controlled by buttons, without Bluetooth control.

Final Thoughts

After thoroughly testing both the LELO F1S V3 and the Leten Future Pro, it’s clear that each device brings its unique strengths to the table. However, the LELO F1S V3’s price and tight sleeve could be a deterrent for some beginners.

On the other hand, the Leten Future Pro offers a more versatile and budget-friendly option. Its wider range of vibration modes, customizable internal pressure, and realistic heating function provide a rich and comfortable experience.

Ultimately, the choice between these two devices will depend on your personal preferences and budget. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to enhance your solo sessions with either of these standout products.

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