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10 Best Automatic Male Masturbators Review

Masturbation is an enjoyable experience that many men indulge in, and most penis owners seem to inherently believe that their hands are the best tool for relieving their cravings.

But at some point, they show insane jealousy that women have so many sex toys to amuse themselves with. This is not just a figure of speech, but after perusing countless sex toy reviews.

However, have you been tired of moving your hand on your penis over and over again? Then why not try something new if that’s the case?

An automatic male masturbator is a blessing for most men, and it gives your fellas an opportunity to get climax easier and quicker.

Criteria for Testing Male Masturbators

To evaluate the best automatic male masturbators, we put 10 models to the test. We looked at the following criteria during testing:

  • Ease of Use:We examined how easy it was to set up and operate each product, as well as its cleaning and maintenance. We also weighed the controls of each device since some hands-free male masturbators have complicated controls, which can be frustrating when you’re trying to get off quickly.
  • Design and Materials:We looked at the materials used in each device’s construction, as well as its design, including the size, shape, and ease of cleaning.
  • Price:We examined the cost of each device, including any additional costs that may be involved.
  • Performance:We used each of the automatic male masturbators to see how well it delivered on its claim, as well as how long it took to get a user to orgasm.
  • Features :We examined the different features and specs of each device, including any accessories or add-ons it came with.

10 Best Male Masturbators 2024

Leten – Black Hole

Leten – Black Hole Masturbator

After trying the Leten Masturbator, here’s a straightforward take. The soft sleeve feels pretty real, mimicking the feel of a woman’s anatomy. The six thrusting modes and different scenarios add some variety to the experience.

The LCD screen is a cool addition, letting you track your usage stats. The dual heating feature is a nice touch, making cleanup hassle-free.

Packaging is neat, and they’re considerate about privacy during shipping. The design is user-friendly, but the plastic ring might be a bit annoying for those on the larger side.

Overall, Leten Masturbator is user-friendly and offers a mix of features. It’s a decent choice if you’re looking for a varied solo experience.

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Rx-78 Gundam Automatic Stroker

Rx-78 Gundam Automatic Stroker

Tried out the RX-78 Gundam Automatic Stroker and here’s the lowdown. The design is sleek, inspired by the RX-78 Gundam, with cool black, white, and blue vibes – a nice mix of pleasure and innovation.

Now, the fun part – it offers both thrusting and sucking modes for a personalized experience. And there’s automatic heating, adding a touch of realism to amp up satisfaction.

The Rx-78 Gundam Automatic Stroker  design is sleek, inspired by the RX-78 Gundam,

Privacy is key, and this stroker gets it. It’s whisper-quiet, so you can enjoy your moment without anyone knowing. No worries about noise here.

If you’re into options, it’s got three thrusting modes to choose from. Variety is the spice of life, right? The RX-78 Gundam Stroker blends style, function, and privacy for a satisfying experience.


Leten Future Pro Gen 3

Leten Future Pro Gen 3

This automatic male masturbator truly brings a variety of sensations to the table with its 10 dynamic modes. The dual flywheel motor ensures a smooth and customizable experience, allowing you to find your perfect pace.

The realistic feel is a standout feature, thanks to the 4 airbag squeezers and their 10 massage modes. It genuinely mimics the sensations of a real inner vagina, providing a lifelike and enjoyable encounter.

Warming up the sleeve to 40℃ before diving in adds a comforting touch, elevating the overall pleasure. The hygienic drying feature post-use is a thoughtful addition, ensuring cleanliness for the next session.

Leten Future Pro Gen 3 with LCD screen and suking and thrusting modes

Taking control of the experience is easy with the rotary speed control ring, offering a personalized build-up to climax. The interactive moaning options, wireless connectivity, and ambiance-enhancing perfume box contribute to a more immersive and intimate atmosphere.

The inclusion of two unique sleeves adds variety to the encounters, allowing for diverse and exciting experiences. Looking at the product details, the materials are solid, and the weight is manageable. The charging time is reasonable, providing over 60 minutes of runtime. The sound level is relatively low, maintaining discretion.


Bermuda – Stroker With Game Pad

Bermuda – Stroker With Game Pad

Bermuda boasts 10 dynamic modes, promising an experience that closely replicates real oral pleasure. The device features pushing and rotating actions in various modes, addressing the common issue of jamming with its alloy track.

With a powerful motor capable of 370 cycles per minute, users can expect an intense and satisfying encounter. The realistic 3D textured sensation is achieved through a wide and inviting entrance designed to mimic a vagina, complete with bumps and nubs inside the TPE material sleeve. Adding water-based lube enhances the experience.

A man using a Bermuda – Stroker With Game Pad ,with rrealistic sleeve and multiple thrusting modes

The masturbator’s sleeves are easily removable for hygienic cleaning, even though the entire device is not waterproof. Rinse the sleeve under running water, and after washing and drying, it easily fits back into the device.

Innovative game controller design adds a playful element to the experience, offering a unique way to control and enjoy the device. Overall, it aims to provide users with a realistic and enjoyable encounter, with attention to ease of cleaning and an innovative design inspired by a game controller.


Autoblow AI

Autoblow AI

If any machine can surpass Autoblow AI, it is probably its upgraded version, Autoblow AI+. This incredible male masturbator has a dizzying array of features. Not only does it have more than 10 different preset functions for oral sex, but it also allows users to customize unique

A man using mobile phone to control Autoblow AI

functions through the APP. And you can use voice commands to adjust the tempo you want. And all of this is thanks to artificial intelligence.

One five-star review reads: “I completely say this is one of the best products I have got. If you’re a man like me who doesn’t get many girls & ending the night with a hand job, this will have your toes curling.”




You may need to spend some time feeling this toy before you get a reward. After all, it is not an instant thing. LELO F1S V2 combines LELO patented cruise technology and sonic waves to offer powerful and steady stimulation.

It can also help you improve the masturbation experience by analyzing your post-use experience via a mobile APP. But since the end of the masturbator cup is closed, it may make some unpleasant sounds during thrusting. 

The inner sleeve is made from soft, flexible silicone, which can be removed for cleaning. Moreover, This automatic male masturbators comes with a charging cable that can be used to recharge its battery. It’s worth noting that the device is not compatible with other LELO accessories, such as the SenseMotion remote control.


Banana Cleaner – Gen 3

Banana Cleaner – Gen 3

If this product appeared with a kitchen utensil, you wouldn’t think there was anything wrong with it because it sounds a lot like a device specially designed for washing bananas. But when it shows up in this article, you need to know that things are not that simple. The Trouvaille banana has nothing to do with cleaning bananas as it is a sex toy used to please men.

Banana cleaner Sex Toy is a Blowjob Machine that is used to massage the penis. It has a built-in innovative pressure sensing module. The more pressure it is subjected to, the more frequency and amplitude it vibrates. The machine looks nothing to do with sex toys, but it is. And because of its discreet look, it is popular among many fellows.

The open ends of this toy break the confines of the penis and allow the penis to travel freely through it. Compared to masturbators that close at one end, This toy is much easier to use.


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Gawk Gawk 3000 Toy 3.0

Gawk Gawk 3000 Toy 3.0

This toy makes all your desire transparent because you can see clearly how this smart machine is manipulating your penis. The Gawk Gawk 3.0 is an upgrade from its first version.

Not only can it rotate, but also it adopts the thrusting mode to enrich your experience. In addition to working on the shaft part, it can vibrate the tip of the penis from the bottom, providing dual pleasure. 


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Sol – Oral Sex Heating Masturbation Cup

The Sol-Automatic Oral Sex Heating Sucking Mouth Masturbation Cup offers a unique solo experience for those looking to explore heightened pleasure. The device’s 6-frequency vibration function allows users to experiment with different patterns and intensities, providing a diverse range of sensations during use. The customizable suction feature, with 5 distinct settings, caters to individual preferences, allowing for a more personalized and satisfying experience.

One notable feature is the constant temperature 42°C heating function, which aims to simulate the warmth of a real mouth. This added element contributes to a more realistic and enjoyable encounter. The waterproof design, rated at IPX7, not only facilitates easy cleaning but also enables safe usage in the shower or bath.

sucking test from Sol – Oral Sex Masturbation Cup,It has vibration and  sucking simultaneously

In my experience, the Sol-Automatic Masturbation Cup succeeds in delivering a unique and customizable pleasure session. The combination of vibration, suction, and heating features creates a sensation that stands out from conventional masturbation devices. The ease of cleaning and waterproof design enhance the overall convenience and versatility of the product. However, individual preferences may vary, and users should consider their specific desires and comfort levels when exploring devices of this nature.


Atlas – Hand Free Thrusting Masturbator

Atlas - Auto Stroker Hand Free Thrusting Automatic Masturbator

Improve your solo play with Atlas – Auto StrokerThis toy has 7 thrusting modes and 3 rotating modes to help you get closer to orgasm. And the 15 cm depth of the sleeve will take care of every inch of your penis.

Inside the silicone wall are myriad ribs and nodules to give better stimulation of the shaft. Some customers acclaimed that it is the most wonderful male sex toy they have ever had.


Differences Between Manual Male Masturbator and Automatic Male Masturbator?

Literally, the manual male masturbator is no different from a hand but gives you more options. It still relies on the strength of your arm to drive it. In contrast, the automatic male masturbator is an upgrade of the manual one.

The automatic masturbator is controlled by a powerful motor(s) and can deliver a more intense sensation than your hand or manual masturbator. And some of them are hand-free which allows you to explore more pleasure.

However, finding the right male masturbator can be a challenging task, especially with the plethora of options available in the market. So, if you are interested in an automatic masturbator and want to buy one, keep reading this article.


With so many high-quality and automatic male masturbators to choose from, you’re free to explore the ocean of orgasms. However, you should probably try the masturbator for yourself before buying it because not all masturbators meet every user’s needs perfectly, so please think carefully before you purchase it.

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