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Anal plugs posterior massage male & female masturbators


  • *Transparent symmetrical central hollow design, beautiful atmosphere
  • Plating heat conduction process, 30 seconds to conduct warmth and body temperature into one, foreign body blockage sense significantly reduced
  • Convex lens refractive principle, vein flesh wall internal instantly visible
  • Rounded waist curvature, entrance narrowing does not support large, the bottom rebound lifting anus brings more
  • Imitation nipple apex design, soft deep bring layers of stacked waves
  • Full transparent high temperature resistant ABS anti-bacterial material, easy to rinse by boiling water disinfection
  • Scientific ladder size, not easy to strain not to support the large, rest assured that play more

Anal plugs
Rose Vibrator with Tongue
This product: Anal plugs posterior massage male & female masturbators - $40.47 / $50.59
The Rose Toy with Bullet Vibrator, Rose Vibrator with Tongue - $45.59 / $56.99
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Product parameters:

Small: 70mm * 33mm * 33mm

Medium: 80mm * 35mm * 35mm

Large: 90mm * 40mm * 40mm

Weight: 147.7g

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.1477 kg

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Anal plugs

Anal plugs posterior massage male & female masturbators