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6 Best Places for Sex in 2022

After so much hard work, we eventually ushered in Labor Day! Basically, Labor Day is the farewell party of hot summer. In September, people begin to say goodbye to the heat of summer and welcome the coolness of autumn, putting away short-sleeved shorts and putting on a coat.

While some people are still obsessed with beach parties and barbecues, some have already started putting on vests and exploring the mountains. However, no matter which camp you fall into or what mood you are into welcome Labor Day, one thing is for sure—it is time to have some hot end-of-summer sex.

Environmental factors significantly impact human senses, and people are generally more cautious and sensitive in the dark than in the daytime. Likewise, people are more sensitive outdoors than indoors, and sex outside is not the same as in the bedroom. How to incorporate sex into Labor holiday? Anesidora sexpert compile the 6 best places for sex in 2022 for you.

1.Sex on the beach

Sex on the beach is more common than you think. Beach is really a good place for summer sex. The soft sand, wave sound, and the rosy sky scenario. All these are the best catalyst for libido. Bring a blanket, a bottle of wine, and enjoy the last sea breeze of summer.

If you don’t want to be discovered, you’d better choose a secluded beach. Oh, maybe you know a type of cocktail named Sex on the Beach? Maybe you can sip a little the Sex on the Beach and sex with your partner on beach. It is a kind funny experience.

2.Underwater sex

Many people like sex in a pool and think the water will make intercourse smoother. And also sounds romantic. But in fact, the public waters only make it easier to get STIs because of a number of bacteria and unknown living creatures.

And the chlorine in some swimming pools will destroy the pH balance of your vagina and make your vagina drier. But it doesn’t mean sex underwater is forbidden. You can have sex in a jacuzzi with cold water. Cold water can accelerate circulation and delay ejaculation. Use silicone-based lube when you have underwater sex, which can reduce friction and give more pleasure.

3.Go camping

September is a great season to go camping, and it means you have another perfect place to enjoy sex. The fresh pine aroma, the lush green plants, and the slightly humid air will heal your soul and make your sexual journey easy and enjoyable.

So, bring your tent and food and spend a wonderful holiday in the mountains. Silicone would be your best bet if you somehow managed to have some lube on hand for this outdoor adventure. Still, remember to avoid crowded places unless you have a penchant for prying eyes.

6 best places for sex in 2022

4.Sex on a yacht

If you own a yacht, you can seize the holiday opportunity to take your partner out with you. On the vast expanse of sea, no one will disturb you. You can run naked on the deck and do whatever you like. I don’t know whether you have watched the Poland movie 365 Days. If you have, you may know what I am talking about. Sex on a yacht is also one of the 6 best places to have sex in 2022, it’s time to arrange a cruise for yourself!

5.Drive-in theater

A drive-in theater can be a great place to have summer sex. For comfortable, a van or SUV is better than a Beetle car. The ample space ensures that you can have more fun. You’d better make sure you park to one side so that you don’t have people walking by on their way to buy popcorn, go to the bathroom, or drive in late. When you have sex, keep sure your windows are closed Unless you’re trying to give out a free show. And don’t worry about the rocking because you won’t be the only one doing sex at this theater.

6.Staycation is also romantic

If you are an otaku or house girl, it’s ok with that. You can spend all the holiday exploring every corner of your house. In addition to the traditional bedroom, the kitchen is a lovely show stage. When you are preparing brunch for your partner and wear nothing but an apron, this scenario will definitely kill your lover. As we know, sometimes looming is better than naked.  

The takeaway

The 6 best places to have sex in 2022, you don’t have to try every single one, but you must know them all.

Let’s say goodbye to August and welcome September with sex. But no matter how you decide to spend your holiday, remember safety first. Don’t risk your safety to have unprepared alfresco sex. Of course, don’t forget to bring sex toys, which is a secret to spice up your summer sex life!

So happy you can read this article and hope it’s what you want. And we always believe that still has a lot of people are looking for these kinds of articles, maybe it’s near you! So, we would appreciate if you shared this article on your social media to who are looking for this article faster.

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