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Analingus – How to Give a Great Rim Job

The butt is a part of our body, but we always associate it with shame. We teach children not to touch or scratch this place because we think it is dirty. This long-standing bad concept of the anus leads us to disown our butthole. However, although we insist that the anus is a part of the excretory system, it has the second most nerve endings in the body after the clitoris, which means it is super sensitive and can provide a huge possibility for pleasure if you stimulate this place.

Explore anal pleasure is not shameful but a pleasurable thing. So today we will go into the analingus topic and figure out what it is and how to do it.

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What Is the Analingus?

The analingus is also called rimming, butt eating, and tossing salad, which is an oral stimulation of the anus. It consists of licking, sucking, kissing, etc., the area of the anal opening.

For those who don’t know about riming, it may sound uncomfortable and disgusting, but I assure you that if you handle it properly, rimming is a safe and enjoyable experience.

What Does Analingus Feel Like?

It’s a bit hard to describe how the analigus feels since everyone has different responses to it. Fortunately, there are some couples who are willing to share their experience of rimming job generously.

A girl named Marie told Elite Daily that she and her girlfriend thought that analingus is a new and exciting experience, but also a little bit dirty, in a sex way.

“[Analingus] felt really amazing, especially when he moans occasionally when doing it as I can feel the vibration. It’s even better after a hard spanking, and he’s softly kissing all of the skin that’s red.” said u/99celsius on Reddit.

How to Give a Great Rim Job ?


Everything starts with a conversation. Your love relationship, your first sex, and also your first analingus. Talking before acting can show respect for your partner. I bet your partner won’t feel pleasure if you lick her butthole without prior notice. Plus, a complete discussion can help you better understand your partner’s special hobbies and sweep away the obstacle of analingus.

Set a Date

It isn’t about superstition but about giving you and your partner enough time to prepare everything. You can have rich time to learn about riming and butt eating. In addition, you can create the analingus day recipes. Avoid eating anything that will make you feel gassy or bloated.

It may take longer to prepare for those new to analingus.

Wash and Shave

A clean butt can make you have a better experience. The good news is that you don’t have to do a full douche or enema before eating ass since rimming only involves the external part of the anus.

All you need to do is wash the external anal area with some gentle soap and warm water.If you have bushy hair in that place, please shave the hair because the hair can hide bacteria, which can make you sick and can make the area more sensitive to touch.

Use a Dental Dam If Necessary

If you and your partner are fluid bonded, you can perform the rimming without any barrier. Otherwise, you need a dental dam. A dental dam is a thin piece of latex that you can place between the anus and your mouth.

A lady Use a Dental Dam for a rim job

This can also be handy for couples who are fluid bonded but are worried about the taste or the smell for the giving of rimming, or about the transfer of any bacteria from the anus.Alternatively, you can use a condom that you can cut in half along its length.

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Apply Generous Lube

When playing analingus, never forget to apply lube on the area because 1) it can’t produce fluid; 2) the saliva will make the area dry faster.You can choose some food-grade water-based silicone or oil silicone to keep this area wet.

Actual Technique: Taking It Slow

Eating the ass too quickly only makes your partner’s butt tighter, and you can’t feel the pleasure of rimming. So, first of all, get slow.

A lady showing Actual Technique of Analingus  Taking It Slow

Lightly Blow

Begin by gently blowing air around the anus. This can provide a sense of the smell and comfort level.

Vary the Rhythm

Gradually increase the intensity and speed of your movements. Use your tongue to explore different sensations and areas.


Pay close attention to your partner’s body language and encourage open communication. Ask for feedback to ensure they are comfortable and enjoying the experience.

A lady showing Actual Technique of Analingus by tongue

Diverse Stimulation

Remember that the area around the anus is sensitive. Use your lips and tongue to kiss and tease the thighs and surrounding areas before focusing directly on the anus.

Make circles with your tongue, lick it like ice cream, and play with the entire booty. Really get your hands on it. Spank it. Shake it! Once the receiver is warmed up and ready for more, you can go deeper into the rim job.

4 Rimming Sex Positions

Doggy-Style  rim job

The Doggy-Style Delight

Get Her in Position: Have her kneel on all fours, resembling the posture of a playful puppy. You can kneel behind her, which will expose her anus to you, making it accessible and enticing.

The Chair of Ecstasy rim job

The Chair of Ecstasy

Lean In: Ask her to lean forward on a sturdy chair or table for added support.Bend

Those Knees: While leaning, have her bend her knees, placing her booty at your face level. This positioning not only adds comfort but also makes it easier for you to explore.

Bedside Bliss Analingus position

Bedside Bliss

Edge of the Bed: Position her on her back, allowing her legs to dangle off the edge of the bed. Have her pull her knees toward her chest, creating an inviting angle for exploration.

The Fetal Analingus Position

The Fetal Position

Side by Side: Have her lie on her side with her booty on the edge of the bed. Encourage her to pull her knees as close as possible to her chest, opening up a world of pleasure for you both.

Do Women Like Analingus?

It is true that many women are obsessed with the act of having their anus licked because the area around the anus is rich in nerves and is the second largest source of sexual pleasure after the clitoris. So it’s no wonder why so many women like analingus, even if it’s their first time trying it.

However, some women like analingus while others do not, which is normal. If you’re a cisgender male or lesbian and want to bring this trick into your bedroom, you should have a conversation with your partner first.

Can You Get Sick From Analingus?

The truth is, yes, you can get sick from analigus. The intimacy of getting up in there brings with it the potential for cozying up to the viruses, bacteria, and parasites that can reside in the rectum. Thankfully, there are simple and effective ways to lessen that risk so you can relax, enjoy and stay healthy.  

Tanginika Cuascud, clinical sexologist and sexual health educator, said that doesn’t make rimming any dirtier than the myriad ways we come into contact with germs in our daily lives.

“It’s important to keep in mind that these infections are also passed on when people don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom, and these pathogens come into contact with food,” she said.

Keeping Your Anal Area Clean

Nobody would like to lick the anus with feces on there, unless scat is your thing. So cleaning the anus is a very very important preparation. To make sure there is no risk at all, you can use a dental dam, which will protect you against sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Pay Attention to Your Mouth Hygiene

Riming job is not merely about anus, but also your oral hygiene. As we all know, the mouth is not only exposed to microorganisms and bacteria from the outside world and food, but also if you have a bad stomach, it will react in the mouth.

So the cleanliness of the mouth can also affect the health of the receiver’s anus.No one wants to kiss someone who doesn’t brush their teeth.

Talk It Out

We tend to shy away from pointing out the negative things about each other in intimate relationships, but this might lead to worse results. Therefore, you need to be bold to say what you think about analingus. If you are not ready to give or receive toss salad, please say it initially. You can also ask your partner if they have any special quirks in their activities.

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Final Thoughts

Analingus is fantastic foreplay to butt penetration. It is a perfect way to add some variety to your sex life. So what are you waiting for? Pris the butt and kiss it.

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