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Kegel Ball

What is Kegel ball?

Kegel ball is also known as vaginal dumbbell, pelvic floor rehabilitation trainer, etc. It is designed according to women’s vagina and pelvic floor muscles, used to exercise women’s vaginal muscles, can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and reproductive organ function recovery, and has the function of preventing women’s pelvic floor dysfunction.

Who can use Kegel Ball?

Kegel ball is suitable for people with conditions such as post-pregnancy and delivery, married, vaginal laxity and pelvic floor muscle weakness. Long-term use of Kegel ball for pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation helps to improve the muscle strength of pelvic floor muscle and make the private parts tighter.

The function of Kagel Ball

Kegel balls can not only shape the pelvic floor, but they are also famous for enhancing sexual pleasure and improving the quality of sex life, so much so that they are also known as orgasm balls, pleasure seekers, love preservation balls, etc.


How to use Kegel ball correctly?

It is recommended to choose the same size Kegel ball for the first time. Keep changing the size of the ball with the effectiveness of the rehabilitation training. When using for the first time, please clean the vaginal dumbbell first. Use cool boiled water or lubricant to increase lubrication before each use.

Two ways to provide sexual pleasure and improve sexual life quality:

  • While you are lying in bed, place the Kegel ball into your vagina and begin squeezing your pelvic muscles. As arousal and masturbation increase, begin to explore your body. You can use other sucking vibrating toys at the same time during this process, rubbing around the clitoris and vaginal opening.
  •  If you want to increase sensitivity during vaginal intercourse, a Kegel ball is the perfect warm-up toy. You can place it inside you before your date as the first part of an intense foreplay session. The longer the ball, the more arousal it will give you. Expert tip Make sure you pull the ball out before you slide it in with your partner or any other toy.

When used for pelvic floor rehabilitation:

  • Choose a supine position and use the lightest size 1 ball. Gently push the ball into the vagina, leaving the silicone cord attached to the end of the ball outside the body so that the ball can be removed from the vagina after subsequent training.
  • Insert the end of the ball about 1-2cm from the vaginal opening and contract the pelvic floor muscles and you should feel the ball rise. After the body has adapted to the Kegel ball, you can stand up to perform the exercise.
  • Stand with your feet crossed shoulder-width apart. If the ball cannot be clamped in the standing state, you should continue to choose the supine position for training. If the sphere does not fall out in the standing position, you can practice by walking, climbing stairs, coughing and jumping in sequence after 2~3 days. When jumping, you can clip the sphere without falling out, and after a period of time, change to No.2 ball, and so on.
  • Some Kegel spheres are not single, but double, and should be inserted slowly and evenly when using them. Once the rope is in place, carefully start inserting the second ball into the vagina. If your balls have cords that are removable, it should hang from the outside of your vagina to make sure they don’t accidentally get stuck inside your vagina.

What are some specific training methods for Kegel ball exercises?

  • Endurance training: 10 seconds per contraction, 5 seconds of relaxation, 10-20 repetitions.
  • Speed training: 2 seconds per contraction, 2 seconds of relaxation, 10-20 repetitions.
  • Relaxation training: Use the #1 ball for training. First tighten the pelvic floor muscles with maximum force for 2 seconds, then slowly relax the pelvic floor muscles until you feel the ball is about to come out of the vaginal opening. Repeat 10-20 times.

    What if I can’t hold the pelvic floor for 10 seconds?

    As with any exercise, gradual progression is recommended. When contracting the pelvic floor, it is recommended to hold the contraction for as many seconds as you can. For example, 8 seconds, or 6 seconds, etc. If you feel tired, you can stop training. This is because training in a state of muscle fatigue does not always give good results.

    How long can I feel the effect of training?

    If you train 2~3 times a day, you can usually feel the therapeutic effect after 2 weeks, and it is recommended to stick to it for 12 weeks. Try to make Kegel exercise as a healthy lifestyle and exercise routinely.

How to clean and keep Kegel balls

It is vital to keep your sex toys clean. If not cleaned and stored properly, they can introduce bacteria into your vagina, which can lead to infections. When you are done using Kegel balls you should.

  • 1.use warm water with antibacterial soap or a special toy cleaning solution to clean them thoroughly is recommended.
  • 2.dry them with a clean towel or choose to air dry them naturally for an hour or two to ensure they are completely dry before storing them.
  • 3.After drying, store them in a ventilated and airy bag.

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    August 23, 2022 at 10:12 pm

    […] Weak pelvic floor muscles might make it harder to delay ejaculation. Pelvic floor exercises (Kegel exercises) can help strengthen these muscles. (If you are a woman and want to Pelvic floor exercise, click Kegel Ball.) […]

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