It’s exactly what they sound like: orgasms that “peak” multiple teams, leaving you screaming “AAAAAAAHhhhhhhhoOoOoOOOOOOOOOOOooohhAAAAAAAaaah

The main function of clitoral vibrators, also called suckers, is actually not to vibrate but to suck.

For this purpose, they have an open tip at the end of the shaft. This tip, about one inch long, is placed on the clitoris for intense stimulation.

The purpose of this device is to suck or suck the clitoris, giving you knew pleasurable sensations very similar to oral sex.

A clitoral suction vibrator works by using a combination of air, suction, and light vibrations to give you orgasms in no time.

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When activated, the device begins to apply pressure to ensure that the suction remains sealed.

It is important to have the vibrator well sealed to ensure that the clitoris is being suctioned correctly and with the greatest possible effect.

With a low-intensity level, you will feel stimulation similar to foreplay; with higher intensities, you will reach climax much faster.