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9 High Quality Cheap Dildos Start at $16

A cheap dildo doesn’t mean it can’t provide you with sexual pleasure and orgasms as an expensive one does. Conversely, they can satisfy both your desire and your wallet. Plus, buying a budget fake penis is a sensible option when you first step into the dildo world.For those who are looking for excellent and affordable toys, this listing can do to help.

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Realistic Small Dildo 4 Inch

Dinky – Realistic Small Dildo

Starting with a small dildo is a sensible choice for beginners. A small-sized dildo may sound not appealing to women who always enjoy big sizes, but it still can provide as much fun in safe ranges. If you’re looking for a small and lifelike dildo, look no further than this dildo.  

Dinky is one of the best small dildos in the market with high quality and cheap price. It measures about 4.33 inches long and 1.1 inches wide, making it a veritable small dildo. Despite its compact size, that doesn’t mean Dinky skimps on any details that make it perfect. It has a luscious mushroom head, veined shaft, and lifelike wrinkles, not to mention that it is made of flexible and skin-friendly silicone.


Features / Pros Cons
Flexible & Skin-friendly Material Too small for some girls
Lifelike design, complete with glans, testicles
100% waterproof
Lifelike details
Flared base for security in anal play
Made of 100% silicone

Affordable Black Dildo : Bantam – TPE 5 Inch

Another small and budget dildo for novices. At 3.53 inches in insertable length and 0.9 inches in width, this black dildo is a good option for timid girls to dabble in the world of dildos. Plus, black is probably a safer choice for someone not in the flavor of flesh tone.

Thanks to its strong suction cup, it can be secured to any flat surface. The suction cup base is suitable for bathtub or shower play. Consider grabbing one during your shower time; you will get a fleshy, sensual experience.

The Bantam is an excellent dildo, but one thing you should pay attention to is that it is made of TPE. It is a commonly used material and safe enough for most people. But if you are allergic to this material, you know what to do.


Features / Pros Cons
Great starter dildo for beginners Made of TPE
3.6 insertable inch shaft, 0.9” wide shaft
Realistic shaping and details
Soft & Phliable Material
2″ Suction cup base
Beginner-friendly size
Powerful suction cup

Discount Big Dildo : Doto – 12 Inch Realistic

Doto can provide real thrills because of its exaggerated 12-inch length and 9.45-inch insertable shaft. This giant dildo has a lifelike glans, veined shaft, and squashy balls, and all these realistic features make it provide unique lifelike experiences.

A real test of big dildo to showing its strong suction cup and lifelike testicles and glan

Not only does it excel at its length, but it also has an exaggerated perimeter. With 7.08 inches in diameter, it can fill up the vagina nicely for maximum sexual pleasure. If you are thinking about buying a big dildo, this one is definitely a great option.  

Price: 46.99

Features / Pros Cons
Realistic Feel It could be too big for some people.
Exquisite Craftsmanship
Medical-Grade Silicone
Discreet Packaging
The lifelike design provides authentic experiences.
Body-friendly silicone
Suction cup ensures hands-free fun.

Cheap Anal Dildo : Anesidora Tripple

This dildo kit has three different lengths to cater to all levels of experience. These dildos range from 5 inches to 7 inches and with different girths, making them great tools for anal training. With a flared suction base, you don’t need to worry it will slip into your rectum.  

Made of soft and odorless silicone, this makes them reliable for providing a comfortable and enjoyable stimulation experience. The bendable shaft can be bent to different angles the way you want, bringing new sensory experiences.

Price: 19.99

Features / Pros Cons
Body-safe silicone & Skin friendly Easy to get dusty.
Huge & Powerful Suction Cup
Waterproof and Easy to Clean
Three available sizes for different needs.
Made of silicone, smooth and flexible.
Realistic details.
Waterproof and easy to clean.

Suction Cup Dildo for Cheap : Anesidora Beginner’s 5 Inch

I can’t say it’s the best, but this beautiful and inexpensive dildo is sure to give you both visual and sensory enjoyment. The soft and flexible TPE dildo has a realistic texture with pumped veins on the shaft, a natural penis head, and a mild coronal ridge. It doesn’t have a staggering length, but its 5.3-inch insertable length also allows beginners to get the ultimate sexual experience.

The suction cup can attach to any surface as long as they are smooth and flat. It’s a great idea to take it into your bathtub to enjoy hands-free and pleasure masturbation.

Price: 19.99

Features / Pros Cons
Safe PVC Made from TPE
Insertable 5.3 inch, with 1.37 inch girth
Strong suction cup base
Made from TPE
Waterproof & Easy to Clean
Lifelike detailing
Strong suction cup
Small Clear Jelly Dildo 5 Inch

Low Price Strap-on Dildo : Levi – Clear Jelly

If you intend to explore pegging or butt play, preparing a strap-on dildo can make things go smoothly. Anesidora Levi is your perfect option if you first step into pegging. This small semi-clear dildo features a realistic design with a veined shaft, a penis-like head, and squeezable balls.

detail look of clear jelly dildo ,with lifelike vein and suction cup

This lovely dildo has a suction cup base that offers hands-free pleasure. The harness-compatible bottom also means you can pair it with any harness as long as it has a 1.5″ diameter O-ring for intense pegging play. 

Price: 19.99

Features / Pros Cons
Comfortable 5.3 inches, with 3.6 inches of insertable length Size might be small, Made of TPE jelly, not easy to clean.
Strong suction cup base
Made from TPE
Waterproof & Easy Clean
Realistic detailing.
A strong suction cup base.
Compatible with harness
Realistic Double Penetration Dildo With Suction Cup

Affordable Double Dildo : Gemini – Double Penetration

If you are past the beginner stage and ready for more, you’ll find that chasing down interesting sex toys seems like a sense of purpose.

Speaking of exciting sex toys, you can’t leave Gemini out. This kinky dildo (or dildos?) has two-sized shafts that can work for the vagina and anus separately. Its two thick realistic-looking shafts will give you deep intense stimulation and the feeling of complete fulness. You can also enjoy the suction cup for a hands-free ride.

detail look of Gemini – Double Penetration dildo  ,with lifelike vein and suction cup

Considering that it is made of PVC, which is safe-body and non-toxic but is porous, it’s recommended to use it with condoms.

Price: 39.99

Features / Pros Cons
Strong Suction Base for Hands-Free Fun Made of PVC
Skin-Friendly Material for Lifelike Sensations
Flexible and Bendable for Your Desires
Take Your Pleasure Anywhere with Waterproof Design
Two thick-sized shafts for more advanced players
Soft and flexible
Suction cup

Cheap Vibrating Dildo : Azure – Thrusting & Vibrating

If you’re looking for an elegant and nonintimidating dildo, check out the Azure thrusting vibrating dildo. This vibrating dildo features all the details that other realistic dildos have: lifelike head and raised veins, but in a more pastel and subtle color.

Despite its beautiful exterior, Azure also has a refined interior. It boats 10 vibrating and thrusting modes, allowing you to explore different sensations. The 8.9″ rumbly dildo features an impressive 4″ insertable length, rendering it perfect for deep penetration fans. And the firm and long enough handle makes the operation easier.

This is a great startup vibrating dildo for those who both care about functionality and aesthetics.  

Price: 39.99

Features / Pros Cons
Operates on (2) AA batteries Operates on batteries.
Sleek and slender design
7.52 ounces
10 vibrating and thrusting modes
Body Safe Silicone
Elegant design
10 vibrating and thrusting modes
Body Safe Silicone
Easy to operate.
Ejaculating Dildo 9 Inch Squirting Cum Sex Toy

Cheap Squirting Dildo : Big O – Ejaculating 9 Inch

Are you looking for a toy that can mimic a cum experience and give you an intense orgasm? The ejaculating dildo could be the answer to your needs! It’s made of PVC, a safe but porous material, that is why it is budget. Though the material is not so fancy, you can still acquire sensual experiences. The toy is a reasonably large size at 9.44 inches in length and 1.96 inches in width, making it one of the biggest and cheapest dildos on the market here.  

squeeze the ball of squirting dildo and spray water

The Big-O has a squeeze pump connected by a soft tube where you can fill water or any liquid you like in the pump to make fake cum. The pump lets you shoot cum in little bursts or long blasts, depending on how you squeeze it.

Price: 39.99

Features / Pros Cons
Lifelike Squirting Dildo: 9.44″ length, 1.96″ diameter, 7.08″ insertable length PVC is not the best material.
Materials: Made of PVC
Strong Suction Cup Base
Discreet Package
Realistic detailing with a rounded head and veiny texture
Perfect for girth and depth play fans

Tips for Choosing a Cheap Dildo

While cheap dildos allow people to experience different fun of sex as well as save money, it doesn’t mean you can’t pick and choose. You still need to pay attention when buying a dildo, whether it is expensive or cheap. Here are some tips to help you choose an affordable and safe dildo.

Choose Body-Safe Material

There are thousands of sex toys in the market that are made of different materials. These materials can be broadly classified into two categories: soft materials and hard materials.

Most dildos are made of soft materials like silicone; some are made of stainless steel and borosilicate glass. They are very safe since they are hygienic and easy to clean. So if you want to have a physically safe and fun sex experience, you can choose a dildo made of these materials.

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What Function Do You Need

The more functions a dildo has, the more expensive it will be. Hence, you need to think carefully about what kind of dildo you need before buying. A dildo with a vibration or thrusting function can stimulate the vagina or anus harder and achieve orgasm faster. Moreover, multiple-function dildos can offer a more fantastic way to explore the border of your body.

However, that doesn’t mean a plain, non-vibrating dildo can’t offer you pleasure. Actually, a regular dildo is a perfect starter for beginners. You can manipulate it at your own pace and gradually establish a closed relationship with your dildo.

So, no matter what kind of dildo you like, a fancy one or acheapregular one, it all depends on the situation. Don’t be led by the nose by consumerism.

Reputable Brand

If you think it is tough to find a trustily affordable dildo on your own, then focus your eyesight on credible sex toy brands, such as Lovehoney, Adam &Eve, Anesidora, and so on. Those sex toy brands can not only offer quality products, but also provide perfect after-sale service.


Dildo prices span from 10$ to 100$, encompassing a broad spectrum that accommodates all budgets. While a seasoned collector may find a 50$ dildo reasonably priced, a newcomer might consider it too costly. Therefore, individuals’ perceptions of affordability vary, leading to diverse budgetary constraints. Ultimately, the quality of the product aligns with the amount paid.

Final Words

The dildos I have compiled are budget-friendly yet remain of high quality and long-lasting. While there may be cheaper options available, opting for the absolute affordable dildos often means settling for jelly or rubber materials that contain harmful chemicals and have subpar construction.

Therefore, when selecting a dildo, it is important to consider not just the price but also the overall quality. Now that we have covered the essentials of choosing a reliable and reasonably priced dildo, finding a suitable option for beginners becomes a simpler task.

Now use what you’ve learned to explore the wonderland of dildos.

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