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A Beginner’s Guide to Nipple Suckers

Stimulation of nipples can arouse the sensory cortex in the brain and, in turn, arouse the genitals. Studies show that about 1 percent of women can get orgasm through teasing, sucking, and licking their nipples. So, it’s worthwhile to spend some extra attention on them during foreplay and sex; using nipple toys is an informed way to make your sexual play more entertaining and intense.

When it comes to nipple toys, nipple clamps are probably the first toy that jumps into your mind. Thanks to BDSM and Fifty Shades of Grey, they are well-known to many people. But apart from nipple clamps, it’s hard to name other nipple toys for people who have rarely or never set foot in this secret garden.

What Are Nipple Suckers

Nipple suckers, also known as nipple pumps, are designed to create a gentle vacuum around the tits. This stimulates blood flow, increasing responsiveness and enhancing stimulation.

They mimic the sensation of a gentle suction, causing the nipples to become engorged and sensitive. Rest assured, it’s not as painful as you might expect; it’s just a subtle tug that can make it feel like someone is actually sucking on your nipples.

How to Use Nipple Suckers?

While using nipple toy is not a tough job, you’ll get a much better experience if you’re willing to spend some extra time learning it.

Choose the Suckers

There are a variety of nipple pumps, so your top priority is to choose a pair of suitable pumps from those hundreds of sex toys. This requires a commitment of time and energy, but you will find yourself getting to know them better in the process.

put nipple toys on the breast after squeeze

Lube Up

Lubrication cannot be omitted when using sex toys. Put a little bit of lube along the rim of the suckers to help create a tighter seal.

put nipple toys on the breast after  lubrication

Squeeze the Bulb

Slip the suckers over your nipples and squeeze the bulbs to create a vacuum. Start with a light suction and increase it gradually as desired.

Wait for a Few Minutes

When your nipples are pulling up in the suckers, you can lie back and allow the toys to do the rest. Wait for a few minutes and release the seal and remove the suckers.

Tugging or Twisting

After your nipples become pert and sensitive, you can tug or twist them in the foreplay or sex to get a super-sensitive experience.

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Is It Safe to Use Them?

Nipple toys are a straightforward device to enhance your sexual pleasure. They have no complicated in-built system, and the only on/off “button” is your finger, which allows for precise control over the level of suction. Some nipple pumps are powered by electricity, but the vibrations are mostly under a comfy zone, not too strong and too rushed.

In addition, most nipple toys are made of soft materials, mostly body-safe silicone, so the chance of irritation and allergies is not easy.
In a word, nipple suckers are safe sex toys.

Do They Cause Pain?

While tits suckers are safe toys, they may cause pain if you use them wrong or with too firm squeezes. Some people may feel it is uncomfortable when they first use the suckers. It is normal since our nipples are full of nerve endings.

Apart from the abundant nerve endings, everyone’s awareness of pain will cause different responses to the tit lickers. If pumping hurts, try to lower the suction slightly or extend the time between each pumping.

Wearing suckers too long may make the nipples red and swollen, so it is recommended to use them no more than 15 minutes at a time, no more than three times a week. When you get used to the existence of the nipple suckers, you can gradually extend the use time.

If you find any unwell during use, please stop using them immediately and consult a professional if necessary.

What’s the Feeling of Using Nipple Suckers?

You will be surprised your nipples could stretch so far! Your nipples will become red and engorged, and more sensitive. Even one or two days after use, they still are more sensitive.

Which Nipple Toys Should You Buy?

Angle – Long Nipple Suckers

Angle – Long Nipple Suckers

These ANESIDOORA Angle tit lickers are perfect for kinky play. They are longer than average , and this means there’s much more space to elongate your nipples. If you think it’s not easy to twist the top, ask your partner for help. And the more you twist, the more they suck.


Lovehoney Perfect Pair  nipple toy

Lovehoney Perfect Pair 

Lovehoney‘s Perfect Pair Silicone tit lickers are super cheap and super easy to use. They are a kind of beginner-level of nipple toy that allows noobs to start quickly. Though they are at a low price, they are made of soft and non-toxic silicone that won’t irritate your skin. The light and squishy nipple suckers can stay on your breast and give you hands-free stimulation.


Erato – Double Sucking Device

Erato – Double Sucking Device

If you think the small tit toys are too tiny to squeeze, this sucking device may solve your problem. It connects the two suckers with one tube, and you just need to squeeze the only pump to stimulate your nipples. This really saves time a lot. The device has two separate valves, and you can stimulate the nipples through different pressures by adjusting the valves.  



Using tit toys can have a lot of fun. They can be used in foreplay to arouse your body or during sex to enhance the sensation.

Nipple suckers don’t belong to any certain sex, so whatever your gender is, as long as you have nipples, you can use the nipple suckers to explore your breast and get more fun.

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