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Áine – Male Vibrating Sleeve Stimulate Penis & Testicles & Perineum


The Male Vibrating Sleeve, a groundbreaking sex toy designed to stimulate your penis, testicles, and perineum simultaneously. Crafted from ultra-soft body-safe silicone, this innovative device perfectly adapts to the natural shape of your intimate areas.

  • Glans Stimulation
  • Testicle Sensation
  • Perineum Teasing
  • Powerful 2 Motors & 9 Vibrations
  • 4 Flexible Wings Suit for All Size Penis


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Delight in Every Touch

The Male Vibrating Sleeve offers a range of tantalizing sensations to ignite your senses. Its unique design allows for versatile pleasure possibilities. Here’s how you can unlock the ultimate pleasure experience:

Glans Stimulation:

Hold the front vibration section of the sleeve against your glans for intense stimulation. Feel the vibrations reverberate through your most sensitive areas, leading you to ecstatic heights of pleasure.

Testicle Sensation:

Gently place the tail of the sleeve against your testicles and let it work its magic. The additional stimulation will send waves of pleasure coursing through your entire body, enhancing your overall experience.

Perineum Teasing:

As you move the sex toy up and down, bend the end tongue to stimulate your perineum. This erogenous zone, often overlooked, holds immense pleasure potential. Explore new realms of ecstasy as the Male Vibrating Sleeve targets this sensitive area.

Perfect Fit for Every Size

We understand that every man is unique, and pleasure should be personalized. The ergonomic design of the Male Vibrating Sleeve ensures a perfect fit, regardless of the size or shape of your penis. Its four flexible wings wrap snugly around your shaft, creating a comfortable and secure experience. The inside textured ribs massage your shaft with every stroke, intensifying pleasure and driving you to the edge of bliss.

Customizable Vibrations

. Allow the soft and gentle modes to set the mood and enhance your hardness. The mid-level modes are perfect for training, enabling you to build stamina and prolong your performance in the bedroom. Finally, when you’re ready for the ultimate release, engage the strongest modes and surrender to sensational climax.    

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Frequently Asked Questions

A penis sleeve is a type of hollow penile support device that’s worn over your penis during sex. It’s designed to make penetrative sex easier for men with erectile dysfunction (ED) and to make sex more pleasurable for both partners.

Penis enhancers, also known as girth sleeves, are intentionally larger and usually include built-in penis extensions designed to add extra length and girth for a more intense sexual experience. Penish sheaths cover the entire penis, including the glans (the tip of your penis), and are typically marketed for their ability to enhance your penis’s length and/or girth.

Penis sleeves can increase the length and girth of your penis, enhance the pleasure of sex, help with certain forms of sexual dysfunction like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, and reduce sensation during sex to allow you to last longer.

Penis sleeves don’t actually do anything to enhance the flow of blood to your penis or treat ED from a physiological standpoint. They can provide a different type of sensation from penetrative sex without any toys or aides, which may be an advantage for some and an annoyance or distraction for others. Additionally, while wearing a penis sleeve for extra length or girth can be fun, it’s important not to let the boost in penis size make you feel insecure or anxious when you have sex without the sleeve.

Penis sleeves vary significantly in price, with inexpensive options sold online and in sex stores for anywhere from $10 to $50, while higher-quality silicone penis sleeves may cost several hundred dollars. As prices increase, penis sleeves generally become more realistic and comfortable

Question and Answer


Áine - Male Vibrating Sleeve Stimulate Penis & Testicles & Perineum

Áine - Male Vibrating Sleeve Stimulate Penis & Testicles & Perineum