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Glass butt plug 3 Sizes Crystal Anal Trainers


Introducing our Glass Butt Plug – Crystal Anal Trainers! Perfectly designed for your ultimate pleasure, these plugs come in 3 sizes and are made of 100% brand new crystal glass. With exquisite jewelry and a smooth surface, you can easily insert and enjoy.

  • Smooth surface for comfortable insertion
  • Round neck design for maximum pleasure
  • Base can be used as a handle to prevent slippage
  • Safe design suitable for single and partner play
  • Provides a full and happy feeling
  • Ideal for warm-up play
  • Can be heated or cooled for added excitement




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Smooth and Comfortable Insertion

Glass Butt Plug – Crystal  are perfect for a smooth and comfortable insertion. Made of 100% brand new crystal glass, this plug is designed to provide you with the utmost pleasure.

The smooth surface ensures easy insertion without any discomfort. This plug is available in 3 different sizes, making it easy for you to choose the perfect fit. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, this plug is perfect for you. Subheading

 Safe and Versatile Design

Designed for safe and versatile use. The round neck design ensures maximum pleasure while the base can be used as a handle to prevent slippage.

This Glass Butt plug is suitable for both single and partner play, making it an ideal addition to your collection. It provides a full and happy feeling, making it perfect for warm-up play.

You can even heat or cool it for added excitement.

 Exquisite Glass Butt Plug for a Glamorous Experience

Glass Butt Plug – Crystal Anal Trainers are not only functional but also glamorous.

The exquisite Gem adds a touch of elegance to your playtime. The smooth surface and crystal glass material make this plug easy to clean and maintain.

It’s also easy to use, simply apply a small amount of lubricant and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, glass butt plug made from toughened borosilicate glass are safe for both internal and external use. They are hypoallergenic and can be used with any type of lubricant.

It is highly unlikely that plug  will break inside the body as long as it is made from the correct type of glass and used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Yes, glass butt plug are non-porous and can be cleaned easily with soap and water or even put in the dishwasher.

Glass butt plug are temperature-responsive and can be warmed up or cooled down before use. It is recommended to test the temperature on the inside of your arm before using it on sensitive areas.

Glass sex toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, and Kegel balls. They are also available in different colors and unique hand-blown shapes.

Yes, glass anal plug can be shared between partners as long as they are cleaned thoroughly between uses.

When choosing a glass sex toy, consider factors such as size, shape, and texture. It is important to choose a toy that is comfortable and suitable for your preferences and needs.

Play Video about AreGlassButtPlugsSafe

The video discusses the safety and benefits of using glass butt plug. 

Glass plug are hypoallergenic, temperature-responsive, and compatible with all lubricants. They are also easy to clean and do not harbor bacteria. 

The video advises against using freezing or boiling water to change the toy’s temperature and suggests testing it on the inside of your arm before use. Sharing glass toys with partners is safe, provided they are cleaned between uses.

Play Video about How-To-Clean-Anal-Toys

How To Clean Anal Toys? Here You’ll Find The Solution

Anal toys are an excellent way to add new dimensions of pleasure and excitement to one’s sexual experiences. It’s important to know how to clean anal toys

While most people are aware of the need to clean their anal toys, not everyone knows the best way to do it.

Educate users on the best practices for cleaning them, to reduce the risk of infection, STIS, skin irritation, and other health problems.

Play Video about How-to-Use-Anal-Sex-Toy-Safely-Beginners-Guide

Every time we learn more about the erotic industry, our moral boundaries are pushed. As the movement progresses, anal sex is no longer taboo, let alone limited to homosexuals. 

Anal toys is becoming more and more popular among heterosexual and lesbian couples. There are so many pornographic films featuring anal sex

Still, there’s no denying that men are more obsessed with anal sex than women, and women are more fearful of it.

Talking about anal play, let alone using anal sex toys, is scary for those who have never experienced it.

People usually think of the anus as an organ for defecation, but this place where nerve endings gather is also an important place for many people to enjoy sexual pleasure.

Thousands of nerve endings surround the anus, and the sphincter controls its opening and closing. These muscles are sensitive membranes made up of many nerve endings, which can facilitate pleasure or pain during anal sex.


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Glass butt plug 3 Sizes Crystal Anal Trainers