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How to Boost Your Libido?

Libido (or sex drive) varies from one person to another. It may also depend on the lifestyle and preferences of a person. The libido may get affected by hormonal composition, medications, relationship issues, and lifestyle.

While it is not the same for every person, certain ways and methods hold in which one can increase libido and sexual desire. These methods include changing dietary and lifestyle choices and patterns, using aphrodisiacs, and eliminating stress from life, among others.

Today we will discuss how to increase your sex drive.

What is libido?

The term libido symbolizes a person’s desire for sexual activity or sexual drive.

The WHO (World Health Organization) states that the sexual health of a person is their present state of emotional, physical, mental, and social well-being about their sexuality.

Physicians find libido and sexual health important indicators of quality of life and general well-being. Libido is your sexual desire and may impact the happiness quotient of your married and/or personal life.

What may drop your libido?

From lifestyle patterns to chronic diseases and to stress levels, libido may be impacted adversely in a variety of scenarios. A drop or drop in libido may occur due to factors and reasons including:

  • Problems in relationships.
  • Medical conditions related to sexual health (such as vaginal dryness or erectile dysfunction).
  • Depression, anxiety, and stress (psychological and mental health issues).
  • Childbirth and pregnancy (because of the hormonal changes that occur in these conditions).
  • Reduced levels of certain hormones due to aging (as in the case of menopause in women or aging in men).
  • As a side effect of medications, such as side effects of antidepressants and medicines for treating high blood pressure.
  • Excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Use of contraception pills/patches/implants.
  • Chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, cancer, or heart disease.

Now, we know what may drop your libido. So, how to boost your libido?

How to boost your libido?

As stated, there are measures to improve the libido and enhance sexual desire. You can follow many of these measures to improve your sexual desire and live a happier and more satisfying life. An improvement in your sexual health will also impact your relationships positively.

The important and proven methods to increase libido are listed below.

1.Try to eat some healthy food

A balanced diet has all the nutrients to support physical and mental well-being and sexual drive.

However, certain healthy foods have been found to increase sexual drive and libido exponentially when consumed regularly over a period.

Some of these libido-improving foods are listed below:

Walnuts: the dry fruit can improve the vitality, shape, and quality of sperm. Apart from improving libido, walnuts are also beneficial in improving fertility.

Raspberries/Strawberries: the berries contain zinc that has benefits for the human sex drive. Zinc has a beneficial impact on the male sex hormone testosterone.

In females, zinc can boost sexual desire by preparing the body better for sex.

Avocados: the fruit is rich in Vitamin B6 and Folic Acid, substances and nutrients that impact libido positively. The former makes the hormonal composition stable, while the latter boosts energy.

Almonds: the substance Arginine found in almonds can relax the body cells and eliminate stress. It also improves and optimizes blood circulation. Almonds also contain amino acids that provide for sustained erection.

Olive oil: the extra virgin variety of olive oil can improve the circulation of blood in all parts of the human body (including the reproductive organs).

The oil can increase libido and sexual desire due to its antioxidants and Omega fats that are good for the heart.

How to Boost Your Libido?

Broccoli: Broccoli is an easily available vegetable that is good for human health and libido. It contains a substance called Indole 3 Carbinol, which regulates the level of estrogen in the body and promotes sexual health. Broccoli consumption provides for better sexual health (especially in men).

Non-vegetarian food sources: non-vegetarian food sources, including red meat, lobster, and crab, contain a high amount of zinc.

As stated, zinc can be good for sexual health and improve sexual desire when consumed in moderate amounts.

However, overconsumption of meat and other non-vegetarian foods should be avoided as they may have certain adverse effects as well when consumed regularly in large amounts.

Apart from the above listed, about How to Boost Your Libido also can get from foods and beverages include eggs, watermelon, chocolate, peaches, steak, saffron, and coffee.

2.Red Wine is a good aphrodisiac

Substances that increase libido, sexual behavior, sexual pleasure, and sex drive are called aphrodisiacs. These may include certain spices, plants, herbs, and chemicals/synthetic substances.

Red Wine is a proven aphrodisiac with benefits for sexual health and desire. Regular consumption of moderate amounts of Wine has been found to improve libido.

The beneficial effects of red Wine may be due to the effect of the substance “resveratrol” found in it. Resveratrol has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This substance is not found in white Wine.

3.Boost your self-confidence

When life is overly busy and stressful, it can cause a loss of confidence and even diseases. However, when you take care of yourself better and improve your dietary and lifestyle choices for better sexual health, it has a beneficial effect on your libido.

Improving your self-image will help you stay confident with your spouse/partner as well. Regular exercise (4 to 5 hours a week) can release endorphins in the body, a substance that facilitates the release of sexual hormones.

4.Have plenty of sleep

Research reveals that quality sleep improves physical, mental, and sexual health and boosts libido. 7 to 9 hours of sleep is a must for adults when they want to remain healthy.

Reduced sleep (and sleep-related conditions such as insomnia) can cause diseases related to sexual health (including erectile dysfunction and loss of libido).

Adequate sleep ensures that the body releases hormones, including prolactin and oxytocin, that induce relaxation.

These hormones also promote pleasant and positive feelings. Sleep can also reduce the level of hormones called cortisol (known to cause stress).

How to Boost Your Libido?

5.Try to maintain your work-life balance

Excessive workloads can cause stress. People may also compromise on important lifestyle aspects like exercise and consume junk food more often by prioritizing only work.

Creating a better work-life balance can ensure that you get enough time for yourself and conduct activities that improve your health and libido. It will also reduce stress and improve sexual health.

6.Include sex toys in your sex life

Sex toys (including vibrators) can stimulate the reproductive organs and improve sexual desire and libido. There are also sex toys available that can be friendly for your partner. Using such toys can enhance sexual intercourse-related pleasure.

Sex toys are available both online and offline and help you hold on to your interest in sex, thereby enhancing your sexual desire.

7.Try to consider medical treatments

As stated, low sexual drive and loss of libido can be caused due to many different reasons. The actual medical treatment of the condition will depend on the underlying cause of the condition. Some of the medicinal therapies used for treating sexual diseases like libido loss are listed below.

HRT (Hormonal Replacement Therapy): for menopause.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) or Antidepressants: for depression and other mental issues.

Alternative to Contraception medicines: replacement of the contraception aids with other suitable treatment procedures,

Sexual medical conditions (such as erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness): Suitable medications depending on the condition.

Relationship issues: Relationship counseling.

The above is about how to boost your libido. If you want to find more methods to enhance your libido, this article may do some help.


Sexual desire and libido are important for happiness and satisfaction with life. There are a variety of steps and methods that can be followed to improve libido.

Many of these methods (such as dietary and lifestyle changes) can be followed by you at home itself. You may also seek professional and medical help for treating the chronic and grave issues associated with libido.

How to boost your libido wasn’t a problem, as long as you find the right way. You’ll find “How to boost your libido” it’s so easy.

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