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7 Best Glass Butt Plugs to Buy in 2024

Have you ever thought about incorporating glass butt plugs into your intimate moments? These exquisite pleasure items offer a unique experience that blends elegance, functionality, and luxury. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the world of anal sex toys to help you understand them better. So, get comfortable and prepare to explore the fascinating realm of glass butt plugs!

Why Do Many People Like Glass Anal Toy?

Glass is often seen as heavy and fragile, which might make it seem less practical than silicone or other materials for sex toys. So, what makes glass anal toys so popular?


When it comes to sex toys, safety and hygiene are top priorities. Glass butt plugs are made from high-quality borosilicate glass, known for its durability and resistance to breaking. Unlike other materials, glass is non-porous, meaning it doesn’t absorb bacteria or odors. This makes glass easy to clean and very hygienic.

Compatible with all lubes

Due to its excellent nature, glass is compatible with any + all types of lubricants. Whether you prefer water-based, silicone-based, oil-based lubricants, or hybrid lube, you can safely use them with a glass plug.

To learn more about the different types of lube & find out which one might be right for you and your toys, check out our Lube 101 guide!

Temperature responsive

Like stainless steel toys, glass toys are also a great option for thrill temperature play. They can be easily warmed or cooled to enhance your anal play. The glass that these toys are made of is excellent at sustaining extreme temperatures and is pretty resistant to thermal shock when heated, so you won’t have to worry about shattering your glass sex toys! However, avoid putting it in the freezer as it might stick to your skin.


Glass sex toys are known for their elegant and captivating appearance, setting them apart from other materials. The transparency of glass creates a visually stimulating experience. When light interacts with the smooth surface of a glass toy, it produces beautiful reflections and refractions, adding an artistic touch to your sensual journey.

Super Easy to Clean

Due to its non-porous nature, glass sex toys are the way easy to clean. No need to buy a toy-specific cleaner – to sanitize a glass sex toy, simply submerge it in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes and it’ll be good to go!

Are Glass Butt Plugs Safe?

Glass sex toys are made from borosilicate glass, which is more shatter-resistant and temperature-resistant than ordinary glass, making them safer and more durable. However, borosilicate glass can still crack or chip if it collides with a hard surface like marble or concrete. If you notice any damage, stop using the toy immediately and replace it.

How to Use a Glass Butt Plug?

It is not an easy task for novices to put a butt plug into an untapped anus. But as long as you follow the blew tips, it’s not insurmountable.

Pick up a butt plug

As an old saying goes: “Good tools are prerequisites to the successful execution of a job.” An appropriate size of the butt plug can make you do more with less. If you have never tried butt plugs, then start with a small size. A small butt plug can help you establish self-confidence and go further.

Lubricate your plug

Generously apply lubricant to the plug and your anus to ensure a smooth and comfortable insertion.

Listening to Your Body

Pay close attention to your body’s signals. Proceed at a pace that feels comfortable and pleasurable for you. If you experience any discomfort or pain, pause and reassess. Never force the plug or push beyond your limits. Communication is key if you’re engaging in partner play to ensure both partners feel comfortable and respected.

Remember, everyone’s experience with anal play is unique. Experimentation, patience, and ongoing communication are crucial for enjoying glass butt plugs.

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How to Clean Glass Butt Plugs?

You can sterilize your glass plug in the dishwasher or wash it with soap and warm water and let it air dry. For toys made from Pyrex, you can also sterilize them by submerging them in boiling water for a few minutes.

How to clean glass sex toy in the right way

How to Choose an Appropriate Glass Butt Plug?

Must Have a Flared Base

A butt plug without a flared base severely compromises the safety of anal play. Should your butt plug lack a reliable base, it is possible to slide into the rectum and even deeper into the colon, resulting in a dangerous situation that demands immediate medical intervention. Unless you desire the emergency room to become the final destination of your anal play, it is imperative to acquire a butt plug equipped with a flared base.

Choose Borosilicate Glass

Fortunately, glass is considered as one of the safest materials. But not all glass can be used to make sex toys. Due to lacking regulation, there are many manufacturers that use ordinary glass instead of borosilicate glass to make sex toys.

Although ordinary glass is non-toxic, it is inferior to borosilicate glass in stability and shatter resistance. So for your anus’s sake, choose a borosilicate glass sex toy if the glass is your thing.

Butt Plug size

Size Matters

Sometimes we like to do things once and for all, so the refrigerator must have large enough, and the washing machine must be large. However, for anal plugs, is it necessary to pursue a large size? The answer varies from person to person, but personally, I do not recommend beginners buying large sizes at the beginning. Big doesn’t mean more pleasure, sometimes it will cause pain. Therefore, please choose a small size initially, then gradually build up when you become more proficient.

Different Shapes for Different Experiences

Traditional tapered butt plugs are used to exercise the sphincter; probes are used to stimulate the prostate; and butt plugs with jewellery give a feeling of luxury and fancy. You can choose the different shapes according to your preference.

7 Best Glass Butt Plugs

To make the process of anal play more fun, I have carefully selected seven distinctive glass anal plugs for you to choose from. Compared to sex toys, I would rather call them pieces of art.

Lovehoney Sensual Glass anal toy

Lovehoney Sensual Glass

Booty Buddy is like a craft full of beauty. Its whole body is made of drop-resistant high-quality borosilicate glass, which is smooth to the touch. The beautiful glass can be changed with the temperature to bring a different experience. The slightly curved tip with a raised nodule can better stimulate the prostate. In addition, it has a T-bar base to prevent the anal plug from slipping into the anus when you are in a mood. The booty buddy is the ideal anal toy for newbies.


  • Made of high-quality borosilicate glass
  • T-bar base prevents slipping
  • The curve with the nub hits that P-spot just right.


  • It maybe only great for beginners
Pineapple Delight  glass anal plug

Pineapple Delight

Crystal Delights anal plugs are made of handmade glass, and you will hardly find two anal plugs exactly alike, which is perfect for those who love unique products. Inspired by a pineapple, these anal plugs have raised dots on the surface that resemble the spines on the skin of a pineapple. These studs can increase the stimulation of the rectal lining and give you more pleasure. The flared bottom is decorated with colorful jewels, so you can not only use it with confidence but also with aesthetics.


  • Beautiful and exquisite design
  • Made from an incredibly high quality, hand crafted glass
  • Great for anal training


  • Not everyone can afford it at that price
Glow-In-The-Dark Glass butt plug

Glow-In-The-Dark Glass

Make your booty glow with this glow-in-the-dark anal plug! The luminous butt plug features a swirling pattern of green to light up your backdoor during your nocturnal activities, perfect for adding a light-hearted and kinky splash of light to your booty for your lover. For an intense glow, all you need to do is charge the butt plug with a direct light source – 30 seconds with a flashlight or 2 minutes of ambient light will set these plugs up for a night of booty bedazzlement.


  • The glowing plug can add atmosphere to your butt play
  • Compatible with all varieties of lubricants
  • Low price


  • Inconsistent glow-in-the-dark feature
FST Glass Anal Beads Butt Plug

FST Glass Anal Beads

This anal plug features different-sized balls that better match the structure of the human body, giving you different levels of stimulation and can be used according to your personal acceptance. It can be used with lots of lube for an extra wet and wild experience. The T-bar base is convenient for users to hold on to.


  • Glass material creates less friction
  • Super easy to clean 
  • Beads of different sizes can offer a variety of sensations


  • A bit of heavy for beginners
Lila Glass Plug

Lila Glass Plug

Lila is an engaging sight indeed. With its small handle, the piece can be turned while inside. Pleasure buds along the shaft for enhanced stimulation and a specifically contoured tip that will send you into a carnal frenzy, especially while the piece is being rotated inside. Lila is a luxurious pleasure object with sleek and direct lines that lend themselves to erotic stimulation. Amplify your sex play by serving Lila warm or chilled.


  • Attractive design
  •  The small handle allows you to rotate the plug to create more fun


  • The design might not appeal to everyone
ANESIDORA Glass Anal Butt Plug

ANESIDORA Glass Anal Plug

This anal glass plug is best used by someone who’s already worked/trained with w/small and medium anal plugs. Its length is about 4.9″, and its diameter is about 1.77″, which can be regarded as a big butt plug. The thickness of the neck does not allow the sphincter to close completely, which can give you the feeling of needing to ‘go. So If your sphincter relaxes the least little bit, the weight of this plug can make it fall out. But the price of it is the most bargain among these plugs, so it deserves to invest.


Tapered tip design makes the insertion more easily

It can provide deeper stimulation

The price is cheap but the quality is excellent


The size might scare novices

Firefly  butt plug


Glow in the Dark traditionally shaped butt plug is made of quality borosilicate glass and is intended for safe and satisfying anal play. Smooth and stylish, this back door treasure is compatible with all intimate lubricants and works great for both men and women. Classic glass booty toy from NS Novelties measures 3.9″ long by 1.6″ in diameter and is easy to clean up and maintain


  • It’s great For Beginners
  • it can add atmosphere to your sex life
  • A variety of sizes for different preferences


  • Might be too small for advanced players


Glass butt plugs offer a unique and luxurious experience for those interested in anal play. With proper selection, usage, and care, they can be a safe and enjoyable addition to your intimate activities.

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