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Apollo – Climber Masturbator For Male Automatic 2 in 1


Apollo – Climber Masturbator For Male Automatic 2 in 1 is the latest addition to the list of high-tech masturbators that promises to provide you with the ultimate pleasure experience.

  • Medical TPE Skin-Friendly Material
  • USB Charging
  • Automatic 2 in 1 Suction and Thrusting Mode
  • Seven Vibration Modes


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The Apollo – Climber Masturbator

Masturbators have become an essential part of every man’s life, offering a realistic and satisfying experience. The Apollo – Climber Masturbator takes it to the next level by providing you with an automatic  suction and thrusting mode along with seven vibration modes, making it an ultimate pleasure machine for men.

Features of climber masutbator

Automatic 2 in 1 Suction and Thrusting Mode

Climber Masturbator offers an automatic 2 in 1 suction and thrusting mode, which simulates the feeling of real intercourse. The device has five different suction and thrusting modes, allowing you to choose the intensity of your pleasure.

Seven Vibration Modes

seven different vibration modes that can be used simultaneously with the suction and thrusting modes, offering a complete pleasure package.

USB Charging

Climber Masturbator comes with a USB charging cable, allowing you to charge it conveniently. You can plug it into your laptop, power bank, or any USB port, making it easy to charge.

Medical TPE Skin-Friendly Material

made of medical TPE skin-friendly material, which is soft, flexible, and skin-friendly. It ensures that you have a comfortable and safe experience.

Removable Suction Cup

The device has a removable suction cup that can be attached or detached easily. The suction cup provides a firm grip on any flat surface, enabling hands-free pleasure.

Perfect Size

Compact and portable, making it easy to carry wherever you go. It is the perfect size for a comfortable grip and fits snugly in your hand.

How to Use a Climber Masturbator

  • Charge the device using the USB cable provided.
  • Apply water-based lube to the device and your penis
  • Choose your desired suction and thrusting mode and vibration mode.
  • Insert your penis into the device and switch it on.
  • Hold the device firmly and move it up and down or let the suction cup do the work.
  • Enjoy the ultimate pleasure experience!

How to Clean a Climber Masturbator

Cleaning the Apollo – Climber Masturbator is essential to maintain hygiene and ensure a longer life span. Here are the steps to clean it:
  • Remove the suction cup and rinse it with warm water.
  • Rinse the device with warm water and apply a mild soap solution.
  • Rinse it thoroughly with warm water to remove any soap residue.
  • Pat dry the device and suction cup
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, masturbation can have physiological benefits such as reducing stress and pain, improving immune system function, and reducing the risk of prostate cancer in men. It can also improve sexual performance and maintain nitric oxide levels.

No, there is no evidence that masturbation causes health problems. In fact, it is a safe and healthy activity.

No, masturbation does not affect fertility. In fact, it can improve the quality of sperm in men

Yes, it is completely normal to masturbate. Surveys show that a large percentage of both men and women have masturbated at some point in their life.

While some people may become dependent on masturbation as a coping mechanism, it is not considered an addiction in the same way as drug or alcohol addiction.

If someone uses the same technique to masturbate every time, it may lead to decreased sexual arousal or performance when it comes to real-life sexual experiences. It’s important to mix up the technique to prevent this.

Yes, it is completely normal and healthy for both men and women to masturbate in a relationship.

No, this is a myth and there is no scientific evidence to support it.

Yes, masturbation releases the hormone prolactin which is linked to sleep, so it can help you feel tired and get a good night’s sleep.

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Climber Masturbator

Apollo - Climber Masturbator For Male Automatic 2 in 1