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New vaginal contraction Kegel ball for women


  • The built-in gravity ball can be freely clamped inside the vagina to exercise the vaginal muscles and help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles for a shrinking effect.
  • ABS silicone wraps the whole body, IPX7 fully waterproof, easy to clean, can effectively eliminate the dirt that enters the body.
  • The ball waist design, effectively prevent falling, when using can be more oh fit inside the wall, the unique pull rope is not easy to break.
  • Same size, different weight combinations. With 60g,80g,100g,120g,140g five weight combinations, divided into five stages of training, 15 minutes a day.
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  1. The first time training using 60g training ball, is the body adaptation process.
  2. When the body has been able to adapt to the exercise and can move significantly, move on to the next stage in turn.

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New vaginal contraction Kegel ball for women