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Kegel Ball – Advanced Vaginal Dumbbell Kegel Trainer Vaginal Ball


Are you experiencing gynecological inflammation, low quality of sex life and a host of other problems due to overindulgence, poor postpartum recovery, ageing, and low exercise? Let’s see what anesidora Kegel Ball can do for you:

Anesidora Kegel Ball exercise principle.
1. Stimulate physical response: during training, the small steel balls inside the exercise ball will hit the private parts back and forth, stimulating the vaginal muscles to contract automatically and restore the looseness of the private parts!
2. Gravity Principle: The balls are available in different weight sizes(30g, 40g,60g 85g,110g) to tighten the vaginal muscles for an all-round workout.

Built-in Gravity Ball, which can clip freely in the vagina, exercise vaginal muscles, help strengthen pelvic floor muscles and achieve shrinking effect. Food-grade silicone material wraps the whole body, IPX7 full waterproof, easy to clean, can effectively eliminate the dirt into the body.

This Kegel training is divided into 5 workout phases, from large to small, in line with the Kegel exercise principle. Different weight size combinations, feel free to find your favorite workout mode. Adhere to 30 minutes a day, and return your girlish tight private parts!

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Kegel Ball - Advanced Vaginal Dumbbell Kegel Trainer Vaginal Ball