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Sexual Taboos Explained!

Sexuality is a complex and multifaceted aspect of human life, often shrouded in secrecy and whispered about behind closed doors. In a society where open conversations about sex fantasies are still somewhat taboo, and often avoided in mainstream conversations, exploring the realm of sexual taboos becomes a fascinating journey.

What Are Considered Sexual Taboos?

Taboos are widely present in various cultures and societies, representing the opposition or avoidance of something by social groups based on various factors. In certain cultures, specific sexual taboos may be subject to legal restrictions. In contrast, in other cultures, although not legally constrained, they still face societal moral criticism.

For conservative individuals, anything beyond conventional male-female sexual behavior is deemed abnormal and taboo. However, for others, their boundaries for sexual taboos are much broader. For instance, while most people consider BDSM a sexual taboo, for some, it is considered normal.

These differing perspectives stem from distinct moral judgments, religious beliefs, and cultural norms. Although breaking taboo fantasies may be unsettling, it can also be an exhilarating exploration.

Let’s delve into the realm of sex taboo and uncover 12 different sexual taboo stories.

12 Different Sexual Taboo Stories

#1 Oral Sex

Oral sex is considered a part of sexual activity, at least by many people, especially men. Almost 99.9% of men enjoy receiving oral sex from their partners.

However, the experience of oral sex is not always as positive for women, and some may find it uncomfortable. Certain women are concerned about the smell and color of their partner’s genitals, while others worry about size. These factors can act as obstacles for women when engaging in oral sex.

use 69 position for oral sex

Additionally, many women may feel apprehensive about receiving oral sex because they wonder if their partner is doing it out of obligation or expecting something in return.

For women to fully enjoy pleasurable oral sex, it’s essential to overcome these concerns. In reality, many men are more than willing to provide oral sex to their partners.

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#2 Anal Sex

In the past decade, anal sex was merely a sexual fantasy, but now it has become one of the most searched sexual topics on Google.

Traditionally, sex was perceived for procreation rather than pleasure, with even religious doctrine advising abstinence. However, with sexual liberation, people have started exploring sexual activities beyond reproduction.

Anal sex has now made its way onto the agenda.

For those who cannot accept anal sex, the anus is seen as an excretory organ, not meant for penetration. Some individuals associate anal sex solely with gay and believe it should not extend to other demographics.

However, statistical data indicates that around 20% of women have engaged in anal sex, and this number continues to grow. Up to 60% of men admit they would be willing to try it with opposite-sex partners if given the opportunity.

#3 Sex Toys

When the traditional in-and-out routine becomes too monotonous, things can start to get boring. Sexual toys are tools that can help spice up your sex life.

using a couple sextoy during sex

In the past, sexual toys were considered daring and only used by the more adventurous. Now, numerous studies indicate a steady growth in the market share of sexual toys, projected to reach 80.7 billion by 2030. This suggests that an increasing number of people are incorporating sexual toys into their experiences—a positive trend.

While in the past, you had to visit a discreet adult store to enhance your bedroom experience, nowadays, all you have to do is Google it.

#4 Sexual Dysfunction

If there’s one thing that men often use to define themselves, it’s their reproductive ability. However, when issues arise in this aspect, things can get quite awkward. This not only affects the individual but also has implications for both partners in a relationship.

Sexual dysfunction is not a rare condition, yet it’s seldom brought up in casual conversations. it is quite common, but men often hesitate to discuss it, even in private.

Sexual dysfunction can take both physiological and psychological forms, and sometimes, it’s challenging to determine which one is causing the issue. However, once you identify the root cause of sexual dysfunction, most cases are easily treatable.

#5 Promiscuous Encounters or Single-Night Liaisons

Previously, only individuals with loose morals or sexually active men were known to participate in single-night liaisons. In an era when societal norms tightly constrained such behavior, one-night stands and casual sex were deemed immoral.

It involved two individuals mutually agreeing to engage in sexual activity purely for mutual pleasure, without any preconceived notions about the future.

In the past, one-night stands often concluded with one person doing walk of shame while the other getting a high five. Now, things have undergone a significant shift. Most people engage in casual sex with the intention of enjoying the moment rather than seeking a committed relationship. However, for some, this may still be a sensitive topic in the realm of sexuality.

#6 Pornography

Still remember the first time you watched porn? Perhaps sneaking into your room behind your parents’ backs, eagerly opening the computer, or discreetly slipping into that naughty locked room in the hidden corner of the video store?

Not only did you have to be 18 to enter, but you also had to keep a clear head to avoid getting caught.

97% of men admit to watching porn at least once or twice a week, with some even inviting their partners to join in. Nowadays, watching porn is no longer a taboo, and there are plenty of porn websites for you to explore.

#7 Threesomes and Group Sex

Undeniably, many people desire and have even experienced the delights of a threesome, but in a society primarily built on monogamous relationships, this remains a taboo topic.

Generally, men seem more accepting of threesomes, and the configuration of female-male-female tends to pique their interest. After all, for some, the idea of two women focusing on them provides a sense of accomplishment.

People participating in group activities or threesomes can belong to any gender or sexual orientation. Group encounters typically occur at private sex parties or semi-public swinger gatherings.

#8 Cuckolding

In the realm of sexuality, there is an expectation for men to take a dominant role. However, some men prefer watching other men in dominant positions rather than assuming control themselves. This inclination is popular in the BDSM community, where domination, submission, and humiliation often overlap.

Some individuals, due to some private reasons, may avoid engaging in sexual intercourse with their partners. As a result, they may evolve to find relaxation in watching their partners involved with someone else. Additionally, some people derive pleasure from breaking taboos, and going against societal values and morals may be an exhilarating experience.

Reports from adult content websites suggest that content featuring individuals “wearing the cuckold’s horns” is among the most searched categories. Nonetheless, it’s difficult to gauge the actual number of individuals who privately engage in this practice.

#9 Period Sex

Almost every woman has been advised to be cautious about hygiene and safety during menstruation, with suggestions to avoid sexual activity during this time (which is mentioned multiple times in the Bible).

However, in reality, some people find that engaging in sexual intercourse during menstruation can alleviate cramps, reduce headaches, and even shorten the duration of the period. Some individuals may even discover it to be more pleasurable than at other times of the month.

However, just because a woman is menstruating doesn’t mean the risk of pregnancy is zero. Additionally, without the use of condoms, there’s still a risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections.

#10 Watersports

This is also known as urolagnia, piss play or golden showers. As the name suggests, it involves sexual play with urine. While urine itself is not a taboo, combining it with sexual pleasure becomes a somewhat controversial sexual taboo.

Some individuals engage in watersports as part of BDSM, where one partner is submissive, and the other is dominant. Therefore, the dominant partner often urinates on the submissive partner.

This particular fetish and sexual taboo are more common than one might think. In fact, it’s prevalent enough that some people organize “watersports parties” for those interested in exploring it. Some individuals enjoy being urinated on, and there are even those who have a preference for consuming it.

For those interested in golden showers, there are numerous online communities available. In fact, on the FetLife, there are 25,000 members in watersports-related groups

#11 Voyeurism and exhibitionism

Voyeurism refers to the arousal someone experiences by watching another person or people nude and/or engaging in sexual activities.

Initially described as a paraphilic disorder, where the desire involves an unknowing victim and interferes with the voyeur’s ability to establish relationships and achieve sexual satisfaction outside of voyeurism, it has evolved to also encompass excitement derived from watching any provocative, sexual, or scandalous scenes.

Exhibitionism involves a person becoming excited by exposing their behavior to another individual or a group of people.

Both watching and performing play a role in many people’s taboo sexual activities. Whether someone is indulging in solo sexual activities, engaging in sexual relations with a partner, or participating in threesomes or group activities, this holds true.

#12 Pegging

The phrase “pegging” was first introduced in 2001 by Dan Savage, a columnist known for his sex advice, and it describes a sexual situation where a woman employs a strap-on dildo to engage in anal penetration with her male partner.

Pegging is enjoyed by many because it offers a pleasurable experience for the male. The nerve-dense prostate gland can be stimulated through anal penetration, potentially leading to a more intense orgasm known as a prostate orgasm.

two lady use strapless dildo for pegging position

For the woman, pegging can also be a source of pleasure. The base of the strap-on dildo can create stimulation against her pubic area or clitoris, resulting in a rocking motion reminiscent of dry humping, often associated with the experience of a first orgasm.

Furthermore, pegging challenges traditional gender roles, where the male is typically the penetrator. This reversal of roles has the potential to be emotionally fulfilling for both partners involved.

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In the realm of BDSM play, pegging is a common element. The dominant partner may use pegging to assert power over the submissive, but it’s essential to note that this doesn’t necessarily imply a shift in the man’s role towards submission.


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